Companies that Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Solution 

 July 20, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Nowadays, such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin has spread all over the world as the biggest and most used digital cryptocurrency. Moreover, many huge international corporations allow using Bitcoin as the legal funding method, as cryptocurrency transactions are considered to be very fast and secure. In this article, we will discuss the peculiarities of using cryptocurrency and tell you more about the corporations that permit Bitcoin use.

Organizations that Accept Bitcoin: Brief Review

By the way, in a recent study by HSB (2020), it was revealed that just over 35 percent of small-to-medium businesses accept Bitcoin in the United States. In short, the TOP-3 well-known worldwide companies that accept Bitcoin include Wikipedia, Microsoft, and AT&T. Many other companies that accept Bitcoin payments will be listed below.

Another strategy to find out more about such companies that permit the utilization of BItcoin is to visit this online search engine, which allows you to search for suppliers by items.

If you would like to see a comprehensive summary of all of the companies that employ Bitcoin for their funds, then stay with us and read the article. Below we present you with a list of topics that we will cover:

Who Accepts Bitcoin: Various Organizations

All of the Bitcoin crypto purchases are usually made with the use of a hardware wallet. It is a very useful thing, due to the fact that it stores all of the person’s private keys on a hardware device. Not to mention, some investors, companies, and crypto users prefer to utilize regular crypto wallets for payments. That’s your choice to decide what to use for your Bitcoin coins.

Anyway, let’s get back to the topic and discuss the companies that accept Bitcoin currently. In the list below we present you with many businesses and retailers which accept Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency payment option:

1) Pizza Hut

By the end of fall 2020, the news had spread that a Pizza Hut franchise could be bought and funded with Bitcoin in Venezuela. The news came out after the financial sanctions were forced on Venezuela, leading to the adoption of such cryptocurrency as a Bitcoin on new economic levels. Of course, this move is far from global, but it could be a sign of significant change in the global market.

2) Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air Shuttle is Scandinavia’s biggest airline and Europe’s 3rd largest budget airline. Now, they want to enable such payment methods that include paying for plane tickets with cryptocurrencies. 

3) Microsoft 

Over time, the organization had stopped accepting cryptocurrencies but then resumed accepting them soon after. So, in case one would like to put some money on a Microsoft account, they can do it using Bitcoin

4) AT&T 

AT&T is considered to be the 1st main American mobile operator to present their customers with the ability to pay for mobile services with such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin via BitPay, and AT&T is gaining popularity rapidly.

5) KFC 

In Canada, KFC decided to employ Bitcoin for a limited amount of time in exchange for the “Bitcoin Bucket.” The organization accepted the payment via BitPay, and the bucket of food had to be passed directly to the client’s home address.

6) Overstock 

Overstock is a very popular online retailer that sells big-ticket products at lower prices because of overstocking in the United States; it is in partnership with CoinBase. 

7) Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins plan to provide the participants of the home game the opportunity to pay with Litecoin and Bitcoin. The participants would be able to do it in case they buy tickets for the team’s 50/50 raffle. Half of the profit benefits would go to the Miami Dolphins Foundation and its charitable goals.

8) Dallas Mavericks

Such a corporation as Dallas Mavericks accepts payment methods such as Bitcoin for both match tickets and merchandise. The service they utilize is BitPay, and it works on the team’s website.

9) Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson’s company, which comprises Virgin Mobile and Virgin Airlines, allows one to pay for space travel with Bitcoins.

10) Subway 

Some of the Subway restaurants indeed accept Bitcoin (it is important to mention that some of them might have stopped accepting such cryptocurrency) as a thing that would be traded for sandwiches.

11) Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the world’s hugest online encyclopedia and source of data, is a part of Wikimedia; it accepts payments, such as donations, through BitPay.

12) Twitch

By the way, Twitch is a leading game streaming service owned by Amazon, and it allows the use of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a method of payment. Besides, in the Spring of 2019, Twitch disregarded the option of using Bitcoin but brought it back in June of the same year.

13) Namecheap

Namecheap is the chief domain name owner who started receiving Bitcoins in 2013: the company’s technical audience asked for it.

14) CheapAir

CheapAir was founded in 1989, and it is a US online traveling agency. It first accepted Bitcoin through such a service as CoinBase, but now it switched to the BTCPayServer.

15) The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is an online index of Web content of entertainment media. This website is one of the companies that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for donations starting from 2013

16) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the biggest VPN platform that allows safe browsing on the Web and guarantees privacy. To get a subscription for such a website, one can pay with Bitcoin

17) 4Chan

4Chan is an imageboard and a favorite site among crypto users. The Website accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin as a funding method for a 4Chan pass. It works like that:  users usually post anonymously, and the most recent posts appear on the board in the first place. 

4Chan is divided into different boards with their distinct content and rules. Actually, it is not possible to register on that website. 

18) Burger King 

In compliance with the recent local news, the Venezuelan Burger King Outlets uses the Cryptobuyer as the service for payment, as Burger King is in the partnership with the latter one as a part of fast-food chains. Various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether, are accepted.

What is more, in Germany, some of the Burger King cafes accept Bitcoin through their official Website and mobile apps starting from the early September of 2019. Nonetheless, it was more or less like a marketing strategy, as the payments of such kind were still unavailable for regular shops on can find on the street. Instead, one can pay with Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash during the process of ordering the delivery of chosen products. The delivery service is called Lieferservice, and it works with food cafes all around Germany.

19) Gyft

Gyft is a company that allows buying gift cards for Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes. It does not require any additional fees for the use of Bitcoin, as an exchange method.

20) NewEgg

NewEgg is an online store of goods, computer hardware and equipment, and customer electronics. The organization started accepting Bitcoin long ago

21) The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-commercial company headquartered in San Fran. It is an online library. It states that its main goal is universal access to knowledge for everyone. It accepts Bitcoin as a payment solution. By the way, its Internet archive called the Wayback Machine has hundreds of billions of web captures.

22) Mega.nz

Kim Dotcom founded the cloud storage and file-holding platform in the early beginning of 2013. The founder of the service also founded Megaupload in the past. In case one wants to upgrade their account, they can use Bitcoin as a payment solution.

23) Amazon 

As you know, Amazon is the hugest online shop in the contemporary world; however, it does not accept Bitcoin directly. Instead, one can use Purse.io to buy things on that website and pay with Bitcoin. Purse.io unites people who have Bitcoin and want to buy something for it on Amazon with people who want to get Bitcoin as a payment solution for a complete order.

24) Benfica

Sport Lisboa e Benfica, by the way, is also called Benfica, is a very popular sports organization headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. One can pay using Bitcoin for the tickets and merch

There are also a lot of other companies that accept Bitcoin as payment solution. For example, car companies, such as Tesla, do. Some other car companies include BMW and Post Oak Motor.

Shops and Companies Who Are Accepting Bitcoin

In addition to the large corporations we discussed above, many small and medium-sized corporations also accept Bitcoin as payment method. So, below we present you with a list of companies that accept such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin.

It is important to mention that some of the entities on the list below might be outdated: that is all because many corporations happily announce that they start using Bitcoin but are not willing to announce that they quit using cryptocurrencies. So, you just got to take it all with a grain of salt.

Who accepts Bitcoin?

  1. Alternative Airlines. It is a flight search website for the search of flights that suggests options to book flights utilizing a large amount of crypto money;
  2. Bitcoin.Travel. It is a travel website that offers accommodation, flats, etc., basically, it is a travel agency;
  3. Pembury Tavern. It is a pub in London, United Kingdom;
  4. Green Man Gaming is also one of the sites that accept Bitcoin. It is a popular online game reseller;
  5. Save the Children. It is a huge charity group;
  6. NCR Silver. Point of sales systems;
  7. One-Shot Hotels. It is a Spanish hotel chain;
  8. Coupa Café accepts Bitcoin payments. It is a restaurant in Palo Alto;
  9. PureVPN. It is a VPN provider;
  10. That’s my face. It is a service for the creation of action figures;
  11. Old Fitzroy. It is a bar in Sydney, Australia;
  12. Alza. It is the hugest Czech online retailer;
  13. The Pink Cow. It is a cafe in Tokyo, Japan;
  14. Zynga. It is mobile games developing company;
  15. EZTV is also one of the places that accept Bitcoin. It is a torrent TV shows provider;
  16. Lumfile. It is a cloud base file server that is free of charge; you can pay for the premium services by BItcoin;
  17. Fancy.com. Here one can find unusual goods, collect the items you love, buy them all in one place;
  18. Humblebundle.com. is a game website designed in Indie style. Actually, many gaming companies have stores that accept Bitcoin;
  19. BigFishGames.com is another place that accepts Bitcoin. This website presents games for PC, Mac, and Smartphones;
  20. Suntimes.com. is an online newspaper headquartered in Chicago;
  21. San Jose Earthquakes accepts Bitcoin payments. It stands for San Jose California Professional Soccer Team;
  22. Crowdtilt.com. is the quickest and most accessible way to join funds with family and friends;
  23. Etsy Vendors. 93 of them;
  24. PizzaForCoins.com is accepting Bitcoin payments. Here you can pay for pizza using Bitcoins – great experience;
  25. Bitcoincoffee.com accepts Bitcoin payments. is an online coffee shop; 
  26. Grass Hill Alpacas. It is a local farm in Haydenville, MA;
  27. Jeffersons Store. It is a streetwear storein Bergenfield, N.J;
  28. Helen’s Pizza. In Jersey City, N.J., you can get a slice of pizza for bitcoin;
  29. A Class Limousine is also one of the sites that accept Bitcoin.  It provides services for picking people and driving to Newark (N.J.) Airport;
  30. Seoclerks.com. Here, one can get affordable SEO work;
  31. Lumfile as well accepts Bitcoin. It is a company that provides cloud-based servers free of charge;
  32. Museum of the Coastal Bend. It is placed in 2200 East Red River Street, Victoria,  Texas  77901, USA;
  33. Gap, GameStop, and JC Penney are also the places that accept Bitcoin. One can use eGifter.com;
  34. Fight for the Future. It is the leading corporation searching for Internet freedom;
  35. i-Pmart (ipmart.com.my). It is a Malaysian Web cell phone and electronic parts shop;
  36. Curryupnow.com. has a total of twelve restaurants that use Bitcoin in San Francisco;
  37. PSP Mollie as well accepts Bitcoin as one of the cryptocurrencies. It is a dutch Payment Software;
  38. Intuit. It is the US software company that produces financial and tax preparation software;
  39. WebJet. It is an online travel agency;
  40. Foodler also accepts BItcoin. It is a North American restaurant delivery corporation;
  41. Amagi Metals. It is a precious metal furnisher;
  42. ShopJoy. It is an Australian online shop that sells novelty and unusual gifts;
  43. Lv.net. It provides high-speed internet services in Las Vegas;
  44. Grooveshark is also one of the places that accept Bitcoin. It is a Web music streaming service headquartered in the US;
  45. MIT Coop Store. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology student bookstore;
  46. SimplePay. It is the most well-known web and mobile-based wallet software in Nigeria;
  47. SFU bookstore. It is a bookstore placed in Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada;
  48. State Republican Party. It is the 1st State Republican Party that allows Bitcoin donations;
  49. mspinc.com. is a respiratory medical kit supplies shop;
  50. Shopify.com. is an online shop that permits anyone to sell their products;
  51. Famsa also accepts Bitcoin. It is the biggest retailer in Mexico;
  52. Naughty America. It is an entertainment provider for adult people;
  53. Mexico’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla. A major university in Mexico;
  54. MovieTickets.com. It is a Web movie ticket seller;
  55. Dream Lover. It is an online relationship service, so you can find a date here, for example;
  56. Rakuten. It is a Japanese e-commerce giant;
  57. Badoo. It is an online dating network;
  58. RE/MAX London. It is a franchisee of the huge real estate chain in the United Kingdom;
  59. T-Mobile Poland. T-Mobile is a mobile phone top-up corporation headquartered in Poland;
  60. Stripe. It is a payment corporation in San Francisco;
  61. Dish Network. It is the US direct-broadcast satellite service provider;
  62. The Libertarian Party. It is the US state party;
  63. Yacht-base.com is accepting Bitcoin as one of the cryptocurrencies. It is a yacht charter corporation in Croatia;
  64. Euro Pacific. It is a huge precious metal provider;
  65. CEX is also accepting Bitcoin as a currency. It is the trade-in chain that has a shop in Glasgow, Scotland;
  66. Straub Auto Repairs is accepting Bitcoin. It is placed at 477 Warburton Ave, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 – (914) 478-1177;
  67. Xbox, Lionsgate Films, Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, are the other various companies that accept Bitcoin as one of the types of cryptocurrencies.

Check out some other small-medium enterprises using Bitcoin as a payment method by clicking here and here for more details. Moreover, in the comment section below, you can find people who started advertising their SMBs.

Final Word

To sum up, in this brief review we have discussed various retailers and stores that accept Bitcoin as a payment solution and cryptocurrency exchange, and, finally, we have answered the question ‘Who accepts Bitcoin?’.

It is noticeable that the use of Bitcoin as a payment solution is increasing rapidly year by year, and crypto payments become more and more popular each day, as companies want to stay up with the times. The number of cryptocurrencies continues to rise. However, right now, not many organizations allow the use of Bitcoin as a direct payment method, for example, because for payments through Bitcoin there are high transaction fees.

Of course, people will have to wait for a long time until all of the companies will begin to accept Bitcoin directly, not via any processors of the payments or Bitcoin debit card. Although, such corporations as AT&T, Overstock, and Microsoft have already stepped into the new era of cryptocurrency payments.

If you know some retailers, businesses, or companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment solution and you did not recognize them not on the lists above, please write them out in the comment section below.


What stores accept Bitcoin as payment?

There is a huge amount of companies that accept Bitcoin as payment solution. Over fifty of them were mentioned above in the article. The vast majority of companies that accept Bitcoin focus on technologies (such as Xbox and Playstation Network), fast food cafes, online services (e.g. VPN services), and many many others.

Who uses Bitcoin the most?

As already mentioned in the article, the hugest and most popular companies that accept Bitcoin are Microsoft, Overstock, and Home Depot. All of the companies accept Bitcoin payments for their goods.

Do banks accept Bitcoin?

Everyone knows that banks accept many currencies, and yes, indeed, several banks allow the purchases of Bitcoin. Nonetheless, not many banks currently accept Bitcoin, due to high risks related to the volatility of crypto payments. For example, such banks as Ally Bank and Simple Bank in the United States accept Bitcoin as a currency for payments.

Does Overstock accept Bitcoin?

As of now, Overstock is considered to be one of the most overflowing companies that accept Bitcoin as a currency. It was one of the first companies which started accepting Bitcoin, and it accepts many other cryptocurrencies as well.

What items can one buy with Bitcoin?

In the contemporary world, almost any good can be bought by Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Debit Cards. Such cards are distributed by Mastercard and Visa. One can top up their card with money via Bitcoin.

What about various hotels and Bitcoin? 

Generally speaking, most hotels do not use Bitcoin as a payment method. Although such a company as Expedia accepted Bitcoin back in 2018, now it has stopped accepting it.

What about eBay, Starbucks, and Bitcoin? 

No, eBay and Starbucks do not accept Bitcoin.

What about Microsoft and Bitcoin?

Absolutely yes. If you checked the new terms of service, you would see that Microsoft accepts Bitcoin. Actually, we advise you to take some time and read the new terms of use. 

Is Bitcoin convertible to cash?

Yes. One can convert Bitcoin to cash at a Bitcoin ATM or via the Bitcoin exchange.

Is Amazon going to use Bitcoin?

Right now, it is not possible. You can pay with it indirectly through Purse.io: buy goods there and pay with Bitcoin.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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