Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS 

 July 8, 2021

By  Brian Forester

This article is set for those who are looking for reliable and fast bitcoin wallets for iOS. If you want to store your Bitcoins on your iPhone or iPad, you should definitely check the few blocks below, where we will review the best wallets for iOS iPhone and give you efficient advice to choose one wisely.

Bitcoin wallets for iOS are apps that allow you to send, receive, save and store your BTC using only your iPhone. This type of software allows you to make all kinds of financial operations with your cryptocurrencies on your hand-held device.

This is a handy instrument if you use iPhone or iPad, but you should always remember that it is a hot wallet. This means that you need to have access to the Internet to use your bitcoin wallet. Remember to update your online security measures to keep all your funds’ transactions. Also, you should remember that if you lose your device or it gets stolen, criminals could take advantage of this one.

If you are already familiar with these apps or you’re using a mobile wallet now, you should check out our list of the world top modern bitcoin wallets for iOS:

  1. Ledger Nano X (hardware wallet)
  2. Zen Go (mobile wallet)
  3. Edge (mobile wallet)
  4. Green Wallet (mobile wallet)

If you want to know more about the best bitcoin wallets, you should definitely check out our article.

Bitcoin Wallets Overview

Mobile wallets are one of the least secured types of crypto applications, just like any kind of desktop wallets—a big difference from the Coinbase security standards. The main reason for their vulnerability is that both types of apps are hot wallets, and they need an Internet connection to provide their services. These bitcoin wallets are more vulnerable to network attacks, by definition. Criminals could hack their way to your funds through your connection.

Also, as we mentioned before, it is pretty easy to lose your phone or tablet. Some criminals do not intend to steal your bitcoin – they just want to steal your phone to sell it in the nearest pawn shop. It doesn’t matter if your device is lost, stolen, or broken: the grade of danger for your wallet is getting higher if you store your private key on your device. Even if you use a fingerprint scanner and password, an experienced thief could easily solve this problem by using your IP address if the stakes are high.

The most reasonable way to prevent this is to make a backup copy of the phrase you get when you set up your bitcoin wallet. You can do it by simply writing down 12 or 24 words of this phrase. You can reset or recreate your wallet if it gets lost. We advise you to write it down on a piece of paper or do it in any other way to prevent it from leaking. If you choose to store your backup file in any digital system, be concerned that your file is encrypted or coded. Use Coinbase to ensure the security of transactions as you get to them.

Best Bitcoin iOS Wallets

1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the newest hardware wallet by Ledger company. Hardware wallets are special separate devices to store your Bitcoin. Unlike software wallets, hardware bitcoin wallets are a good example of cold storage. We mentioned above that hot storage needs a connection to operate with your wallet. This means that hardware wallets are the most secure way to store your crypto coins.

You can control your hardware wallet with a special app called Ledger Live. It uses a Bluetooth connection to provide the user interface for your bitcoin wallet. Nano X users say that it has an intuitive design that Ledger is famous for. This might be the most effective and secure way to store cryptocurrencies because your private key is not on your mobile device. It is stored on the Nano X device itself. Your iPhone is used only to connect with Nano X. Ledger provides the owner to their cold storage a great hardware wallet support system.

The Apple App Store rating of Ledger Nano X is 3.2. For the “pro” part of the review, we need to say that Nano X supports up to 100 coins and has a great design. For “cons” against this wallet, we need to mention that you need to carry around the device itself, and some people may think it too expensive.

2. ZenGo

ZenGo is a modern developer who made a keyless bitcoin wallet for beginner users without safety. These bitcoin wallets download your private key on the company server using the best crypto security measures. This feature frees users from the problem of saving their keys.

This wallet for iOS gives bitcoin users the possibility to buy different cryptocurrencies. Also, this app will give you some capabilities of crypto exchange with common transaction fees. These wallets support many types of cryptocurrencies, except for maybe Litecoin. You can exchange tokens and make secure transactions that make ZenGo very comfortable to use daily.

Apple Appstore users rated ZenGo with 4.7 as they definitely miss Litecoin. All the other functions work great. The useability of ZenGo is pretty amazing: it is highly secured, and there’s no need to use private keys, and you can easily buy and exchange different coins, and its interface is suitable even for beginner-level users.

3. Edge

Edge is an open-source bitcoin with a large amount of cryptocurrency available. Among other functions, Edge gives its new users abilities to merge into the cryptocurrency market easily. You can learn to exchange, sell and buy bitcoin with the list of sellers/buyers and get a bitcoin wallet for iOS in one app.

Also, you’ll have great crypto security, gift cards, a nice interface, and bonuses from Bitcoin-accepting partners when you are making purchases inside this cryptocurrency app. We should mention the Edge app support system and their news list.

Apple App Store rating of this ap is 3.8. In general, it is a beginner-friendly app with high-security rate transactions and multi-currency support.

4. Abra

Abra is not only a bitcoin wallet for iOS – it is also a crypto exchange platform you can download into your mobile device. This means that you can store cryptocurrency in your bitcoin wallet and exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat using the same users’ interface. In general, if you download Abra, you get crypto blockchain to real money transactions with private keys under security.

Even though you can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies of different types, you can only store BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC in this iOS wallet. If you have tokens of other types you’ll need to find another wallet in the app store that will provide the needed support to store them. That also causes a security mess about different private for different bitcoin wallets and more commissions for transactions.

We need to mention that you’ll give your e-mail address and telephone to use this app. It may be inappropriate for blockchain users in case they want to stay anonymous and safe inside the digital world.

In general, if you download Abra to your mobile device, you’ll get BTC, ETH, and LTC support, a possibility to transfer funds from your credit card to your wallet, and optionally invest in different cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, you have to share your telephone number with Abra. Also, the user interface is designed more like a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The Apple Appstore rating of Abra is 4.7.

5. Green Wallet

Green Wallet is also known by the name Green Address is a mobile device wallet for your iOS that invented a whole new strategy for private keys management. This bitcoin wallet app is now under the management of Blockstream – one of the most noticeable companies in bitcoin and blockchain technology.

They are using a multi-signature model. It means that Green Wallet has two private keys: users store the first key by themselves, and the second key is secured on the company server. With this feature, Green Wallet can use two-factor authentification to protect your cryptocurrency funds.

To ensure that you can authorize transactions by yourself, the company set some kind of a “timer” for the server’s response. If the response time is too big, you get the right to make transactions by yourself.

Also, Green Wallet has a lot of handy additional functions. You can get your commission control, create “watch-only” wallets, and even integrate hardware wallets. This is a good way to combine your iOS software wallet with your hardware wallet.

In general, with Green Wallet, you get the best bitcoin wallet with increased security via a multi-signature system and fee control. This app requires an account. Apple Appstore rated GreenWallet with 4.6.

6. Coinomi

Coinomi provides users support of 125 different cryptocurrencies, which is outstanding for any kind of iOS mobile application without creating additional measures. This means that you remain the only owner of this bitcoin wallet private key. Coinomi is famous for its confidentiality. You won’t have any KYC bureaucracy problems, and their account is not connected to the identity of users or their IP addresses.

More than that, Coinomi servers anonymize your requests and hide your IP address from other users of the network and possible criminals. Their mobile applications support Segwit, dynamic, and custom Bitcoin network transactions. Apple Appstore users rated it with 4.4 for its nice user interface, multi-currency support, and customized fees.

7. BRD

BRD wallet is a simple “must-have” for any bitcoin users with iOS mobile devices. This bitcoin wallet is straightforward to use. It has got only two functions: send and receive. No tutelage means that you’re the only owner of a private key from this wallet.

The open-source code makes this app one of the most secured Bitcoin wallets for iOS. Also, you can use this app to purchase BTC and ETH. The purchased coins will go directly to your BRD wallet. Apple Appstore rating of this one is 4.3, and users find BRD simple, user-friendly, and high-security bitcoin wallet for their iPad or iPhone.

8. Jaxx Liberty

This is a storage-free wallet that works with a great number of cryptocurrencies. Storage-free means that you have to keep your private key safe. Also, it works with Shapeshift. This feature of Jaxx Liberty allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies easily. The user interface is simple and friendly, and you can easily integrate it with your hardware wallet. Jaxx Liberty even allows you to connect multiple devices in case you have numerous hardware wallets.

Jaxx Liberty was rated 4.4 by the iOS users of Apple Appstore. In general, it is straightforward to use and support different cryptocurrencies, exchange crypto coins, and multiple hardware wallets. Some web users notice that this app is pretty unstable, and security measures could have been better, for example, at Coinbase.


When you try to find the best bitcoin wallets, you should keep a few things in mind. We’ve made a list of things you need to remember to your best bitcoin wallet for iOS:

  • Always remember security first! You need to know the difference between crypto exchange and BTC wallet. The wallet is a much safer place for your crypto funds.
  • Remember to set a pin-code to protect your wallet.
  • Write down the seed phrase of 12-24 words on paper and keep it safe. Don’t
  • Try not to keep large amounts of cryptocurrency on your iOS BTC wallet. The best bitcoin wallets are the hardware ones.

We hope this article was helpful, and no one who was looking for the best bitcoin wallets for iOS was left without answers. Just follow the main security rules to protect yourself and your BTC wallet and always try to find the most relevant information connected to the bitcoin network.


What is the best Bitcoin wallet for iPhone?

There are many iPhone or iPad apps that appear in the top lists available on the Internet. If you’ve read the article above, then you already know few names, like Jaxx Liberty, BRD, Green Wallet, Coinomi, Abra, and ZenGo.

Does Apple have a Bitcoin wallet?

Apple recently deleted their AppStore app called Blockchain. This was the official Apple application for mobile devices that allowed users to use cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Anyway, it is obvious that Apple shows great interest in the cryptocurrency market. Apple Pay, for example, already supports payments through BitPay.

Can you mine Bitcoin on iOS?

We’ve already mentioned that mining on your iPad or iPhone may cause malfunctions of the device caused by overheating. Recently, Apple even made some restrictions about the use of mining apps on their devices.

How to Add Funds to Your iOS Wallet?

You need to know that there’s a minimum amount of money you can transfer into the wallet app. Usually, it is about 10$. To add your funds, open your iOS bitcoin wallet and tap your Apple Pay cards. Add money, then confirm your actions with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode of your iPhone or iPad.

How safe is a bitcoin wallet?

We mentioned before that hardware wallets are the most reasonable way to store your cryptocurrency. Even if you choose from any other option available, protect your private key!

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