Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android 

 July 8, 2021

By  Brian Forester

There are two types of people: the ones using the Android platform and the ones utilizing the iOS platform on their mobile devices. Both are united in the love to QR code, though. Software developers try to do their best while making hardware wallets for iOS and Android users as the popularity of such wallets are increasing every day. People understood the importance of cryptocurrency, and its influence on the global economy, so even newbies in the cryptocurrency sphere try not to lag from those being in the sphere for a long period.

This article will highlight the benefits and disadvantages of hardware wallets on the Android platform and give brief reviews of the best Bitcoin wallets for Android users. If you’re the one having the mobile device on this platform, the information mentioned in the article might be useful for you.

Before we move to the reviews of the best Bitcoin wallets for Android users, we’ll cover why you would need to utilize these crypto wallets in the first place. And, once we do that, we’ll compare the best from them, so you can choose the one meeting your demands the best.

Bitcoin Wallets: the Basics

For basic information about Bitcoin wallets, check the video below. It contains only basics relating to Bitcoin hardware wallets and can introduce you to the crypto sphere, so you know what is waiting for you in the future.

Those having a serious interest in crypto exchanges and wanting to create a decent cryptocurrency portfolio need to know the basics relating to cryptocurrency functioning. No matter what platform is on your device (iOS or Android), hardware wallets on both of these wallets function the same way.

Either way, you need to follow one simple rule: the faster you transfer your coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or other), the better and safer for you. It’s truly unsafe to store cryptocurrency on your mobile phone as the risks of losing or breaking it are way too high. If you lose control over your device, you lose access to your private keys, all assets, and funds of cryptocurrency. Of course, you can recover information stored on your wallet app by utilizing two-factor authentication and entering seed phrases (consisting of 24 words you receive when activating your crypto wallet). However, still, it’s better not to store Bitcoin there, on any cryptocurrency exchange, or some non-custodial hardware wallet (it’s the wallet not giving you access to its private keys).

So, what should you do then?

When you chose between various Bitcoin wallets, decide whether you care about comfort or safety the most. If it’s all about comfort for you, then mobile wallets may be the option. Such wallets are easy to use and to purchase and store coins with their assistance, but there’s one problem: it’s way too risky to store your cryptocurrency there. As was already mentioned, with the loss of your device, you lose cryptocurrencies stored there. And people usually don’t want to lose things like these. Also, sometimes you don’t even need to lose your phone as hackers can get access to your crypto assets remotely.

If you still want to utilize mobile wallets, you can do it, but try to store only small amounts of Bitcoin there (in case something happens). For more secure storage for your Bitcoin, chose hardware wallets, as they aren’t connected to the internet, and you can use them offline. Utilizing them, you can be sure your crypto transactions and payments will be conducted safely.

Now, as we highlighted the risks and benefits of using mobile wallets, we will cover what’s the Android Bitcoin wallet itself and give bride reviews on the best hardware wallets on the market.

Android Bitcoin Wallets: in a Nutshell

What are the Android Bitcoin wallets, and why would someone need them? Let’s take a closer look at these crypto wallets, and find it out.

Android users, holding Bitcoins, need to keep them in some secure mobile app. Mobile crypto wallets are made for this purpose. Utilizing these hardware wallets, you get the opportunity to keep, buy, and sell tokens and Bitcoins within one mobile app. That’s very convenient as you don’t need many various apps for this. You just need one mobile device, one crypto wallet, and digital assets of cryptocurrency, which you can control from your Android device.

It was already covered but needed to be mentioned again. As these Android hardware wallets operate the same way as mobile wallets (like Google Pay for Android, for example), they’re constantly connected to the internet (that’s why they’re called hot wallets), meaning anyone can get access to them anytime (if they know how to). This creates severe risks for Bitcoins holders, and they need to be ready for this. Also, Android Bitcoin holders need to remember if they lose their mobile devices, they lose access to everything storing there. That’s why they need to take care of their safety and conduct additional security steps to protect their coins and private keys from third-party intervention.

Top Bitcoin wallets for Android users having the highest level of security for various crypto coins:

  • Edge (mobile wallet)

Further, we’ll give brief reviews for all of them (and for other reliable Android hardware wallets).

Best Android Bitcoin Wallets on the Market

In this part of the article, we cover the best hot wallets for Android users where they can store, buy, and sell their crypto coins.

Compare characteristics of these best Bitcoin wallets, and choose the one meeting your demands the most, and we’ll try to assist you in this.

1. ZenGo

GooglePlay Ranking: 4.5


  • many features useful for its users (such as exchanging and purchasing cryptocurrency within the app),
  • high level of security,
  • no keys needed for utilizing this cryptocurrency wallet


  • supports certain types of coins (for example, it doesn’t support Litecoin)

ZenGo is a free cryptocurrency exchange everyone having Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies can utilize (it’s free except for transaction fees you need to pay if you want to sell and buy Bitcoin). For utilizing this app, its users don’t need to have their private key, as it’s not required in this keyless hardware wallet (a unique cryptographic solution makes this possible). It’s convenient for those not wanting to have worries about the safe storage of their keys.

Also, if you chose ZenGo as your only cryptocurrency wallet, you receive other additional features. These features include a convenient user interface (UI, in other words) and the opportunity of exchanging and staking Bitcoin and other coins. Zengo supports most of the popular cryptocurrencies (except for Litecoin).

Check the following link if you want to learn more about Zengo and its features.

2. Edge

GooglePlay Ranking: 4.1


  • perfect for newbies,
  • support of various cryptocurrencies,
  • open-source,
  • available both for iOS and Android platforms

Cons: none

The old name of this crypto exchange is Airbitz, and those being in the cryptocurrency sphere for a while might remember this app by this name. Now it is called Edge and is popular for being an open-source and multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet (one of the best on the modern cryptocurrency market). Also, due to the fact being an open-source Bitcoin wallet, Edge obtains a high level of security for the storage of cryptocurrencies.

Newbies starting to utilize this crypto exchange receive the opportunity to know the list of businesses accepting Bitcoin. They get this information for free if they’re the users of this app and can use it for their purposes (whether they need to buy Bitcoin or conduct crypto exchanges, payments, or other transactions). In most cases, if users purchase something those businesses offer, and they do it through this wallet, they get discounts (that is profitable for all participants of the transactions).

3. Coinomi

GooglePlay Ranking: 4.6


  • a high level of security,
  • numerous assets,
  • user-friendly interface, cross-platform


  • not open-source

Millions of users all over the world choose Coinomi as the cold storage for their digital crypto assets. Utilizing Coinomi, you may be sure the transactions and payments conducted within this crypto exchange will be conducted safely as this hardware wallet cares for the safety of Bitcoin and other coins of its users. It has no identity linking and has two-factor authentication, which makes this wallet one of the most reliable apps on the market (it means your IP address will be under protection).

Additionally to such basic features as the opportunity to exchange, sell, and buy Bitcoin, Coinomi’s users get a user-friendly interface with easy setup. Also, they can apply these features to numerous cryptocurrencies as Coinomi supports most of them.

If you want to learn more about Coinomi, you can check the following link.

4. Ledger Nano X

GooglePlay Ranking: 3.7


  • support of more than 1000 assets,
  • the highest level of security


  • requires carrying a specific device,
  • users need to pay for utilizing the app

The Ledger Nano X is the updated version of the well-known Ledger cryptocurrency wallet. Unlike the previous model, Ledger Nano X can be used both on PC and mobile devices. At first, this Bitcoin wallet was created for utilization on PC, but later software developers made this version available on mobile devices. It means Android users can exchange, sell, and buy Bitcoin using just their phone.

Ledger Nano X is the perfect cold storage for various coins, with its high level of security, allowing you to keep your IP address away from hackers and other people. Such a high level of security of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies overlap this wallet’s uncomfortable setup and interface. So even if you’ll have problems with its setup, you won’t have issues with the safety of your transactions. And this, in our humble opinion, is the essential feature of every Bitcoin wallet.

You can get more detailed information about Ledger Nano X by following the link.

5. Atomic Wallet

GooglePlay Ranking: 4.3


  • support of atomic swaps


  • some users claimed about technical issues

Atomic Wallet is the only wallet among other wallets mentioned in this article that allows its users to conduct atomic swaps. Professionals in the crypto sphere know how it’s essential for a Bitcoin wallet to have such a feature.

As not everyone has coins supporting atomic swaps (there’s a limited number of such coins), Atomic Wallet has a built-in ChangeNOW, ShapeShift, and Changelly interface made for exchange purposes.

There must be some not serious technical issues as the company owning the Atomic Wallet was created in the year 2017 (in October 2017, to be more precise). But the user support of this wallet is on a high level, so you don’t need to worry about this.

6. Abra

GooglePlay Ranking: 4.1


  • support of three the essential coins (BCH, BTC, and LTC),
  • users have an opportunity to play with a credit card,
  • and use the app for investments


  • not a wallet but a trading platform

Abra is more of a trading platform than a classical Bitcoin wallet as it has many features its users might like. For example, it allows its users to store and exchange, and trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies (using their credit card). Abra’s users can trade more than 27 coins within the wallet, and such well-known cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Litecoin are among them.

As this wallet is considered one of the best wallets on the market, it has its weak points. For utilizing Abra, users need to register their email address and mobile phone, meaning they can’t stay anonymous. For some people, this can be a problem (as the crypto business is risky itself). But if you forget about this, Abra wallet has a user-friendly interface convenient even for newbies (not to mention its other features highlighting it among other wallets on the market).

7. BRD (former BreadWallet)

GooglePlay Ranking: 4.0


  • support of various cryptocurrencies,
  • convenient interface,
  • open-source


  • a basic set of features

BRD is a Bitcoin wallet perfect for newbies in the crypto market as it has only basic features and an understandable interface. It’s even better its users don’t need to register in the wallet, as the simple download on the device will be more than enough for its utilization.

BRD is an open-source wallet meaning it’s reliable and safe (only users have access to their keys and funds, and no hackers or even software developers can have access to them). This wallet also allows its users not to only stock available coins but to purchase new ones.

8. MyCelium

GooglePlay Ranking: 4.1


  • popular among advanced Bitcoin holders,
  • open-source

Cons: not suitable for newbies, available only on mobile devices

MyCelium is a cryptocurrency wallet suitable only for mobile devices as its developers didn’t create the version of this app for PCs. That means users of MyCelium can control their crypto funds only through their mobile phones (that can be inconvenient sometimes, but still not the big issue).

MyCelium has security and privacy features, making it one of the most reliable hot wallets on the market. Being open-source, this wallet is being upgraded the entire time meaning technical issues appearing in one version will be improved in the next. Software developers work on improving the interface of MyCelium, but these days it’s more suitable for advanced users rather than newbies (though they can still try to utilize this wallet).

9. Jaxx Liberty

GooglePlay Ranking: 3.3


  • intuitively understandable user interface (UI),
  • opportunity to exchange currencies within the wallet,
  • supports various coins.


  • technical issues

Jaxx Liberty, with its former name “Jaxx,” is a non-custodial wallet. That means only its users have access to their keys and funds, and no one but them can manage them. It’s safe storage for various cryptocurrencies (and Jaxx Liberty supports a great amount of them) that allows its users to exchange coins without leaving the wallet (they can do it via shapeshift).

You can utilize this wallet either from a mobile phone or PC, and we think it’s an essential feature as only a few wallets have such an option. Also, Jaxx Liberty is easy to use, and even newbies won’t have any issues relating to this. Like any other wallets, it has its weaknesses, and some of them are about the technical side of its functioning. Some users noticed insignificant bugs in the form of sudden freezing in mid-actions. But, despite this, this hot wallet is still considered reliable and secure.


There are many crypto wallets on GooglePlay, but not all of them are certified by the community. Some of them are malicious and made with the purpose of stealing your Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. That’s why it’s essential to choose the wallet verified by GooglePlay, and wallets mentioned in the article are such wallets. Consider them if you don’t want to search for other wallets (and you don’t need to, as these wallets are considered the best of the best).

Once you choose the Bitcoin wallet, you need to follow several steps to make the utilization of these wallets as profitable as possible. Also, you need to adhere to some simple rules to make the process of exchanging, trading, and storing funds and keys secure.

We’ve already covered these rules but feel we need to do it once again. These rules include:

  • Do not keep large amounts of Bitcoin in your crypto wallet. By doing this, you protect yourself from possible future issues relating to their loss.
  • Establish pin code protection for your Bitcoin wallet if you have such an option—the more security and privacy steps you conduct, the better.
  • Create the phrase of 12-24 words while registering in the wallet, and keep it in some safe place. You might need it if you lose access to your funds and private key (due to the mobile phone loss or any other circumstances).

Follow these rules, choose the Bitcoin wallet wisely, and be sure your funds and currencies will be under protection.


What is the best Bitcoin wallet for Android?

It depends on your demands and interests, but according to the GooglePlay ranking, Coinomi is considered the best wallet on the market. And it’s understandable why. This hardware wallet allows its users to trade, stock, and exchange numerous currencies within the wallet and stores their funds in safety. Also, Coinomi has a user-friendly interface, and both newbies and advanced Bitcoin holders can utilize it.

How do I use Bitcoin Wallet on Android?

For starters, you need to determine what hardware wallet is meeting your demands and interest the most. Once you do this, you need to download it on your mobile phone on the Android platform. After this, you need either to register there (if it’s required) or start utilizing it without registration (if there’s such an option). Also, you need to create a phrase of 24 words (you’ll need it if you lose your phone or keys), set a pin code (if your wallet allows you to do it). After these steps are completed, you can start utilizing your wallet on your phone and trade, exchange, and stock funds with its assistance. Most of such apps are easy to use, so you won’t have issues with this. And if you have, you can always contact user support and ask for their assistance.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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