How We Rate Crypto Brands

Our website is aimed at reviewing the best crypto wallets, the most reliable crypto exchanges, and related services, as well as the most profitable currencies on the digital market today. We use several factors that can determine if a particular crypto wallet or exchange will be included in our articles. Additionally, users can find useful tips about crypto exchanges and the profitability of the most worthy cryptocurrencies on our website. We construct the list of the most trustful and beneficial exchanges, rating them utilizing special criteria. 

You can get acquainted with the factors that we consider important to note while providing recommendations for you. Here is what we focus on:

  • Crypto wallets rating system
  • Crypto exchanges rating system
  • Cryptocurrencies rating system
  • Mining tools rating system

Crypto Wallets Rating System

  • Variety of available cryptocurrencies

Working with cryptocurrencies, you have to be aware of all the processes that occur in the market and try to learn to make profitable operations with various cryptocurrencies. Sometimes the purchase of some cryptos can bring you more profit than another operation, and that is why a wallet should allow you to work with several cryptos at the same time. It is the crucial point for cryptocurrency wallets to provide an opportunity to trade with as many cryptos as possible within the frames of one platform. So, if the wallet offers clients only bitcoin as a currency for trading, we will rate it not as high as a wallet with dozens of cryptocurrencies available.

  • Security of address and login process

As users of crypto wallets keep huge funds there, it is important to be sure that they will be safe and protected. First of all, we check the web address of the wallet. If it begins with HTTPS we will consider it safe enough and it will be located higher in rating than a wallet with an HTTP address. 

Also, our professionals are trying to save you from any types of frauds possible during the work with crypto wallets. So, we prefer to recommend you wallets with two-factor authentication as they provide higher security of your wallet account and assets consequently. 

A wallet can receive more points in our rating if it is “hierarchical deterministic”. This concept is connected with addresses for crypto-wallets. Specifically, the wallet is safer if it creates new crypto addresses for every operation with your assets than if it uses the same wallet address every time.

  • Reliability of the provider

Knowing the company behind the wallet can give you more confidence in its trustability. For this reason, we check the owners and developers of the wallets before including them in our ratings. If the wallet demonstrates all the licenses and documents about their creators publically and these companies and people were not noticed as the scammers on the Internet, we will rate the wallet as an unsuspicious one. 

Furthermore, we need to know the code of the wallet as it makes the process of trading more transparent. Thus, higher transparency of all the operations happening in the wallet makes its reliability higher for us.

  • Evaluation of wallets by users

There are plenty of websites such as Reddit with open forums for users of crypto wallets. These services allow people to share their experience of work with platforms and express their opinions. An estimation of wallet by the community can be a key factor for the recommendation of any platform as they may show the sides of services that are hidden by developers. For instance, we are trying to find an average opinion about the crypto wallet but also we pay attention to negative reviews and their truthfulness.

By the way, reviews of experienced users can be indicators of the convenience of platforms for clients. The design of the interface can influence the rating position of the wallet in such a way that a more intuitive structure of service will be evaluated higher by our specialists. If experienced users argue that there are some complexities in the working process with the wallet, we will check it and take it into account during the creation of the rating.

  • Reasonability of fees and commissions

When a person wants to start trading with a wallet, he or she is always interested in the price for its usage. So, our team estimates the average price on the market for all provided services and rate the wallet as cheap to use or expensive. Of course, the price depends on the performance of the wallet, and we include this factor in our estimation system.

Crypto Exchanges Rating System

We apply a bit different rating system for cryptocurrency exchanges, and it is based on the following aspects:

  • Number of available coins;
  • Performance of customer support service;
  • Protection of transactions and assets;
  • Pricing;
  • The convenience of interface;
  • Acceptable payment methods.

Based on the grade for each of the factors, we build a rating system and highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of the particular crypto exchange. It means that we offer our readers to choose an exchange by themselves, according to the importance of each element for them. Thus, some platforms will be more practical for beginners while others for experienced users.

Cryptocurrencies Rating System

While evaluating the benefit of trading with cryptocurrencies for our reviews, we pay attention to currently ongoing changes on the market and basic estimates common for crypto coins:

  • Supply and demand for the coin;
  • Adoption of currency for common usage;
  • Production costs;
  • Number of wallets for cryptocurrency on the market;
  • Interaction of cryptocurrency with fiat currencies;
  • Control over the currency stock by the government.

After the collection of data about all the factors listed above for cryptocurrencies, we create comparison reviews for them. As a potential buyer of the coins you can be interested in some essential points more than in others, and that is why we grant you the opportunity to select cryptocurrency by yourself based on our research and reviews.

Mining Tools Rating System

In addition to crypto wallets, exchanges, and cryptocurrencies themselves, we dedicate part of our website to mining tools. This subject requires another rating system as it is more complex. Nevertheless, the security of the pools and software for mining is the crucial thing for us to take into account for precise recommendations. Our team is doing its best to be up to date with the latest developments in the field. 

We include the following factors in the rating system of mining tools:

  • Fees and commissions;
  • Ergonomy;
  • Available setup characteristics;
  • The reputation of pools.

The content of our website is diverse and practical thanks to the professional work of our analysts, experts, and authors. Additionally to reviews on cryptocurrencies and tools for trading and mining, we devote articles to the important current occasions on the market. Staying in touch with the latest news about the crypto world allows our clients to earn more money and that is why we check analytical reports every day. As regards the reliability of such reports, our specialists make verification operations before using data from external websites. That is why all our users can fully trust the information we provide and use it to increase their profits in crypto. 

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