Brief Review on CryptoKitties 

 July 20, 2021

By  Brian Forester

When one mentions blockchain games, the CryptoKitties is the first one to come to everyone’s mind! It is, in a nutshell, a Web game where users can enjoy breeding crypto kitties and trade! CryptoKitties is a game centered on the process of breed and trade: it is unique, that is for sure. In case you were born somewhere in the 90s, it would probably remind you of Pokémon or Tamagochi. Moreover, Cryptokitties is unique as it has a huge difference apart from other games: each pet is entirely novel, pictured on the blockchain by a non-fungible token named NFT.

Digital assets are much more fun with CryptoKitties. Cryptokitties is the first-ever cryptocurrency game based on a currency named Ethereum (the CryptoKitties does not support any other digital assets). The users can trade or start breeding cats to make up beneficial traits. The game was so popular and entertaining that even some of the issues in the work of Ethereum were discovered, particularly in terms of scale.

The Cyrptokitties is a groundbreaking example of technology that has taken the attention and love of the crypto community with a fun and monetary example of what one may create with distributed ledger technology.

How Does the Game Work?

CryptoKitties consists of tokens that are not monetary; the game itself was initially designed on the blockchain of Ethereum, and it does accept the ERC721 token standard. Long before the ERC721 was created, the tokens on blockchains were interchangeable; this fungible thing means that anyone’s Bitcoin or Ethereum token was equal to one another. ERC721 itself permitted the chance for the development of completely new non-interchangeable tokens. It is worth noting that primarily the Cryptokitties were designed to get to know such things as a digital deficiency, utilizing smart contracts and ERC721 tokens.

Each CryptoKitty is one of a kind and has a unique digital genome that is placed in a smart contract, and any set of two CryptoKitties can be bred. This is performed utilizing a genetic algorithm, so each next CryptoKitty is presented with its own characteristics that are called ‘attributes. The appearance of the character, also frequently called phenotype, depends on the stable genotype kept in the smart contract.

How to Get CryptoKitties?

  • In case you would like to buy CryptoKitties, you will require several items: a PC or a mobile phone, a virtual wallet like MetaMask, and Ethereum coins.
  • Afterward, you should simply visit the CryptoKitties marketplace.
  • One should create an account there and pick a cat that takes your fancy (they are oh-so-adorable creatures!).
  • Then, click on the tab ‘buy now. In case you have enough ETH in your wallet (the transaction will go via Ethereum blockchain during the play), you will be presented with a Dapper transaction tab where one can proceed with the purchase.
  • One may as well bid on a CryptoKitty in the event it is not on sale right now; however, the owner decides whether they would like to accept the deal or not.

The most high-costly CryptoKitty is named Genesis, and it was worth 114,881.59 dollars at some point in the time. A fun fact is that it is way more costly than the most expensive real-world cat, which used to cost 41,435 dollars.

How Can One Breed CryptoKitties?

It is really easy to play with kitties, and in case you would like to start breeding the CyrptoKitties, you would require a breeding pair for the breed. Any of the cats can act as a Father or a Mother. The Sire will require a quick restoration time after the breeding is done; the time rises each time virtual cats sire. And, as evident, the Dame would be unable to be bread until the time when she will give birth to the new CryptoKitty.

In case you would like to start the breeding of two cats, you should snap on one of the cats in the litter (kitty litter) and then snap on the ‘Breed’ button. One must also choose a cat that will act as the Mother. Then, just snap on the ‘OK, give them some privacy’ tab to enter a new transaction tab, and sometime later, one will have their personal bouncing newborn CryptoKitty, breedable beanie babies.

Another option can start breeding one of the cats with a public sire, but for this, a small amount will be charged as a transaction fee.

CryptoKitties History

Originally, the CryptoKitties, a game centered around breeding and trading, was the first game that was built on the Ethereum basis. Sometime later, after a week or so, CryptoKitties were responsible for more than 13 percent of transactions on Ethereum, as shown from the analysis. The total number of CryptoKitties sales is just over 61 thousand ETH, which is 21 million dollars, as of mid-Autumn of 2020. 

The popularity of CryptoKitties’ became a serious issue for the Ethereum Platform, as the network traffic was really high. And as the network gets busy with pending transactions, the Cryptokitties accounted for a queue. Then, breeding CryptoKitties started being so mainstream that it stopped other companies operating on the platform from being able to confirm the transactions of theirs fastly. Many of these corporations, as said in many reports, were injured by these quickly reproducing blockchain technology cats.

Not so long ago, in May 2020, CryptoKitties launched a new working schema: it was transforming from Ethereum Network to its own dedicated blockchain in the market named Flow.

This review introduces new features for the CryptoKitties:

  • Great design and animations for the cats;
  • Extensibility which would allow many more users to utilize the network at any desired time;
  • The possibility of free gameplay, because Flow utilizes the proof-of-stake agreement model;
  • The capability to utilize CryptoKitties inside other games built on Flow.

Design Solutions for CryptoKitty

The invention of Cryptokitties has produced a new kind of NFT-based projects known as crypto-collectibles. And after these inceptions, CryptoKitties has created cats, the design of which was inspired by various content from unusual places. For example, they introduced branded designs such as a pair of cats inspired by a rock band, Muse from Great Britain. Moreover, they have designer collaborations, for instance, an artist from China named Momo Wang, whose limited-edition CryptoKitties were primarily presented on Nifty Gateway. Nifty Gateway is a digital art market supported by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.  

In 2019, the partnership with NFT regulated ‘buy and sell’ card game Gods Unchained allowed CryptoKitties players to transform their cats into cat-styled gaming cards. Nonetheless, the partnership was not successful. That is all because the functionality was not capable of supporting users to transfer their CryptoKitty to Gods Unchained, utilize it in that game and then transfer it back to CryptoKitties.

What’s Gonna be Next?

CryptoKitties is the one-of-a-kind app that at one point was the first one of all crypto collectives. It is a completely new online item format that allows online trading. Initially, CryptoKitties fought with scaling; however, the shift to the new blockchain encouraged the development of this entirely new industry with high popularity.

The creators of the CryptoKitties named Dapper Labs have all-embracing expectations about their own Flow blockchain platform. The Flow has already accounted for 11 million dollars in investment and has support from partners such as Warner Music Group and Ubisoft, a publisher of videogames and other businesses. The company has as well built a partnership with the NBA and Animoca Brands to bring the resources to their owned crypto-collectibles on the Flow. In the future, Dapper Labs will continue to build out Flow, but the game that started it all will continue to purr with the oh-so-adorable creatures at the center of it all. We are sure that the game’s popularity will be rising.


Can you make money with CryptoKitties?

One indeed can profit from CryptoKitties. One should note that they should simply breed kitties, and a new cat will equal new money. Another way is to buy the kitties with your device and then sell them. One can sell, buy, or gift them to someone. Some kitties are worth more than others and can be sold for more money than other kitties, and it is also very profitable.

Is Cryptokitties down?

In fact, not really. It has simply moved to a new project named Flow. But users are still available to play with kittens. In case you would like to know more information about it, make sure to read the full article.

How Cryptokitties work?

The CryptoKitties is a game built on the Genetic Algorithm. The Axiom Zen produced a new CryptoKitty every 15 minutes. The company employs the algorithm named crossover, which allows one to sire cats and breed them. One will manage to sire two cats at a time. The process does not take much time.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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