TOP-12 Websites That Allow Buying Bitcoin With Credit/Debit Card 

 July 7, 2021

By  Brian Forester

In the contemporary world, it is straightforward to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. Nonetheless, masses have been stuck with such an issue called chargebacks. This problem has been relieved via anti-scam organizations, and a larger amount of exchanges now permit the use of credit cards as a legitimate solution payment. This article will discuss the TOP-rate 12 of the methods that would be suitable to buy Bitcoin with a credit card (CC).

A Brief Description on how to Buy Bitcoins (BTC) using Credit Card

One of the ways to do it at ease is to use such a website as CEX.io. I present you with quick steps to do it successfully:

  • Enroll in CEX.io and decide on the amount you desire to buy;
  • Finish the KYC;
  • Enter your Bitcoin wallet address, and debit or CC details and wait;
  • Now the coins are on your crypto wallet;

In case you really want to learn more about various exchanges that accept credit cards, then stay with us. Today we will discuss:

  • Quick summary of different platforms;
  • Final Words;
  • FAQs

 1. Bitcoin, CEX.io, and Credit Card

Benefits: a very old and thus reliable checkout partner, you can buy a lot, as limits are high.

Drawbacks: the support team takes a long time to reply; the organization has higher trading rates than the competitors 

This crypto company was established in 2013, and it remains a very reliable cryptocurrency exchange with over two million users. By the way, you would be able to use the cryptocurrency exchange in the US, in all European countries, and some nations placed in South America and Asia. The website provides a full trading platform and services for brokerage.

The organization allows direct withdrawals of dollars, euros, pounds, and rubles to cards. This means one can keep and, if needed, withdraw funds in and from the payment cards in case they are connected to your CEX.IO account

The requests to withdraw the funds are concocted automatically immediately after the placement. Moreover, they do not demand logging in to any 3rd-party services. In the vast majority of the cases, the removal of funds is instant, which allows you to immediately get comfortable access to the funds on your Visa or Mastercard card.

How to Use CEX.io:

  • Create an account on that website;
  • Snap right on the Finance and Deposit, and the buttons are placed nearby the requested currency;
  • Then you can wire transfer the funds or use the CC to buy Bitcoin directly.

2. Bitcoin, Coinmama, and Credit Card

Benefits: the Coinmama support is great and very responsive. It is a reliable organization and has quick service.

Drawbacks: one would be able to use Coinmama only in certain states of the US

Coinmama was founded in 2013, and it works with the Bitcoin trade and payments. Coinmama takes premium charge for the services they provide. One would be able to buy over 1 million dollars worth of Bitcoin with a completely verified account in Coinmama. Coinmama also provides quick and valid service for Bitcoin receiving process right after the purchase confirmation. So, in Coinmama, the process is instant.

How to Use Coinmama, follow some simple steps:

  • Create your own Bitcoin crypto wallet address because the website doesn’t hold your Bitcoins;
  • Right after that, choose the number of Bitcoins you would like to buy on the homepage;
  • You will have to fill out the price either in Bitcoin, dollars, euros, or in any other currencies, or you can choose one of the suggested packages;
  • Then just snap on the ‘Buy BTC,’ and you will be brought to the page of signing up;
  • After writing out the details from the previous point, you will have to go through extra verification by sending a photo ID to the website (everything should be done following security standards). Do not worry. It would not take much of your time. For example, they verified me within 1.5 hours;
  • Authenticated user profiles can buy Bitcoin very easily with a credit/debit card: moreover, I suggest you using Visa or Mastercard. Things will go fast with these two cards,’ and with level 3 verification, one would be able to get 7500 dollars per day and 40000 dollars per month;
  • Afterward, one will have to fill out your personal Bitcoin address;
  • Lastly, fill out the data concerning the payment and do your order.

3. Bitcoin, eToro, and Credit Card

Benefits: it is very user friendly and has low fees

Drawbacks: it isn’t easy to get real coins eToro

The organization stocks multiple cryptocurrency tools, e.g., a crypto wallet, trading service, CFD assistance, as well as a regulated exchange. One can speculate on the price of bitcoin via eToro utilizing the debit or credit card having somewhat low fees. Moreover, one would be able to get real coins, although the eToro is more fitting for price speculation.

Another point to mention is that eToro, roughly 75 percent of retail investors’ profiles waste money when trading Contract for Difference with this website. That means that one must think in advance if they can risk that much. You need always to remember that crypto assets are extremely active uncontrollable investment products. Actually, those CFDs are not given to users from the United States. And there is no protection for European investors.

4. Bitcoin, Coinbase, and Credit Card

Benefits: it has a very user-friendly interface and somewhat low fees; the organization is pretty reliable

Drawbacks: the support is terrifying, and one would not be able to use the website worldwide

Coinbase is considered to be the hugest of all Bitcoin brokers all over the world: it has nearly 30 million users worldwide that buy Bitcoin. Coinbase has a 3.99% convenience charge on all CC transactions. Furthermore, the company is indeed huge and serves more than a hundred countries. In case one buys more than 100 dollars worth of BTC, they will get an additional bonus that is 10 dollars worth.

How to Use Coinbase:

  • Make a Coinbase account and fill out the information about the debit cards (or credit);
  • Go to Settings, afterward click ‘Payment Methods,’ and then snap on the ‘Add Payment Method,’ then click Card/Credit Card;
  • When the card is verified, you can directly buy or trade Bitcoins;
  • Afterward, the BTC would be sent to your Coinbase wallet address.

Make sure to notice that verification is needed to connect the card: one will have to verify the identity by sending a legal ID. 

5. Bitcoin, Binance, and Credit Card

Benefits: the company is valid and reliable, and it is available all across the World

Drawbacks: the support is really slow, as well as the verification process

Binance is a website that allows one to do crypto transactions and buy Bitcoin with a credit/debit card. By the way, the company is in partnership with Simplex. Binance is a new company, but the company has already outdone huge cryptocurrency exchanges in its popularity and trading amounts.

6. Bitcoin, Bitpanda, and Credit Card

Benefits: it has very many options for payment and somewhat low fees

Drawbacks: one will be unable to use it worldwide

Bitpanda was developed in the mid-Autumn of 2014. It is a start-up organization (crypto market) that originated in Austria. The organization helps to buy Bitcoin and many other crypto funds with a credit/debit card. In addition, it allows one to do transfers, Neteller, SEPA, Skrill, and so on. The organization works all over Europe and some other countries with very low charges.

To show you how to use Bitpanda, we provide you with a link:

7. Bitcoin, Bitstamp, and Credit Card

Benefits: the organization is very reliable and has various payment solutions, and it is available all across the World

Drawbacks: relatively high deposits, not user friendly, and the verification process is slow.

The company was founded in 2011, so it is considered to be one of the most reliable and valid Bitcoin crypto markets where one can buy Bitcoin. Another advantage of this trading website is that it has a license from the Luxembourg ministry of finance. The organization works with debit card (and credit) payments in a partnership with Simplex. Bitstamp is a worldwide company that has a wide range of nations accessible: all countries all over Europe, the USA, and some of the Asian and South American countries.

How to Use Bitstamp:

  • Get on the website and snap on the ‘Deposit’;
  • Right after, you should choose the option ‘Credit Card’ and deposit the needed sum;
  • When the deposit is cleared, choose either to Buy or to Trade BTC;
  • Fill out the sum you desire to get and click on Buy/Sell BTC.

To finish your order, you will have to utilize a 3D Secure debit card (or credit one). Besides, several banks might treat your credit/debit card deposit as a cash advance. In this case, your bank or CC provider may charge an additional fee.

8. Bitcoin, LocalBitcoins, and Credit Card

Benefits: the company provides a wide scope of sellers, and it has a user-friendly interface

Drawbacks: there is a possibility of fraud, and some sellers might have high deposits for the trade and payments from a debit card (or credit one)

LocalBitcoins is a website for buying and selling BTC in a peer-to-peer manner, and it is a crypto market. Let me provide you with an example: it is like eBay but for Bitcoin. The website has a huge amount of traders who allow the use of a ton of payment solutions. However, there is an issue of getting scammed, so make sure to filter out the suspicious retailers. And, of course, if you are a newbie to LocalBitcoins, people would not be willing to interact with someone new as they might think of them as scammers.

How to Use LocalBitcoins, follow some simple steps:

  • Sign in in the LocalBitcoins;
  • Afterward, look for a trader who will accept your credit or debit card. There is now worldwide search, so you will have to go through various nations to find all of the merchants;
  • Carefully read the terms of the deal and check if the merchant is reliable;
  • Then just fill out the desired amount you want to buy and snap on the ‘Send’ button;

9. Bitcoin, Coinhouse, and Credit Card

Benefits: it is a strong and valid organization, and the buying limits are high

Drawbacks: it has a limited scope of countries in which the use of the website would be enabled, it has high cryptocurrency exchange rates

This company is considered to be the main Bitcoin trading site in Paris, France. One can buy Bitcoin with Visa, MasterCard, even cash. One can also buy Bitcoin with the Neosurf prepaid card. This one is accessible all over European countries.

10. Bitcoin, CoinCorner, and Credit Card

Benefits: it has a user-friendly interface for beginners, it has a perfect mobile app designed especially for the website to buy Bitcoin

Drawbacks: it has big administration charges on deposits, and the site is not available all across the world

CoinCorner is a Bitcoin broker that has a cryptocurrency exchange that is accessible for some of the countries around the globe. This organization was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in the Isle of Man. One can buy just over 1000 euros of Bitcoin, having literally no verification for quite competitive fees. The company also has a great smartphone app that supports you. It allows one to send and get BTC from your personal account utilizing your mobile device.

11. Bitcoin, Indacoin, and Credit Card

Benefits: great support and the website is available all across the world

Drawbacks: high deposits

Indacoin is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows users worldwide to buy Bitcoins with a debit card. Indacoin is another organization where you can buy Bitcoin with a credit card. The minimum sum is around 50 dollars, and the first-week restriction is 500 dollars. After two weeks, the restriction will decrease to 2000 dollars. Soon, after one month, the will be no restrictions. In case you would like to use your credit/debit card, you will need to verify your phone number by a five-digit Pincode: it is placed on your CC statement. The verification process is pretty quick and easy.

I haven’t tried out the platform on myself, so I can’t guarantee that everything is 100% valid. Another point to mention is that although the website claims that it takes no charges, its exchange rate is very high due to CC processing.  

12. Bitcoin, Xcoins, and Credit Card

Benefits: it has a great service of support available 24/7, and a very fast turnaround for purchases

Drawbacks: one would not be able to find the exact fee they are going to pay; Xcoins accepts dollars and euros solely for fiat 

Xcoins is a Maltese exchange website for cryptocurrencies that was established in 2016 where one can buy Bitcoin. Many cryptocurrencies (and not only cryptocurrencies, regular currencies as well) are accepted on this website: BTC, LTC, ETH (Ethereum), XRP, and BACK in USD or EUR through such Visa or Mastercard.

The organization perceives the speed of its service rather thoughtfully: the exchange, basically, claims to deliver your coins in only 15 minutes after the payment was made and approved. If that does not happen and the company did not send your coins in time – the Xcoins will provide you with one free transaction. Thus, Xcoins are advantageable in case one wants to receive the coins quickly. Make sure to note that the minimum sum to buy is 50 dollars or 50 euros. The maximum restriction is not presented on the Xcoins Website.

Final Word

So, how would you know which of the exchanges to employ?

First of all, there are so many cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin, BitcoinCash (BCH), and many many more. Make sure to notice that right our matter of debate is Bitcoin, and all of the websites mentioned above are related to transactions for BTC.

Indeed, it might be pretty tough to decide on the type of exchange that is considered to be the TOP platform for purchasing Bitcoin with a debit or credit card, or bank transfer, or Apple Pay, because there is a ton of them. My advice is to start the process with small sums of money, and in case you’re satisfied with the result – move to the bigger sum of money. So, the key thing is that once you are into the process, you will begin to see what is good for YOU in the exchange, and thus you would be able to change your choices in turn if you are not comfortable with something. Your task is to track the changes and choose the desired checkout partner.

In case there are some topics left that I did not cover or you have some questions about the methods I have discussed – make sure to leave a comment down below.


Does Bitcoin ATM Allow the use of Credit Cards? 

The ATMs of Bitcoin allow the use of paper money solely as a payment solution to buy Bitcoin. That is related to the issues with chargebacks. One would be completely unable to pay with the Bitcoin ATM debit card (or credit one).

Am I Able to Use Visa to Buy Bitcoin? 

In the article above, one can find all of the exchanges that accept Visa cards as a payment method so that you can buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card.

Am I Able to Use Discover Card to Buy Bitcoin? 

Actually, most of the exchanges regularly accept only Visa and Mastercard to buy Bitcoin; nonetheless, some of the articles on the Web state that such exchanges as CEX.io uses Discover Card as a payment solution.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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