Blockfolio — The World’s Best Free Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking App Review 

 July 20, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Time is running faster than ever in the world of today. Millions of individuals and organizations are willing to know more about crypto money and possible ways to deal with it to gain profit. But if you simply buy bitcoin tokens and try to sell them later for a better price, this will not make you an instant millionaire. Successful trading begins when you own enough information, which brings you more power than anything.

If you are financially intelligent and are interested in cryptocurrencies, there is no way you can miss any related news, novelty, trend, update, etc. You will probably search for relevant info on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites, but there exists one place perfect for tracking, trade, and invest. Blockfolio app has been developed by a team of professionals for all individual users and organizations to be sure they know what’s going on in the world of crypto at the time of the request. The CEO of Blockfolio highlights that the team is committed to providing free services for any user, no matter how experienced you are.

Blockfolio App Short Review

Blockfolio is the most popular free cryptocurrency tracking app (not desktop-friendly, but accessible on ios or android) to track current crypto rates and then invest your crypto wiser than before. The program is based on a thorough analysis of online exchanges, providing you with trustworthy exchange rates of the cryptocurrencies you wish to know more about (it supports more than 10,000 currencies, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and others) fluctuations, and important notifications. These key features, available on your personal portfolio graph, will help you make reasonable investments, trade wisely, and gain more profit than before.

What Is Special About Blockfolio?

Blockfolio is a leader of similar products in the crypto space — its most up-to-date service is a communication platform for token teams, which are investor groups offering or preparing to offer new cryptocurrency investments. Crypto experts who are ready to deliver new token products to the public will love Blockfolio’s convenient token team communication platform, where you and your partners can exchange information with other crypto users of various organizations freely and securely. 

How to Install Blockfolio

As it was mentioned before, Blockfolio is designed as a mobile app, so you should use your mobile device to download this crypto tracker.

The client may be downloaded from the official website http://blockfolio.com or found in PlayMarket, AppStore, and iTunes. Here is how to access the Blockfolio app:

  1. Open the source you consider to be the most reliable and convenient for you. Press the download button, wait until the program is on your phone, and launch it;
  2. Once Blockfolio is opened, proceed to registration;
  3. After the registering procedures are completed, sign in to your private account to monitor current rates.

How to Manage Blockfolio

After you have registered in this crypto tracking program and signed in to your personal account, you will find its key features available.

Here are possible steps you may wish to take in order to get all necessary information and make cryptocurrency investments:

  1. Submit the data about Voices and Gold. This will make it possible to track current rates;
  2. Delete those cryptocurrencies, which you are not planning to use in the foreseeable future;
  3. Choose “Add coin” to see the variety of available coins;
  4. Search for the crypto-token you want to track and click on “Select stock exchange”;
  5. Fill out the lines containing information about the quantity and notes of your Voices and Gold. You will be able to access the following data afterward:
  • The token’s price in US dollars;
  • Chart of fluctuations of the selected cryptocurrency on the stock exchange;
  • Statistical information about the lowest and the highest prices of the chosen cryptocurrency within the last 24 hours;
  • How much you can get for your crypto money in case of trading;
  • The volume of exchange trades and fluctuations in value;
  • Additional information and details about how to view the current prices, sell your tokens, buy bitcoin cash, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, and trade as a professional (you may look into FAQ).

More to the point

In case you desire to see your cryptocurrency exchange rate evaluated not in US dollars specifically but some other equivalent (for instance, bitcoins or other digital money), click on the dollar value from the top left. Use the “12H” button to create a graph of the course fluctuations and analyze the statistics. Removing transactions is another useful feature — you can delete an unwanted one by clicking the appropriate button. To see the actual value of your cryptocurrency wallet, swipe the screen in the down-up direction. If you wish to find out how valuable your funds are in Bitcoin, click the dollar ost icon. Connect with the support team in order to get more details about how to use Blockfolio.

Bottom Line

So what makes Blockfolio app the world’s most popular crypto tracking client? Those who deal with cryptocurrency operations will be pleased to use this up-to-date client. Its market data and direct updates are accessible for millions of apple and android users all over the planet, no matter whether you are an expert or a beginner in crypto investments. It’s functional, speedy, and easy to use. With Blockfolio, you will be able to track the actual prices of your tokens and fluctuations at any time for wiser trading and online exchanges for free.


Does Blockfolio Offer Free Services?

The Blockfolio team wanted to create an application, which will unite all cryptocurrency users willing to improve their trading skills. This program attracts such a wide audience because of its key features, accessibility, and pretty interface and because the market data and services there are completely free of charge. That’s the official policy of the client, managed by the CEO, Edward Moncada. Moreover, you will earn $10 for each trade you make, which is probably not a huge profit, but still a pleasant bonus.

Is There a Blockfolio Desktop Version?

Please note that the Blockfolio app is currently available on mobile devices only, which doesn’t make it any worse. You can download the program to track online exchanges, look at the actual prices, and sell your tokens on any ios or android device.

Blockfolio App Customer Service

If you have any questions to resolve, you can either review the FAQ section or send an email to support. In case you are a token team member, you will get an answer from the support team relatively faster than in case you are a standard user. The group of professionals working in Blockfolio is always ready to fix any bugs or other problems you faced while using the platform, which is especially pleasant for those who have ever experienced poor cryptocurrency-related customer service.

Is Blockfolio App a Safe Platform?

You can use Blockfolio not only freely but also securely, which is an extraordinary combination. Even if hacker attacks happen, the team does their best to combat these attempts to steal private information and crypto money. No Blockfolio user has ever lost their bitcoin cash, altcoins, or any other cryptocurrencies due to hacking or fraud at the platform, even though they use it for free. So, your cryptocurrency wallets are safe if you are using Blockfolio — concentrate on trading and making more profit instead of worrying about losing your crypto money.

Does Blockfolio Have Any Powerful Competitors?

There are more and more similar cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps on the market, but Blockfolio probably remains the most trustworthy and popular. One of its advantages is that you can track the data and trade your coins along with importing data from any other chosen exchanges. Global coverage with 300+ crypto exchanges, direct updates, and splendid key features makes this program on top even among the other up-to-date applications, providing cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, and other coins) statistics.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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