What is a Bitcoin IRA? 

 July 19, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a good way to invest. Using cryptocurrency, you can save on taxes from your transactions and increase your savings. As this abbreviation stands for, an individual retirement account allows you to conduct more profitable trading operations with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. This article will tell you:

  1. Summary on Retirement Accounts
  2. Benefits of Crypto IRAs
  3. IRA Restrictions and Distribution of Funds
  4. Ways to Create a Crypto IRA
  5. Best Bitcoin IRA Companies
  6. FAQ Section
  7. Conclusion

Please note that the review has only informational purposes in order to tell about the methods of cryptocurrency IRA and IRA companies. Before making an investment, get advice from a financier or tax official.

Types of Retirement Accounts

A Bitcoin IRA is one way to avoid paying tax on retirement savings. Since it is based on a decentralized currency, it is a tax-free investment account. Another advantage of IRA is that account owners can withdraw funds before reaching retirement age. Unlike traditional types of savings, a Bitcoin IRA user will not pay tax in case of premature use of wealth. So, before moving on to cryptocurrency IRAs, let’s take a closer look at the types of retirement accounts.

The dollar IRAs exist as a program to encourage American citizens to make more investments in a retirement account. The individual receives good savings and tax benefits for pension contributions, and the state has a huge account to attract investors.

The system also provides for self-directed IRAs. These are special accounts for alternative investments, such as stocks, real estate, art objects, and – now – crypto assets. Self-directed IRA allows you to store Bitcoin Sv, regular Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and make cryptocurrency exchanges. Investments with non-financial assets are accepted, for example, by Equity Trust.

There are a number of tax benefits for individual retirement account holders, so investing in your pension is considered a good strategy for the present and future. The existing system offers different IRA companies, each more profitable for a certain type of user (for rollovers, small investors, and so on). In general, all the IRA accounts are reduced to two main types of IRAs, namely the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA. Let’s look at them.

Traditional IRA

Citizens who use this IRA have tax advantages. Every time the account holder makes a deposit, they get a tax deduction. In addition, you can conduct non-taxable transactions involving assets on this account. Using self-directed IRAs, you can store not only fiat currency but also precious metals or stocks.

In some cases, account holder engages IRA custodians to guarantee the safety of their investments. An IRA custodian is a financial institution that holds assets or precious metals in safe custody. Another purpose of the IRA custodian is to monitor compliance with tax and government regulations. In short, such a saver IRA is responsible for the safety and legitimacy of the retirement account.

Deposits that an individual makes to this IRA account are tax-free. The time to pay taxes comes when a person retires and begins to withdraw the necessary amounts from their retirement account; these are the withdrawals that are taxed. What happens if you want to withdraw money before retirement age? You will receive a large fine, including all taxes on deposits and a fine for early withdrawal of currency or securities. In this case, it makes no difference whether you store Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency.

Roth IRA

According to the Roth IRA, contributions to the retirement account are made only from earned funds. Since the salary is already taxed, these contributions are not taxed. As in the previous case, the taxpayer can make non-taxable transactions on the account.

The main difference from a traditional account is that this money is not taxed when withdrawing funds during the retirement period. This is logical since all contributions were made from taxable income, that is, from your salary. In this sense, a Roth IRA is more profitable than a traditional account, but it also has its drawbacks.

A person who earns more than a certain amount per year cannot open a Roth account. This rule also applies to mutual funds. If you and your spouse jointly earn more than a certain amount and want to open a joint account, you will only be able to open one of the traditional IRA accounts.

In a word, what is the difference between Roth and traditional IRAs? The tax payment time. In the traditional case, you pay when withdrawing funds, whereas in the Roth case, you do it when you deposit money to the account. The only question is when you will have your tax savings and expenses.

What is Cryptocurrency IRA for?

As you can see, people usually keep currency, precious metals, or stocks in their retirement accounts. Now cryptocurrency starts the game! Investors can perform the sale and buy Bitcoin and other cryptos within their IRAs.

As cryptocurrencies have recently become alternative assets in relation to securities and other types of “standard” investments, the use of digital assets in the pension deposit system is a new industry. This was called “Bitcoin IRAs” or – in a broader sense – “Cryptocurrency IRAs.” In both cases, we are talking about one thing, meaning the use of some cryptocurrency within the retirement savings system. Let’s see how the Bitcoin IRA works in this field.

Just as there are IRA companies for storing money or precious metals, so there are Bitcoin IRA companies for transactions with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency IRA companies aim to encourage customers to open accounts and make deposits. So, you can open a personal account to sell and buy Bitcoin or other crypto-based on it.

Why do users need Bitcoin IRAs to trade cryptocurrency? The answer is obvious. Transactions within the field of pension accounts are not taxed. Therefore, you will not pay tax on the profits you make inside the Bitcoin IRA from trading crypts. For example, if you buy Bitcoin for $ 5,500 and sell it for $ 8,500, you have a profit of $ 3,000. You usually have to pay the tax, but under the terms of IRA accounts, you won’t.

Thus, if you often make investment transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, you should think about crypto IRAs. In some cases, cryptocurrency trading becomes easier and more profitable through the Bitcoin IRA system.

Bitcoin IRAs Restrictions

Of course, the condition of non-taxable turnover of funds inside the Bitcoin IRA is not the only one for using a retirement account. There are other rules for cryptocurrency IRA account holders. Let’s look at how they work and how they affect the turnover of digital currencies.

Retirement Investments

In order for bitcoin IRAs to work (like an IRA based on fiat money), the client must make an initial deposit and continue to deposit each year to maintain their account balance. The trick is that it is impossible to put a huge amount into the account immediately so that you can then use the tax benefits. Similarly, you will not be able to contribute an unlimited number of crypto assets. As for the minimum investment amount, it is also defined by US law and is calculated in credits.

This situation can make it difficult for cryptocurrency exchange if you are going to operate with large enough amounts of money within the existing IRA. The annual contribution amount is limited. It is different for people before and after 50 and changes depending on the age of the depositor. We recommend you study the detailed requirements of the retirement fund or an IRA company.

IRA Distribution

Distribution is the withdrawal of funds from your retirement account for physical use, in other words, the transfer of digital currency to cash. No matter what it is, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other alternative investments, with a traditional pension account, the distribution is made through one account in a particular bank.

As we have already noted, with a traditional account, the client makes a withdrawal after reaching retirement age. Of course, they can do it earlier if the need arises. But in this case, they will have to pay a fine for the early distribution of the stored funds. There are cases when you have the right to do so without penalty. To make an early withdrawal, your personal data is taken into account, so contact your financial advisor for more details. If you don’t have a personal specialist, you can contact an IRA company to find one.

As for Roth accounts, here, the user can withdraw money or Bitcoin cash whenever they need it. The only rule is to distribute no more than the amount deposited. That is, you can only withdraw the digital currencies that made up your contribution and not the profit. For example, if you put $ 5,000 into the account and the profit was another $ 5,000, you can early withdraw any amount up to $ 5,000 (your initial deposit). Since the bank and the Bitcoin IRA company process personal data, they have access to a list of the amounts that you have invested and withdrawn.

There are a number of circumstances when the owners of Roth accounts can cash out the profitable part of Bitcoin cash. These are difficult life situations when you need to buy the first apartment or pay for treatment. If you think that you will need this right, contact an IRA company for advice.

These are the general rules for using retirement accounts for saving and withdrawing funds. As you can see, these mechanisms are also suitable for virtual currency. The IRA companies’ terms allow the client to make non-taxable cryptocurrency transactions, but it is necessary to consider all the rules for successful ones. Therefore, before setting up your crypto IRA account, consult with a digital currency specialist. The next section will tell you how to open a personal crypto IRA to store, sell, and buy Bitcoin.

How to open an IRA for Bitcoin Cash

There are three ways to store digital currency in a retirement account. These methods are available for those who have decided to create an electronic coin IRA from scratch or re-create their previous financial account. Here are these cryptocurrency IRA options:

Crypto Account

The user opens a crypto IRA from scratch; that is, before that, they did not have a single account for retirement funds in any bank. This option is suitable for those who are about to decide to acquire pension savings. You can learn how to create an account for storing digital assets from the managers of bitcoin ira companies.

401k Transfer

If you make retirement savings of the 401k type, to create a cryptocurrency IRA, you need to transfer this money to another funded pension system. According to your legitimate interest, you can do this.

Since the choice of retirement savings method is regulated by the local work plan, you must make the transition with the participation of your former employer. Switching from one plan to another is free of tax and offers more benefits, as IRAs are more flexible than 401k. The main thing is that you can buy and sell Bitcoin inside IRAs.

IRA Transfer

Economically speaking, this way is similar to the previous one. The transfer takes place within the same IRA system, but you change the employer. This is necessary when the rules of retirement accruals in the current company do not allow you to create a self-directed ira account. This type of account is required for making alternative investments, which includes digital assets. The transfer of savings from one company to another is not taxed, so you can use this method to create your crypto IRA.

Bitcoin Ira Companies

When you create a cryptocurrency IRA, you need to combine several elements to operate Bitcoin cash. These include the trustee, trading fees and platform, and other things for a successful and secure cryptocurrency exchange. Even if you are a holder of one or several cryptocurrency wallets, you still need a digital currency specialist to manage your Bitcoin IRA.

Thus, crypto IRAs work as an intermediary between the depositor and the pension fund. Bitcoin IRA company offers you a trustee to contribute and manage your Bitcoin cash. The company selects a platform for cryptocurrency trading and has access to a cryptocurrency exchange, as well as sets the number of administrative fees.

Some coin IRA companies track the volatility of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and help you predict cryptocurrency rates and sales. A crypto IRA company defines many other points, including a minimum investment amount that you deposit when opening a Bitcoin IRA. To find the best Bitcoin IRA companies, we advise you to do market research and understand which Bitcoin IRAs work more stable.

There are a number of companies that meet the requirements of quality organizations to help with crypto IRA. For example, these are Coin IRA, Equity Trust, trust Capital, or Regal Assets. They work with digital assets, notably Bitcoin. Some companies, such as Regal Assets, conduct their own cryptocurrency trades. Some do not have a minimum investment, meaning you can open a crypto IRA with zero in the account. Today, the spectrum is quite wide, so we suggest you apply market research, read reviews and generate audience insights. This will help you make your list of best bitcoin ira companies.


Are the Bitcoin IRAs Safe?

Within our topic, the question implies two: namely, how safely coins are stored and how confidently they can be stored as a future pension. As for the first one, each company, whether it is Equity Trust or Regal Assets, has a technical document that describes the conditions for storing cryptocurrency and security guarantees. It specifies which partners process data, how the required applications affect browsing data, and other details. The second question is really relevant since the volatility of cryptocurrencies can cause wariness in such a long-term perspective as pension savings.

What Fee must I Pay?

Before entering into a contract with an IRA crypto company, carefully review all payments. They usually come in three types: at the first purchase of crypto, at the transaction and platform fees, storage, account administration, and more.

What Data does the Company Take?

Usually, the company requires identification data, which is processed by the company itself and its partners. Please note that they also request some settings for your device, as the IRA interacts with cryptocurrency wallets. Managers actively scan device characteristics and ask you to precise geolocation data.

How do I Choose a Platform?

The trading platform allows you to manage funds inside a cryptocurrency IRA. Therefore, it is important to properly evaluate the platforms and choose the best one for convenient and fast asset management. Ask the company manager what cryptocurrencies their platform supports, whether it is possible to test it for free, and how funds are withdrawn. Also, specify the amount of commission when withdrawing funds.

What are the Disadvantages of Bitcoin IRA?

Basically, there are two drawbacks. The first one that we have already mentioned is the volatility of cryptocurrency in the long term. The second is a fairly high fee for servicing the account and transactions, which is not present with ordinary IRAs. Since any retirement deposits, including cryptocurrencies, are the property of the IRS, the increment to the investment will be taxed at the established rate.

To have a detailed understanding of these features of Bitcoin IRAs and predict your financial future, consult with a specialist in planning changes in the value of the cryptocurrency and get advice from the company where you plan to start an IRA.


In a nutshell, a Bitcoin IRA is a retirement savings account that can also work as a benefit-friendly platform for cryptocurrency users who make regular transactions. If you are planning a long-term use of your crypto investments and trading on the exchange with large amounts, you may want to consider opening a cryptocurrency IRA. The system can replace the classic IRA for active Bitcoin users, but do not forget about the advice of specialists.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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