Bitrefill Review: Best Site To Buy Goods 

 December 8, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Since the cryptocurrency industry began to develop rapidly, countless platforms for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin have appeared. Internet users try to buy Bitcoin on reliable and proven platforms. However, there is no guarantee that you will not stumble upon a fraudulent service.

Fortunately, Bitrefill is the most popular and proven service related to cryptography. Unlike some other websites, this service has a good reputation and a lot of customers around the world. If you want to start your way in the cryptocurrency world (or even are a professional), Bitrefill is what you need! This site is a good service for spending digital assets, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Besides, the platform allows people to buy gift cards and make various transactions using fiat currencies.

In this Bitrefill review, you will learn what the Bitrefill platform is and what services it offers. Also, you will learn how to purchase gift cards, make small payments and transactions. This article will help you choose a secure service to spend Bitcoin and buy cards!

Bitrefill Site To Get Digital Assets

Let’s look at what Bitrefill is and what advantages does this platform has. Bitrefill is one of the leading companies in the cryptocurrency world that allows purchasing gift cards and other products for Bitcoin. In other words, it is an ideal solution for using cryptocurrency in everyday life.

The Bitrefill company has been based in Sweden since 2014 (the year of the company’s creation). Today Bitrefill offers a wide variety of products: an Amazon gift card, Google Play, and Steam goods. Unlike other companies, the Bitrefill website includes about 100 stores. Such an offer is impressive! Just imagine, you have the opportunity to purchase gift cards from Google Play stores.

Another interesting fact: in 2014, the company received about two million dollars of funding from the creator of Litecoin and other crypto businesses. It follows that Bitrefill is a reliable platform, as it has support from major brands and well-known figures in the crypto market.

What services does the platform offer to users?

  • Gift cards of the largest companies and gifts
  • Phone refills
  • Access to the lightning network

These are the three offers of Bitrefill company. The advantage of this service is its scale: it is available all over the world. Moreover, users do not need to create an account and provide data. The whole process of purchasing a digital asset is simple. The company offers different services for users who can spend money and buy gift cards without any difficulties.

Benefits And Drawbacks

Undoubtedly, this company is one of the leaders in the crypto market. Many people trust the platform and use its services daily. What are the advantages of the service, and what distinguishes it from other sites?

People note such advantages as ease of use, a wide range of products and stores, and excellent protection from fraudsters. Also, this platform has a stable position in the market and offers the ability to pay for goods with various cryptocurrencies.

All these positive aspects distinguish Bitrefill from other sites. Moreover, the platform has good customer support service, and you can make a transaction in minutes. You will not have to wait long for the payment to be completed, as you can pay for the purchased goods in two clicks.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of this platform. For instance, a person cannot use the site anonymously. Although you do not need to create an account, an anonymous way of using the platform’s services is impossible. The Bitrefill app requires improvements. If the developers improve the app to perfect functioning, people will use it more often.

Using the Lightning Network

This platform is constantly developing and improving. One of the main tasks of the company is to maintain a leading position in the crypto market. For this reason, Bitrefill has created an innovative lightning channel!

The benefit of the lightning network is as follows: people can open empty channels on the Bitrefill node. This process allows you to send Bitcoin without fees instantly. In the foreseeable future, other crypto businesses will also offer similar features to customers. It is a big step towards new opportunities because the crypto market is a colossal space for innovation.

Scam And Customer Service

1) Security

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that scammers will not hack the data of users of crypto platforms. It is not uncommon for people to encounter fraud at the most unexpected moment. Honestly, it is a primary problem of many crypto services.

As for Bitrefill, this service is safe and legal. The company received investments from other organizations three years ago. It is a sign of recognition and respect in the crypto industry. Bitrefill improves its security system to prevent fraudsters from hacking data.

Besides, the platform does not withhold a small payment for a gift card. Therefore, you can trust Bitrefill and not worry about security. Buying gift cards on the platform is easier than you think! The Bitrefill site allows people to store several cryptocurrencies here. When transferring money and making a transaction, the site will send your gift card directly to your email.

2) Perfect Customer Support

The support service processes customer requests around the clock. If you have any difficulties or questions, contact the customer support service directly.

There are three ways to send a message:

  • Online chat
  • Phone call
  • Email

You won’t have to wait long, as the platform tries to solve users’ problems quickly. In any case, the platform staff will answer any of your questions and help you in a difficult situation.

Purchase Gift Cards

Now consider in this Bitrefill review the specific features of the platform and ways to spend money.

Firstly, this site is available in 200 countries and has about 100 stores. The platform regularly expands the range of products and gift cards. Below is a list of examples:

  • Google Play and Apple Corporation

A gift card is a great way to spend money when you have Bitcoin. You can purchase a code for the Google Play Store or Apple on the Bitrefill website and get everything your heart desires. For instance, many customers pay funds for games and exciting apps.

  • Goods from Amazon

The platform has a partnership with Amazon Corporation. You can pay money and receive a digital gift card to an electronic account. You need to download the app, select the value for the voucher, enter the recipient’s email address and send it.

  • Steam code

If you don’t have a debit card but want to pay for games, use a great opportunity on the Bitrefill platform. You can use the Steam wallet code to buy any game.

  • Phone Data

Almost everyone has been abroad at least once. In addition to things and various items, everyone needs a good phone connection and stable Internet. If you want to stay in touch during your trip to Europe, the Bitrefill service will help you. On the website, you can view a package of mobile data from reliable providers. There are various tariff plans with unlimited calls, messages, and stable Internet.

As a rule, by going to the website, your location will be immediately determined. This feature allows the online site to offer people stores located nearby. It is convenient since you will not confuse the stores and you will buy the voucher.

What do you need to do to buy a voucher or gift card?

  • Without registering an account, select the amount of the product
  • Add an email address and a payment system
  • Scan the QR code and send the payment

Thus, if you have Bitcoin, use Bitrefill services to buy gift cards! You will not only use cryptocurrency wisely, but you can also please yourself and your relatives with gifts.

How To Pay?

1) Payments

Remember that Bitrefill is a platform for spending Bitcoins. You won’t be able to buy Bitcoin here, but you can purchase digital goods.

There are several options for buying gift cards and getting a phone credit:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • DASH
  • Ether

These are the primary five cryptocurrencies that operate on the platform. As for the voucher, you can get it in two clicks. There are about 1500 different vouchers on sale now. When paying for the goods, immediately confirm transactions, and if you have any problems, contact the support service.

2) Additional Fees

Let’s look at the Bitrefill fees that each user needs to pay.

According to the platform’s policy, all fees are included in the transaction. When buying a gift, the platform will automatically make a margin (2-3%). It all depends on the purchase amount and the cryptocurrency used.

3) System of Limits

Bitrefill is the leader of its business. Many people trust this platform, as there is a convenient system of payment and purchase of goods.

However, this site also applies several limits on purchases depending on the type of purchased product. If you want to pay for a mobile, the maximum will be $ 100 per day for one number. Phone refills are a handy tool when you need to stay connected.

The purchase of gift cards also has a limit:

  • Amazon official website: voucher is a maximum of $2000 per transaction
  • Amazon UK: voucher is a maximum of $5000 per transaction
  • the voucher minimum is $10

Data Purchase

This service is proven and secure. It provides a transparent policy of interaction with people and a convenient payment process for goods. If you want to spend your funds usefully, Bitrefill is the best solution for you! Another confirmation of the reliability of this site is the presence of positive reviews. Everyone can review them on the website to find out more information about the platform.

In addition to the above services, the user can buy mobile data for the phone. It is possible to pay for the service with Bitcoin. The process of purchasing data is simple. Choose your region and the appropriate carrier. The convenient Bitrefill website search engine will help you choose the options. If there is no available operator in your location, use other payment methods.

Rewards Program

Bitrefill Rewards is a unique reward program for platform users. If you have an account, you can receive at least one percent of the purchase price. You can keep these rewards and spend them on other goods at will. For instance, people can refund funds and use bonuses to pay for gift cards, a specific app, and even a mobile connection.

Here’s what you need to do to get such bonuses:

  • Register or log in to your account
  • Buy cards and other goods and refund the money with rewards
  • Save up bonuses and use them for your purchases

Various Products

This Bitrefill review contains all the information about the platform’s products. Carefully study each product to navigate the Bitrefill website and buy the best of the best!

Currently, you can spend Bitcoin on products from the following organizations: Viber, Skype, Free Range Mobile, Roblox, Arch Age, Free Fire, Minecraft, Reddit, Mobile Legends, and others. The platform provides many options for buying a game or an app. Moreover, Bitrefill is constantly scaling the business to enter into partnerships with other organizations as much as possible. Thus, constant development and scaling serve as confirmations of the reliability of the site.


Bitrefill is an innovative platform for those who want to become part of the cryptocurrency sphere. Firstly, Bitrefill has stable indicators in the crypto market and is a leader. Secondly, the platform is constantly scaling, entering into new partnerships with corporations.

The Bitrefill website has an excellent support service and security system, convenient card search, and instant refill for mobile connections (Android or Apple). Besides, Bitrefill accepts various cryptocurrencies and plans to add new ones! This Bitrefill review proves once again that Bitrefill is a perfect opportunity to spend cryptocurrency usefully and wisely. Follow the news and Ads, pay for goods via debit card and get bonuses!


Is Bitrefill com legit?

The Bitrefill platform is legal. The Bitrefill organization appeared back in 2014 in Sweden. Today it is one of the most reliable platforms for buying digital goods and gift cards of the largest corporations (Amazon and Google Play Store). The site carries out legitimate activities and provides a transparent policy of interaction with people.

How does Bitrefill make money?

It is a well-known platform where everyone can spend cryptocurrency and buy digital assets. Indeed, Bitrefill makes money by selling its services, such as gift card sales and phone refills. By charging cryptocurrency from users, the platform provides them with the opportunity to buy the necessary goods.

Do you pay taxes on Bitrefill?

Bitrefill review showed that the platform does not charge a user tax for services. However, all fees are included in the transaction (approximately 2-3%). There is no other information about taxes on the Bitrefill website. See info about taxes and additional fees in advance. It allows you to avoid difficulties when paying for goods.

How long is Bitrefill?

As already noted, the Swedish startup Bitrefill was created in 2014. The main activity of the platform is services for refilling mobile phones and selling gift cards. Today, Bitrefill attracts the increased attention of the community, being at the forefront in the field of innovation and implementation of new solutions. Once Bitrefill was just an innovative idea (a non-existent startup). However, in seven years, the platform has managed to develop beyond recognition and win the hearts of many people.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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