Exmo Review 

 January 5, 2022

By  Brian Forester

Recently, cryptocurrency trading has begun to gain mass popularity as more and more people have become involved in the crypto industry. Crypto traders are actively promoting the concept of trading cryptocurrencies by creating various crypto exchanges.

The world definitely won’t be the same anymore! Experienced traders and experts predict a greater popularity growth of crypto trading and the rate of Bitcoin and Altcoins. In comparison with fiat currencies, cryptocurrency is intangible (non-physical). You can’t touch it. However, like a fiat currency, cryptos are fungible: one Bitcoin is equal to one Bitcoin. Crypto assets are expensive investments! But if you want to become a part of this promising field, it’s time to start delving into crypto trading!

Today, the most popular British cryptocurrency exchange is Exmo exchange! It is a leading cryptocurrency exchange where customers can find more than 190 digital trading pairs. Exmo online exchange offers various services, such as a spot market, OTC trading desk, and cashback rewards. Here you can buy and sell cryptocurrency on favorable terms. All you need is to purchase cryptos using fiat currency, create a digital wallet, and start trading!

In this Exmo review, you will learn about an Exmo coin (EXM) and how to trade it on any crypto exchange. This Exmo review provides you with comprehensive information about such a cryptocurrency exchange as Exmo and its features. Moreover, you will learn more about deposit and withdrawal methods. This Exmo review will help you evaluate this platform in terms of security and reliability.

Exmo Exchange Review

Exmo is a well-known British cryptocurrency exchange that provides clients with various services. Users who are keen on crypto trading and seek to increase the number of their digital assets highly appreciate this cryptocurrency exchange.

In addition to universal trading services, the Exmo platform offers 190 trading pairs, various deposit methods, and fast wire transfers. Exmo exchange seeks to expand its functionality for VIP clients. What else is unique about this crypto exchange? If you use an Exmo coin (EXM), the platform will provide additional benefits such as cashback rewards and better trading fees.

Thus, if you want to engage in cryptocurrency trading, you need to choose a reliable platform. The Exmo platform is the most suitable site for secure trading. It is such a mini Exmo exchange review. Now that you have learned a little about this British cryptocurrency exchange, it’s time to see its benefits and services.

Exmo Overview: Main Info

Exmo is a popular crypto site located in the United Kingdom (London). The company appeared in 2014, and at the moment, users in more than 200 countries have access to the services of the Exmo exchange. This trading platform is one of the largest trading sites because it has a high daily trading volume (more than $ 24 million). Trade volume is a significant indicator of any cryptocurrency exchange, as it proves trade efficiency. Honestly, this exchange is leading in many parameters, including day trading volume.

By the way, Exmo released its digital token (Exmo coin) in 2019. Customers using the Exmo token, as a rule, receive various benefits: reduced trading fees, cashback rewards, and other bonuses. This trading platform offers users benefits: support for fiat currencies, cash refunds, and an Exmo gift card. The company strives to secure customer funds. Therefore, annually the Exmo site develops new tools to improve client data security.

More Details About Exmo Token

Let’s look at what an Exmo token is. Since the list of cryptocurrencies is updated annually, it would be nice to know some crypto tokens.

Exmo coin is a digital token (ERC-20) designed to increase the loyalty of crypto enthusiasts to the Exmo platform. Thanks to the creation of its token, Exmo exchange has introduced new tools for interacting with customers and has offered people favorable terms for trading tokens.

Below are the benefits that people can get thanks to the Exmo token:

  • Increased referral payments
  • Various bonuses
  • Reduced trading fees
  • Instant transfer funds
  • Increased spending limits
  • Simplified purchase of new crypto coins
  • Getting additional cashback

To buy this Exmo token, go to the official website and choose a digital trading pair. Also, select the type of order and token, and click the “Buy” button. After completing these actions, you will receive Exmo coins! By the way, the company wants to add new features with a token. For instance, it can be a discount on the payment of fees from margin trading, obtaining advantages when mining cryptocurrencies, or the trading experience from the best traders.

The company has a promising future! Moreover, the Exmo platform has a high rating among other exchanges. Therefore, listen to the following investment advice: do not wait for the right time; use the opportunities right now!

Best Exmo Features

Many people appreciate the Exmo site because it provides various services and functions. Consider all the options that you, as a potential client, can use on the Exmo site.

Main features:

  • Support for fiat currencies to deposit or withdraw funds
  • Multiple payment options
  • The simple and user-friendly interface of the website
  • More than 200 trading pairs that users can buy using cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies
  • Exclusive service for over-the-counter trading
  • Convenient mobile app for fast trading
  • Improved trades mode
  • Regulated cryptocurrency exchange with other users
  • Excellent customer support email service
  • Providing multiple languages on the website
  • Online chat facility to get help from the customer support team

Thus, the Exmo site is a universal platform that offers customers various services. Thanks to the extended functionality, the Exmo exchange has a lot of positive reviews.

Exmo Services And Offers For Customers

1) OTC Desk

In addition to the usual cryptocurrency trading, the Exmo site offers customers an over-the-counter trading platform. This site is designed for institutional traders who make transactions for more than $ 100000. Since these are large transactions, professional brokers make them in the shortest possible time. To use this service, fill out an application on the official website.

2) Regulated Exchange Of Fiat Currencies

Exmo exchange allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using traditional currency (dollars or euros). Traders note that Exmo is an excellent exchange, as more than 190 digital trading pairs are collected here. A trading fee varies depending on the specific transaction. Learn more about trading fees in the following sections.

3) Gift Cards

Not so long ago, at the end of 2020, Exmo exchange developed its gift card. This gift card allows exchange users to transfer funds between clients. This feature makes it easier to make many transactions.

4) Voting and Cashback

As already noted, Exmo strives to create trusting relationships with its customers. For this reason, the Exmo service has implemented a voting function. This feature allows users to vote for the adoption of new projects or currencies. In addition, users with a high level of trading can receive up to 70 percent in trading fees as part of the cashback program.

5) Improved Mobile App

Another advantage of the Exmo site is a universal and intuitive mobile app. All users who trade on the Exmo site can download the mobile app and take advantage of its features. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

6) VIP Offers

Many users note the usefulness of such a function as IP recognition and API, designed for cross-platform trading bots. Also, the Exmo site offers such services for VIP clients as professional consultations on trading, increased spending limits, corporate accounts, and reduced trading fees. All these functions prove the reliability of the platform!

List Of Supported Countries

As a rule, users from more than 200 countries can trade on the Exmo site and use its services! This small cryptocurrency exchange has established itself as a reliable and secure service. People from different parts of the world trust the Exmo site and trade cryptocurrencies here. The starting point for creating trusting relationships with users is a transparent Exmo policy.

However, there are countries where it is prohibited to use an Exmo site for trading. Check out this list:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • Egypt
  • Pakistan
  • Panama
  • Cuba
  • Cote D’Ivoire
  • Syria
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Other countries

Using Various Payment And Deposit Methods

Exmo service is an advanced platform for trading Bitcoins and Altcoins. Since the global industry average of digital trading is high, Exmo and other crypto exchanges are developing rapidly. Therefore, now is the time to start investing in cryptocurrency. Let’s look at which Exmo site offers payment methods for its customers.

Firstly, if you go to the Exmo website, you will see more than 50 cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale! You can trade Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can use the EXM digital token to get additional benefits.

Secondly, clients can trade various traditional currencies: US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, and other currencies. As for the payment method, you can use the following offers:

  • MasterCard and Visa credit cards
  • Wire transfer via bank account
  • SEPA
  • SWIFT for the deposit USD
  • Advcash and Payeer

Thus, the Exmo website has an interactive tool for choosing the traditional currency and various deposit methods. Thanks to such a wide range of options, the Exmo service expands its customer base and strengthens its position among other crypto platforms.

Charging Trading Fees

The Exmo service has developed a universal schedule for charging fees. According to this schedule, the higher your trading volume, the lower the withdrawal and deposit fees. If your trade indicator is below $ 100, the trading fee is equal to 0.4%.

If you only want to buy cryptocurrency, you can do it with a quick exchange at the exchange rate. But for this service, the platform will charge you up to 4%. For users who want to withdraw funds, the flat trading fee is 0.0004 BTC (this withdrawal fee is lower than the global industry average).

Limits Policy

Despite the various functions, the Exmo site also introduces limits on the purchase of cryptos. These limits depend on the purchase method and other factors. For instance, if you want to buy Bitcoin with USD, euros, or Tether, only 1000 units are available for purchase. If you want to buy Ripple coins, you can purchase up to five million units.

It is better to consider all these limits before using the platform’s services. Do not forget that each trading site dictates its own rules for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Therefore, try to read all the conditions carefully.

Quick Support Service

The Exmo service provides excellent customer support! Firstly, you can see the frequently asked questions section on the exchange’s website and find an answer to your questions. Secondly, a support chat is available for users to provide immediate assistance. You can write to the customer service rep. If you want to contact the staff by email, you can write a letter. You can find the contacts on the website!

It is worth noting that users rate the quality of the customer support service highly. Honestly, you can see many positive reviews about the Exmo service on the website.

How To Register On The Website

To use the services of the Exmo site, you must perform the following actions:

  • Go to the official Exmo website
  • Click the “Create Exmo account” button and fill in all the information
  • Click “Register”
  • Activate your account via email

By the way, the Exmo website also requests account verification. To enhance the security of your account, you can also pass address verification and enable two-factor authentication. This process is optional, but it will help you secure your accounts and assets from hacking.

Final Words

Thus, the Exmo site is the leading British platform for buying or selling cryptocurrency. The Exmo service has several advantages and provides extensive services: gift cards, VIP conditions, convenient and fast payments, and universal trades mode.

However, there are also some disadvantages. For instance, there are limits on the wire transfer of funds and the impossibility of margin trading. On the other hand, all these disadvantages are not comparable with the advantages of еру Exmo service. Being a successful crypto project, Exmo continues to break records in the crypto market!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is EXMO reliable?

Definitely! The Exmo service is reliable and secure! On the website, there is ID verification and two-factor account protection. Thanks to a well-thought-out data protection scheme, your funds are always safe. The Exmo company conducts a transparent policy of interaction with customers.

Is EXMO Wallet safe?

The Exmo site strives to secure the assets of its customers. For all the time of the company’s activity, there have been no violations and hacks of the digital wallet. The Exmo wallet is secure.

How do I withdraw money from EXMO?

If you want to withdraw money, go to the official website and select the “Withdraw money” option. You need to choose a payment method and transfer money to a bank account. Keep in mind that the platform charges a withdrawal fee depending on the transfer amount.

How do you trade on EXMO?

The Exmo site provides extensive services for trading crypto assets. You need to create an account, enter all the data, and add funds. After completing all the steps, you can start trading on the platform.

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