Changenow Review: Valuable Platform For Crypto Trading 

 December 17, 2021

By  Brian Forester

The crypto industry is the most promising area of our time! More and more people are involved in digitalization and the crypto world. Besides, new cryptocurrency exchanges appear on the Internet every year, and these platforms allow users of the blockchain network to trade digital currency and exchange it for fiat currencies.

Crypto enthusiasts believe that digital assets are our future! Our world has already become digital, and therefore, to keep up with the times, people need to follow trends.

In this Changenow review, you will learn what the Changenow exchange is and what advantages it has. This Changenow review will help you learn more about crypto coins and trading online sites, especially about the advantages of the Changenow exchange.

Brief Description of The Changenow Exchange

Let’s look at what the Changenow platform is! This Changenow review will explain why people should pay attention to this online service.

Changenow platform is a crypto exchange that allows users to exchange cryptos and fiat currency. Indeed, it is a reliable crypto-to-crypto exchange where you can buy digital currency. A feature of this cryptocurrency exchange platform is that people can make transactions anonymously. No one will know the data about the buyer or the seller. You may choose not to disclose personal information.

The company has established itself as a reliable crypto exchange because users can exchange cryptocurrencies quickly and safely. The online service offers simple exchange solutions through its website, mobile app, or Telegram bot.

It is worth noting that if you are a large trader, you should use another online exchange. Unfortunately, you may face high withdrawal fees or exchange fees on this cryptocurrency exchange.

It is a brief overview of the information about this platform. Below is more detailed info about the activities of this service and its features.

Perfect Crypto Exchange

The CHN Group Limited, Changenow, located in Seychelles (Changenow International LTD), has been operating since 2017. The platform offers a wide range of services. The company has several subsidiary offices in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and seeks to strengthen its position in the crypto market.

Moreover, the company seeks to expand partnerships with companies producing digital wallets and fiat payment systems. The company does have reliable exchange partners who help Changenow’s service to scale. Changenow created its digital token called NOW, which exists on the blockchain Ether and BSC.

Changenow Services And Best Offers

All people can use the services of this platform through its website, Telegram bot, and mobile app. The exchange service does not require account creation, and that’s why transactions are anonymous.

As a rule, people can remain anonymous users. However, if you use fiat to crypto purchases, you will have to do it not anonymously. This platform has a user-friendly website and interactive navigation through sections. People can easily exchange digital assets directly on the website, and all they need is a secure wallet. Many exchange users appreciate this platform for the speed of the transaction (a couple of minutes). It is an excellent feature of the online service. Some trades may take up to 50 minutes. The company Changenow offers its customers to use of a convenient mobile app. Telegram bot works similarly: open the service, select assets, and exchange them. Usually, this process does not take much time!

Changenow claims to be a non-custodial service! What does it mean? Non-custodial service is a platform that does not store users’ crypto tokens. It is a vital point. Customers only need to deposit all the funds to Changenow’s wallet and make an exchange. As soon as you make a cryptocurrency exchange, your funds will be transferred to another user. Thus, your crypto wallet will remain empty. Also, specify the recipient wallet address when sending funds so that your wallet address is linked to another one.

An excellent advantage of this service is built-in functionality to wallets like Guarda. Guarda users can use the Changenow wallet option, which allows them to quickly make currency swaps without having to transact outside their cryptocurrency wallet.

Moreover, the company provides users with the best industry exchange rates by choosing the best price on crypto platforms (Binance, Kucoin and other services).

Thus, this service is one of the best! If you have never used the functionality of this platform, it’s time to start. You only need to specify the wallet address and make a transaction. Everything is simple and easy.

Blockchain Transaction Fees

Another significant aspect to consider when choosing a crypto exchange is transaction fees. As a rule, this platform conducts a transparent interaction policy with customers. All network fees are listed on the website, and the platform does not charge any hidden fees for depositing or withdrawing funds.

Below are the exchange rates that you can see on the website (in comparison with the market exchange rate):

  • 1 BTC on Changenow platform = 14 ETH
  • 1 BTC (market exchange rate) = 14,5 ETH

It follows that the exchange rate on the Changenow service is more expensive by 1.1 percent. For fast trades, such a rate is insignificant. However, if you make a large transfer, this fixed rate is high.

Limits, Security, And Reliability

The crypto industry is developing rapidly. Many people, celebrities, and large companies are eager to invest in this profitable business. However, investing in cryptocurrency always involves risks. You can lose your funds or face hacking. Although many exchanges try to strengthen the security of user data, hackers often break into crypto wallets and steal people’s data.

As for instant exchanges on this platform, all transactions are secure. The company tries to expand its functionality to ensure the security of customer data. This platform is more secure than many other centralized cryptocurrency services.

For instance, you don’t need to store digital assets on the platform. Also, you do not need to create an account and enter personal data. You can remain an anonymous user.

The platform recommends using the following crypto wallets to exchange crypto assets and fiat currencies:

  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • Atomic Wallet
  • Bittrex
  • Binance

By the way, most users note the reliability of this service. You can view positive reviews about the work of the platform. The company has established itself as a successful and reliable platform that does everything possible for its customers. The platform has an impressive rating, unlike other crypto exchanges.

Changenow offers limitless swaps: you can trade as much as you want. The platform does not limit users in trading, and it is a huge plus of this service! However, if it comes to fiat money, the trading limit per day will be $20 000, and per month will be $50 000.

Crypto Payments

Changenow is an innovative and easy-to-use online site! Everyone who has ever used the services of this platform was satisfied.

This platform is the best find for many people since the service supports about 250 cryptocurrencies and several thousand trading pairs. This indicator is much higher than that of other crypto services. You can trade BTC, Litecoin, ETH, and other Altcoins. Besides, customers can make bank card purchases using debit card Visa and debit card MasterCard, but the transaction and withdrawal fees will be enormous!

How To Trade Crypto Assets

Primarily, remember that this platform is a non-custodial site! To make quick transactions or instant payments, you do not need to create an account and store crypto assets on your wallet all the time.

As a rule, when trading cryptocurrencies, you should consider market volatility and understand investments. Unfortunately, if you are a beginner to the crypto sphere and have never bought a cryptocurrency before, familiarize yourself in advance with all the subtleties of crypto trading. It will allow you to avoid risks and loss of money.

To successfully exchange a cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website and view the exchange rate
  • Send funds to your crypto wallet by linking the wallet address and deposit address to the platform
  • Wait until the service sends you favorable offers on deals
  • Exchange crypto assets at a classic or fixed rate
  • Pay the network fee

It is a step-by-step instruction on using the exchange service on the Changenow website. If you follow this instruction, you will get your crypto assets quickly.

Supported Countries

This crypto platform is available almost all over the world! To use the services of this online platform, you only need a computer or a phone with Internet access. Residents and residents from the following countries cannot trade cryptocurrencies – Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Syria, Bolivia, the USA, Bangladesh.

Unfortunately, all of the above countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Syria, the USA, Bangladesh) fall under the sanctions policy of the UN Security Council, and, therefore, users from these countries cannot trade through the Changenow service. There are more than 28 languages on the website (you can choose the appropriate one).

Customer Support Team

As noted earlier, the Changenow service is an excellent online platform for trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. If you visit the website of this exchange, you will make sure that the website is easy to use. There are no confusing schedules, intrusive ads, and banners. The trading scheme is quite simple: select crypto assets, send funds to the recipient’s Bitcoin address and wait for the exchange.

The customer support team is impressive! If you have any questions or difficulties, the customer support service will always help you solve the problems. Besides, there is a frequently asked questions section on the website, where each user can find an answer to the question. You can also use the online chat function and send an email message.

Using A Referral Program

It is worth noting the referral program of the Changenow platform. It is a program in which users who have recommended the Changenow service to friends receive a reward. It is a convenient interchange. Thanks to the partner program, the company gets new customers, and users receive bonuses. By the way, users can get 0.4 percent of the transaction of the new user they recommended.

Advantages And Drawbacks

Let’s look at the main advantages of the Changenow service!

  • Fast exchange

This advantage sets the Changenow website apart from other platforms. We don’t like to fill out the registration request form. Remember how much time the account creation process usually takes. The Changenow service is an innovative and convenient platform. Therefore, you do not need to specify anything about yourself and register an account.

  • No need to store assets

We have already talked a lot about this feature of the Changenow platform. It is worth adding that thanks to this option, users minimize the risks of hacking and loss of crypto funds. This feature serves as an excellent security tool.

  • The service supports 200 cryptocurrencies and 13000 trading pairs

Within this trading platform, users swap cryptos. The platform supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies and a lot of trading pairs, and that’s why you can exchange BTC, Litecoins, and other Altcoins.

  • Convenient apps and Telegram bot

The platform has Android and iOS apps. These apps are easy to use and have a modern design and convenient navigation. The Telegram bot is also designed for cryptocurrency trading.

  • Buying assets with a bank debit card (or credit card)

If you want to buy cryptocurrency using a debit or credit card, you can do it on the Changenow platform. The service cooperates with Simplex, and therefore users can purchase funds through Visa or MasterCard cards. However, keep in mind that the transaction fee will be high.

Besides, the platform supports various digital wallets. The only drawback of the service is that it does not support all fiat currencies. Keep this feature in mind when exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat money.

Info About NOW Token

This platform aims to take a firm position in the crypto market. For this reason, the company created the crypto token called NOW. The service conducts the burning of NOW tokens every quarter. This process will continue until the NOW token supply reaches 100 000 000. Thanks to the development of its asset, the Changenow platform is becoming more and more popular!

Conclusion: Changenow Site

To sum up, the Changenow platform is gaining popularity has success in the crypto industry. Many users appreciate this service for the ability to make a cryptocurrency exchange quickly and anonymously. This crypto service offers users an unlimited exchange of crypto tokens. Besides, the platform supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies and 13000 trading pairs, which makes this service valuable.

However, the platform also charges various fees. If you want to make a large trade, it is better to use the services of another exchange (it’s investment advice). The company is promising as it integrates with third-party digital wallets and payment systems. If you haven’t used the options of this platform yet, it’s time to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Changenow Legit?

Yes, the Changenow platform is legit and reliable. Firstly, the company is expanding the functionality of the crypto service, seeking to protect user data from fraudsters. Secondly, the service provides anonymous transactions. Users can not worry about the legality of the transaction since all processes occur safely.

Is Changenow Secure?

The Changenow service is secure because it does not require users to register and provide personal data or a private key. All transactions are anonymous. Besides, the platform does not require the storage of crypto assets. This feature allows users to minimize the risks of hacking and loss of large amounts of money.

Where Is Changenow Located?

Company Changenow is located at Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Seychelles. The company also has subsidiary offices in Amsterdam. Since the company has established itself as a reliable partner, it seeks to expand its activities and network of offices.

Brian Forester

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