Best crypto password managers 

 December 3, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Cryptocurrencies are well-known for their security, in fact, security is one of the main reasons why people chose to invest in Crypto alongside the possibility of huge financial gain. However, all the clever security of sensitive data that Cryptocurrencies provide can be useless because, in the end, everything depends on the secure password and here a lot of people make mistakes that cost them money.

The problem is that most users prefer not to bother themself with password management and use something very easy like birth date or ZIP code. They use such a password with every site they use and indeed a password made in such a way would be easy to remember. However, it would be also easy to breach.

If you managed to create a password that would be secure enough you must store it somewhere so you have to use one of the password managers. A password manager can provide you with storage of strong passwords that would be hard to breach so you will not have to worry about your Crypto.

Nevertheless, currently, in the world of password managers, anyone can find a lot of them usually for their services you have to pay money, however, some managers have some free versions with limited possibilities, also we can find some free password managers. And because of the abundance of password managers, that now exist it is a very hard task to make the right choice with the password manager. But you do not have to worry, this article shall help you because we spent some time on research and we can give you advice on how they work and which of them it is better to buy.

Passwords 101

As we have said above, most people use password managers in order to save site credentials because they do not like to use the same password for different sites and therefore they can not possibly memorize all of them.

And most password managers provide clients with this option, moreover in case if you have different logging credentials for the same site a password manager can save all of them. Furthermore, some password managers provide a possibility to install a browser bar with saved logging that which you can use to directly go for a chosen site.

Moreover, a fair amount of password managers which we have researched have a very convenient feature of automatical capture of passwords that you create for websites which is a very convenient feature. In fact, for security reasons, it would be better not to use managers without such a feature.

Before getting your passwords to a password manager you have to check the passwords that you will use for weaknesses, also you have to avoid duplicates. Some password managers can even detect weak passwords and identify them.

In addition, some password manager apps check whether or not you enabled two-factor authentication and whether or not your personal data is used on this website.

Another interesting feature of most password managers possibility to create a strong password with a password generator. So, you do not have to think half of an hour to create a password and to remember it. You only have to check whether or not this password is 20 characters long and includes all kinds of symbols and characters.

Moreover, you should not forget that besides managing passwords a dedicated password manager should be able to automatically fill personal data on all your online accounts. This data can be:

  • Last and first name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Bank account information
  • Credit card details
  • Passport number
  • Phone number

Now, when you know what is a password manager and what it can do besides secure password sharing we can jump into our list of top password managers.


The first password manager on our list is Roboform which is a well-established manager that exist on the market for a prolonged period of time. Like other password managers, Roboform can generate passwords through its password generator, and it can store all your passwords in secure file storage.

Moreover, using a password manager like Roboform you can autofill forms online. Furthermore, this manager also has a browser extension that can help you to access different sites very fast because it automatically fills all logins and complex passwords.

Roboform is a cloud-based password manager so it can be accessed from different devices. The security of all your passwords on the Roboform is guaranteed by the use of one master password that you should memorize by heart if you do not want all the passwords to be sold somewhere on the dark web.

In general, customers are pretty satisfied with the Roboform and it has great reviews on most of the specialized platforms. And the price of almost 24$ per year is quite affordable.


Now let us talk about LastPass, a pretty interesting and secure manager and it can be considered to be the most popular password manager on the internet right now. The secret of the high subscription rates of this manager lies in the fact that it can be considered almost as a free password manager because all main functions that can be assigned to password management are free, so you do not have to pay anything for encrypted file storage, auto-filling of forms and compatibility with different devices, few password managers offer all these features for free.

Moreover, LastPass works with all the main operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and for all of them, it is quite optimized. Also, LastPass has very interesting functions such as password sharing. This function allows you to send an email to a person who needs to use your account for whatever reason may be, and this email would allow this person to use your account but without exposing your stored passwords.

The next advantage of LastPass effectively eliminates the main problem of Roboform and many other providers of password management software which is the problem of the master password. This problem lies in the fact that if someone stole your master password they can get all your passwords for all your accounts. However, with LastPass, you would not encounter such a problem because it uses google two-factor authentication so even if someone knows the master password they can not steal your data.

Moreover, you can install multi-factor authentication to a flash drive, and as a result, authentification would be possible only if the flashcard is in the device.

Nevertheless, despite all of these advantages, and the fact that it has a good free version LastPass has one huge problem that is the price because 35$ per year of subscription make LastPass one of the most expensive password security managers on the market.


Moving on ahead on our list of best password managers we came to Daslane a relatively new yet already secure password manager that currently gaining momentum on the market. Dashlana has a fair amount of interesting features that can attract new customers.

For example, despite the ability to manage passwords, Dashlane is able to act as a digital wallet because it can save all the different methods of digital payment that you like to use, so they will always be in a one-click away from you.

Another great function of Dashlane is the automatic change of passwords. This feature allows you to set a time frame within which Dashlane has to automatically change passwords on the selected platforms. Also, Dashlane has the ability to add an emergency contact. So, you can mention the person who would get access to your passwords in case if something bad will happen to you in the future.

Moreover, Dashlane is able to work with browser extensions, has a password generation system and function to share passwords. Also, it can work with all the operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android. And if you do not want to pay the whole price from the start Dashlane has a pretty robust free version. However, all these great features come with an expensive price of almost 40$ per year.


Now is the time to talk about Trezor that is not a usual password manager with some browser extensions and other usual functions. It is a manager created by the same developers who created a bitcoin wallet that is also called Trezor and this manager comes with this wallet and is already open for beta testing.

This manager uses advanced cryptography to protect the passwords of Trezor’s clients and despite the use of very complicated cryptography, this manager can be used by everyone regardless of the digital experience.

In a very simple way, you can encrypt your passwords with your Trezor device, which in turn will send information to the cloud server so you can access information from another computer or mobile devices.

The main advantage of Trezor is the fact that like LastPass it holds passwords securely because it in fact does not have a master password problem because the Trezor device acts like two-factor Authentication so your passwords can be seen only in case if Trezor is connected to your device.

The passwords are saved on dropbox or google drive, both of these providers are not 100% secured, but even if someone hacked them it still would be impossible to see the passwords because of encryption.

Trezor can be considered the most secured password manager currently on the market. However, such a great level of security is not without setbacks. Firstly, you will always have to have a Trezor device with you in case if you want to change the data. Secondly, Trezor does not have some convenient features of other managers such as password sharing or auto changing of passwords.

Speaking of price, the billing model with Trezor is a bit different, because you do not have to pay for the services each month or year like with usual paid password managers because, in fact, these services are for free. However, you will have to buy a Trezor device which costs 99 dollars.


If previous services that we discussed on our list of the best password managers usually have only a limited free version the next service executes password management completely for free, but at the same time, this service is the most different from already mentioned above.

Keepass allows you to store all passwords on your own device in an encrypted password vault which gives a pretty high level of security, especially for free users. Also, besides the ability to store passwords it has all the useful features of paid services such as share of passwords and auto-filling of forms.

However, as it usually happens with other open-source services it has a not so convenient user interface and in general, is not so easy to understand. It works through the desktop app so you will not have to use some annoying browsers like internet explorer to get to your password manager account.

So, in general, Keepass can be a great option for an experienced user who wants to save a few bucks on paid services.


The last manager on this list is a NordPass which was created by the developers of the Nord VPN and NordLocker and the main advantage of this manager is the fact that it is very user-friendly and in general, it is a very versatile password manager which stores passwords in an encrypted vault.

Also, it has some unique features like biometric authentication as well as multi-factor authentication. Moreover, NordPass is able to provide you with dark web monitoring that can find some data breaches and will tell you whether your data were stolen.

As any good manager, NordPass works through desktop apps and is compatible with the most popular browsers such as chrome, firefox, safari. NordPass has a pretty good free version, however, the price for the full pack is also quite affordable just 1.5$ per month.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which Password Manager is the strongest?

Password management is in itself a very complicated task with a very long list of considerations, so it is hard to say which password managers store data better than others. However, in our humble opinion, Trezor can be considered to be the strongest because it is tied to a real-world object which is always great for digital security.

Which password managers have been hacked?

In fact, almost all managers could have some data breaches because they contain a lot of data which is very attractive to the dark web, and what is more important is that losses of such data can not be always blamed on them because users a liable for most breaches due to the fact that they do not follow all the advice. Moreover, providers prefer not to disclose information about such breaches.

What is better than LastPass?

LastPass is a well-established player on the market of password management and still, it can afford some exclusive and convenient features for its clients. However, you can not be the best in everything so we would say that KeePass is better in terms of economy and Trezor is better in terms of security.

Is NordPass safe?

In the world of password management, NordPass is one of the biggest players not only because the password management that they provide is very convenient and the price is quite appalling but also because the security of NordPass is on the top level due to innovative encryption and robust authentication.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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