Bitcoinqt: Best Open-Source Software 

 December 13, 2021

By  Brian Forester

More and more people have become interested in digitalization, cryptocurrency, and other digital assets. If no one believed in Bitcoin ten years ago, today, users buy it for a lot of money.

Bitcoin is a digital intangible currency. Nobody can touch Bitcoin, as it is non-fiat money. Cryptocurrencies are electronic monetary units that are generated by computer networks and are used in the digital sphere.

In addition to the development of Bitcoin, developers come up with multi-functional software, mining equipment, and other items. For example, Wladimir J. van der Laan has developed an excellent Bitcoin-Qt software for an open-source Bitcoin client. Thus, the digital world requires innovations and new ideas.

In this article, you will learn what Bitcoin-Qt is, how to use it, and how it works. Moreover, you will find out what the Bitcoin blockchain is and how you can make transactions.

What Is Bitcoin Core?

Today, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the most expensive digital currency. The Bitcoin exchange rate has grown significantly since 2017. Back in August 2017, the market value of Bitcoin was about $ 5000, today Bitcoin is worth $ 64544!

Many developers are constantly increasingly creating new software for clients of the Bitcoin blockchain. Among the software, Bitcoin Core (or Bitcoin-Qt) occupies a strong position.

Bitcoin-Qt is a client program for connecting to the Bitcoin network. Besides, it is a digital Bitcoin wallet where all user data and funds are stored. When installing Bitcoin-Qt, you become part of the network, and your equipment becomes the storage of a copy of the blockchain. However, keep in mind that it takes up a large amount of memory on the computer hard drive and requires a lot of computing power.

The developer created Bitcoin-Qt based on Satoshi Nakamoto’s original reference client code with an improved graphical user interface. Let me remind you that Satoshi Nakamoto is the mysterious creator of the Bitcoin protocol. This person released the original software in 2008, updating the previous version every year.

Today web specialists (who are paid by the Bitcoin Foundation) support and use this software. To download Bitcoin-Qt, go to the official Bitcoin website and click the relevant button. Here you can choose any version. You will find the source code on the website Github.

How To Use Bitcoin-Qt

Bitcoin Core is a non-stop developing cryptocurrency wallet that supports BTC exclusively. The wallet is suitable for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. It belongs to the category of “thick” wallets and is its most popular representative.

Firstly, you need to download the latest version of the app from the official Bitcoin website, suitable for your computer’s operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS).

When you launch the app, specify the path for storing the blockchain and the file with the user’s wallet. There is a prerequisite: 350 GB of free hard drive memory. Also, in addition to the blockchain size specified in the application window, at least 30 more backup gigabytes are needed. All these gigabytes will ensure the smooth operation of Bitcoin Core, as the weight of the network is steadily increasing.

As a rule, after completing the above steps, the synchronization of the wallet client with the network address will automatically begin. Honestly, this process takes several days, and it all depends on the width of the Internet connection channel, Bitcoin protocol, and the computer’s workload.

During synchronization, the app window will display the progress in percentages and the date of the last downloaded block-chain. Remember that due to the incomplete loading of the transaction, the wallet balance won’t be correct. For this reason, users cannot send BTC.

Special Functions Of Bitcoin-Qt

After downloading Bitcoin-Qt, you will see several settings that will help you in your work. Let’s look at the main parameters of Bitcoin Core, located in the “Options” section.

  • Main settings: Auto-run of the app at system startup, changing the data directory
  • Wallet: Managing coins and using inputs in an outgoing transaction
  • Network: for the normal functioning of the app as a node and synchronization with the network, there must be a check-mark in the “Allow incoming connections” line
  • Tab: You can configure the rules for minimizing the app and displaying it in the system tray
  • Display: Changing the localization of the app via the “User graphical interface language” drop-down menu, transaction settings, viewing Bitcoin details

Users need to read all the instructions of the Bitcoin-Qt carefully. It will allow the application to work quickly and accept blockchain files without bugs.

Transactions and Bitcoin Address

Creating a new HTTPS address is not that difficult. Use the “Get” function. Specify a name for the new wallet to make it easier to distinguish it from others. In the “Quantity” point, specify the amount if you create the address to request payment of a specific size from someone.

You can also contribute a data directory, view client source code and make transactions. You will have a QR code with the encrypted HTTPS address.

After creation, all new wallets get into the “Payment Request History.” Bitcoin Core checks all nodes to enhance the security of client storage. After transferring funds, Bitcoin-Qt automatically deletes the wallet. As a rule, all parameters and settings of the splash screen in Bitcoin Core are optional.


Bitcoin-Qt is an excellent app for any Bitcoin blockchain user. After the launch of version 0.9.0, Bitcoin-Qt became known as Bitcoin Core. It happened due to the separation of the client code from the GUI (graphical interface).

On the official website, you can download the desired version of the app for Windows. It is worth noting that the Bitcoin Core code is a reference client that defines the Bitcoin protocol. Other Bitcoin clients try to match the system, including any bugs. Bitcoin Core is the best choice for any task in the field of cryptocurrency!


What is Bitcoin-QT EXE?

It is an executable file extension belonging to Bitcoin Core. It is a significant element when downloading Bitcoin-Qt on Windows or other operating systems. Be careful when deleting it. Keep in mind that sometimes the Bitcoin-Qt EXE process uses a lot of CPU. If it is a malicious app, it can also run in the background.

How do I upgrade Bitcoin to QT?

To update the Bitcoin client, you need to create a backup for the digital storage. You can find this file in the data directory. After that, install the new version in the usual way. You can download the last version of the application on the official website.

Who created Bitcoin Core?

The creator of this app is Vladimir van der Laan. He used the original Bitcoin reference, improving the user interface. Today, many developers associated with the Bitcoin Foundation company use this Bitcoin client app.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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