Antminer S15 Review 

 July 18, 2021

By  Brian Forester

Mining crypto has become part and parcel of the modern discourse, and it keeps expanding! This article covers answers to questions about the benefits and drawbacks of using the miner whose name is Antminer S15. The maximum hash rate of the model is 28 TH. It has high energy efficiency. Bitmain released the device in November 2018 and since then it has collected a lot of different reviews. Well, let’s see how fair they are.

This review will reveal to you the main issues about the product, such as:

  1. Performance of this asic miner
  2. Its algorithm and operating modes
  3. Where to buy the S15 model
  4. FAQs on Antminer s15

Power Consumption of Antminer S15

Let us take a look at the innovations concerned:

  • Antminer S15, like its counterpart T15 miner, runs on the SHA-256 algorithm. The main advantage of the device is that it has increased power efficiency. In the series of Bitmain miners, this is the first model that goes on 7 nm chip process, which requires less energy when working. It is important to consider the power consumption of the miner since you will deduct the monthly electricity fee from the crypto income. W 7 power efficiency allows you to spend less on electricity with high miner performance than previous models. For example, the previous Antminer S9 runs at 16nm but produces about half as much hashrate.
  • Bitmain antminer S15, unlike previous products, has a built-in power supply. You now do not have to buy it separately from the same Bitmain or another company, besides, suitable a suitable external power supply may be out of stock. The design of Antminer s15 reduces the cost of the device (due to a reduction in import tax), as well as simplifies installation and maintenance. Thanks to the built-in power supply, a minimum of wires just insert a power cord into a power outlet and bring the control board. It remains only to configure the software and connect the ip address to start mining.
  • The third difference between it and its predecessors also concerns power consumption and energy saving. These are two modes, namely high-performance mode and energy-saving mode. The user can adjust the performance of the miner depending on the best ratio of costs and purchases. It turns out that the low power mode is more productive. Temperature condition is 25 degrees for both modes (To monitor the operation of devices, users buy ethernet temperature sensors).
  • Another innovation concerns the maintenance of the temperature condition and the design of the device. Unlike the structure of similar miners, the back of this device is directly in contact with the heat sinks. This solution increases the efficiency of heat transfer when operating in both modes. In short, the power consumption of this device is the key to successful mining, because the user can earn more in one time and spend less on electricity tariffs. Bitmain Antminer S15 28th reduces costs with w 7 power efficiency and two productivity modes. Now let’s see in detail how it works.

Bitmain Antminer S15 28th Productivity

In the low power mode, the miner produces maximum hash rate of 18 TH/s, and in the high performance mode it reaches up to 28 TH/s hash rate. In the energy saving mode, the miner saves 700 watts, so as a result, you get a profit in the ratio of spending on electricity and profit in bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. When calculating TH/s, the cost of electricity and bitcoin, and other additional data, you understand that the miner is more efficient in a reduced performance mode. Although the device has the dual-fan parallel cooling fans, use the equipment under temperature condition from 5 to 35 degrees. Keep reading the review to understand these calculations and make them yourself.

To determine the final estimated income, use our Calculator. This program takes into account increase or decrease in the value of Bitcoin and mining difficulty, so that you get up-to-date data for mining. So you don’t need to research the services to determine the actual value of the coins. Just enter your data, such as the hash rate of Bitcoin mining, specify additional expenses for electricity. Taking into account the current BTC / USD Exchange Rate, the calculator will determine the result (displayed in dollars).

When you use the Antminer s15 in high performance mode, the device consumes almost 1600 watts and produces maximum hashrate of 28 TH/s. With the calculation of our counter, there is a profit, but it is insignificant considering the costs. The cost and difficulty of bitcoin will make your mining relatively successful, but you can demand more. To recoup this asic in high-performance mode, you will have to make a great number of transactions.

The results of the calculations for the energy-saving mode are much more impressive. Even if this Bitmain miner brings less coins, you spend significantly less electricity when it is not working at full capacity! According to the final ratio, mining in the energy saving mode is much more profitable, and I give my preferences to this schedule. Indeed, power consumption can be considered the best advantage of Antminer S15.

Payback Period of S15

So, it’s time to compare the pros and cons of the miner in our review. Among all the other asic miners for Bitcoin mining, which were released in 2018 and before, the device from Bitmain is distinguished by an effective power consumption. This miner shows the best hash rate (up to 28 TH/s) in high performance mode, however, as the calculations prove, the miner works more productively in reduced mode.

Per month, the s15 miner allows you to earn about $ 15 with my IP address. With an average miner cost of about $ 1,400, the user will need almost 8 years to reach zero after buying this product from a Chinese company. Of course, it is possible to allow significant shifts in the crypto market – for example, a strong increase in Bitcoin price. Or the electric power in your area is so cheap that you can afford a profitable calculation of the use of the S15 for fruitful mining. Read the reviews and newsletter about mining, not to leave!

However, these are all hard-to-accept corrections. Under the current circumstances, the payback of S15 is not attractive for professional mining, let’s be honest. It takes a very long time to wait for a net profit. During this period, a number of new mining products of different power appear on the crypto stock. Among the variety of ASIC custom chips, the price of the S15 product, for all its advantages, does not seem so adequate. Even when S15 was first released, its hash rate did not really satisfy users of crypto services. Although at that time it took only 8 months to recoup the miner, reviews more often spoke about the low performance of the device.


Is the Antminer S15 Worth Buying?

In the field of modern miners and bitcoin services, S15 looks a bit outdated. It’s worth buying if you can purchase it at a reduced price. For professional and permanent mining, the device is hardly suitable today. Subscribe to the newsletter to learn about the novelties in the crypto market.

What is the Hash Rate of S15?

The hash rate in full-power mode is 28 TH/h, in reduced mode it is 18 TH/s. Among all modern mining products, these are not very high indicators, given the energy consumption of the device.

What are the Specifications?

The size of the device is 24x18x30 cm, its weight is about 7 kg. The size of the box is 49x37x39 cm. The product is delivered in a box and in packaging material. The availability of a power cable depends on the configuration. The weight of the device in the package is slightly more than the bare weight. The miner goes on a 7nm chip process, and the temperature condition is 25 degrees.

Where to buy S15?

If you read some reviews and still decide to buy the S15, look for the device on Amazon or another large stock. Otherwise, you will have to wait for Bitmain to release t he next batch of devices, and they may be at a different price.

Brian Forester

Brian is an experienced journalist and crypto enthusiast. Founder of CryptoCurry - famed for his insightful input on the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

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