This Crypto Donates And Saves Lives of Hurricane Harvey Victims

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This crypto is saving lives!

Hurricane Harvey is a tropical cyclone that is causing unprecedented and catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas. The hurricane is one of the strongest hurricanes that has ever struck US and has affected the life of many.

But this crypto is making a change.

Danny Sessoms, co-host of the Crypto Show, which is sponsored by the Dash network, is leading a relief operation for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Port Aransas, Texas. As part of this effort, Sessoms deployed a flat-bottomed boat for water rescue, including prominent Dash branding. According to Sessoms, this came together spontaneously on Wednesday:

“This happened yesterday afternoon Harlan called me and with looking for a trailer to haul his old boat with because it was too heavy for a truck. Harlan said “Hey, let’s use some of the Dash proposal money and buy a flat-bottom boat at Academy, we already have a motor.” I said “Hell yeah, let’s do it.” I called our printer and within an hour he had the emblems ready to go. Harlan went and picked up the boat and by 1 a.m. They were in Houston getting ready to go out this morning. I think that kind of demonstrates that not only is cryptocurrency fast, but so are the plans of action they can be implemented with them. The printer did not charge us for the emblems either.”

Part of a much larger cryptocurrency-driven relief operation

This boat is just the latest part of a much wider relief effort funded by cryptocurrency donations. Spearheaded by Sessoms and the Crypto Show, over $50,000 worth of Dash and Bitcoin donations were raised to help the flood’s victims. Sessoms himself loaded up his RV with supplies for the victims such as food and water, and headed to the disaster area.

In addition to Dash funding, Sessoms received Bitcoin donations, including a 10-Bitcoin donation from a single listener to his show, Bill Kline. He also received assistance from Roger Ver and

Dash’s longtime charity sponsorship through Unsung

A longtime fan of Dash, the Crypto Show has long engaged in charity work for the local community with assistance from the Dash network. An integral part of the ongoing sponsorship the Crypto Show has with Dash has been a partnership with Unsung, a charity organization dedicated to feeding the homeless.:

“Unsung is the brain child of popular cryptocurrency activist and philanthropist Jason King. is an application that feeds the hungry by delivering unwanted food from local caterers and restaurant and rewards its drivers with bitcoin. The Crypto Show helped make Unsung a reality by creating a partnership with another decentralized organization here in Austin, Arcade City. Both organizations give credit to the show for making this effort come to life.”

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