The Importance of Blockchain in Journalism

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The blockchain is used to be for cryptocurrency only but with the advent in technology, it is now utilized in more ways than one.

For a majority of the population, blockchain is still an enigma. However, the society of journalism is gradually embracing the “jack of all trades” technology. The technology is designed to work on three things which are to store data, monitor all changes made to it, and safeguard it as well as its numerous edited versions where various users can agree on. This includes the way data is being stored, secured, and stays immutable.

Any chain of information that needs verifiability can benefit from blockchain technology. (flickr/methodshop .com)

It might be that not all people fully understand what blockchain is, a burgeoning number of startups utilize the technology to deal with some of the broadest issues that journalists face nowadays. This includes false information or the necessity for credence or reliance on the media brands.

CEO of iO and principal iO Ventures Daniel Sieberg said, “The way the Internet is distributed connects all of us like two tins and a string. All blockchain is, is a new way of thinking of how to unpack these centralized nodes that exist thanks to world wide web. We can re-imagine what it means to have a password, a login, what it is like to have an identity that is not stored somewhere centrally but that is something you own.”

Sieberg is also the co-founder of Civil, a community-owned journalism network. He added that blockchain, in a word, is an alternative approach to utilize the Internet. According to him, the Internet is a technological concept that has been largely taken for granted.

He explained that when Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web, it brought forth ‘centralized nodes’ becoming entities such as Facebook and Google. The issue with these nodes is the reliance on a third party to execute even the easiest work such as sending an email.

Sending a message does not necessarily mean that it will be sent directly to the recipient. It will be sent first to the email add firm like Google or Yahoo and they will be the one to send it to whoever the message was addressed to.

Members of ‘the eXellerator’ team explain how Blockchain technology works using a functioning, self contained device built in the lab.(WikimediaCommons/WillySummers)

The notion of decentralizing the devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or PC and linking them in a distinctive way than by websites likewise assist in tackling problems such as the absence of trust or confirming one’s individuality.

As for the media structures, the use instances of blockchain can be classified into three important points:

Auditable and sustainable database solutions for advertisement and editorial. Blockchains can function as secure registries for essential metadata which include bylines, tags, and story’s time of publication to name a few.

Business ideas based on cryptocurrency. Blockchain-based registries can classify and sort out both trusted advertisers and advertising content. It could complement the frequently incomprehensible auction-mechanism of digital advertising exchanges. These solutions based on blockchain technology could become important in the journalism sector for establishing assurance among media organizations, and between the public and media.

Right to public data protected in blockchain-based file procedures. The keeping and analyzing of data on the foundation of stories, or clearing risky advertising spam, are some of the urgent and applicable examples bolstered by blockchain properties.

Decenternet is such a powerful platform that could take care of all these issues. With its Net Neutral Osiris browser that has officially launched, journalists will be more productive because it is 3 to 8 times faster compared to the traditional websites such as Chrome or Windows. No matter how slow is the internet, user will have no problem with browsing or watching YouTube because Osiris blocks intrusive ads and pays them instead for watching.

Osiris is the fastest web browser in the world of Internet.

Osiris has a lot more to offer not only for journalists but also to those who are willing to use the new killer web browser. Not only users can take advantage of the super hi-speed browsing but also the security of their personal information and regain their online freedom because Decenternet empowers and enables speech.

If blockchain is capable of storing almost any type of data that requires security, and could be penetrated and changed by several various people, then it is a possible solution to a plethora of circumstances which involve both data that requires monitoring and people working synergically. The journalism industry will benefit a lot since the thousands of stories that create value on a daily basis is established on the complicated mechanism of news construction, circulation, and consumption, This pertains to how the story was generated, distributed, promoted, taken notice, and responded to.

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