Ridesharing App, Blockchain Startup Team Up in Tokenizing Healthcare Transport

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Ridesharing App

Global ridesharing app, Lyft has worked with blockchain startup Solve.Care. The partnership aims to tokenize healthcare-related transport appointments. The partnership was revealed in Solve.Care press release on Monday, March 4.

Solve.Care is headquartered in Estonia and is a decentralized platform powered by blockchain. It emphasizes on improving healthcare administration and procurement to healthcare services for users and insurers.

The partnership with the ridesharing app will enable Solve.Care users to book Lyft rides to hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors’ clinics with automated payments with the use of the native utility token SOLVE through their Solve.Care digital wallets.

Family, friends, insurers, employers, and other parties can take advantage of the payment for rides. The service will likewise allow the ridesharing app patients to easily synchronize their trips, time of arrival, and any necessary facilitation with their contacts.

Since the unveiling of the Care.Wallet app, the platform’s power, and capability. Also, feedback from the users’ feedback aid the company determine how to better involve their audience.

Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel presumes that transparency in information is important to accomplishing the objective. The company aspires to provide a healthcare system that achieves efficient and obtainable patient care at inexpensive costs. He said:

“The goal isn’t to replace the physician. To the contrary, the goal is to engage the physician in a manner that they can be much more effective with lesser time investigating and…more time analyzing data.”

Goel added that information transparency must include presenting the information in some way or other that patients can easily grasp. Since January 1st of this year, hospitals in the United States are compelled to post their price list on the web.

The integration of the ridesharing app Lyft into the Care.Wallet app enables patients to schedule transport to and from rendezvous. Patients can also pay for the lift within the app, or  their benefits provider can settle the payment for the ride. Providers will be informed if a patient is along the way. It would be a lot easier for patients to go to their appointments while lessening no-show expenditure for providers and enhancing continuous patient care.


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