Ride-Hailing Company Seeks Privacy and Data Protection Services

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Ride-Hailing Company

Privacy and data protection is not a big joke and should be taken seriously.

Ride-hailing company, Uber, turned to the services of a privacy and data protection officers. It appointed Ruby Zefo as first chief privacy officer who will start working on August 6. Zefo used to work for Intel as chief privacy and security adviser.

Zefo is an International Association of Privacy Professionals board member and will be designated in San Francisco. She will be responsible for the growth and enforcement of privacy ethics, operations, and systems in every market where the ride-hailing company conducts businesses. Uber sees her with a mighty leadership in establishing privacy programs, groups, and management structures at a worldwide level.

Simon Hania, on the other hand, takes the position of a data protection officer.  He was TomTom privacy and security vice president and knowledgeable of the European privacy law. He will be positioned in Amsterdam to supervise the submission of the ride-hailing company to the GDPR. The regulator mandates that all firms designate a data officer DPO where major activities include gathering or handling of personal information of EU citizens.

The ride-hailing company has a sporadic history in terms of driver and passenger data preservation. Uber disclosed before that it utilized a software tool called “God View” that enabled tracking of its own drivers. It has been charged regarding the apparent use of its equivalent known as “Hell” to trace drivers who work for its competitor Lyft. In 2016, Uber revealed a breach that unmasked the data of more than 50 million users.

The breach consists of names, email addresses, and phone numbers of Uber users. The ride-hailing company paid $100,000 via its bug bounty program to expunge the embezzled information and also to keep silent regarding the data breach.

Data breaches cause identity theft where a person can pretend to be the specific individual along with the stolen credentials. One platform does not give out its users’ information unless with a consent. The data is stored and well-kept and are not shared or sold out. The Decenternet platform uses the Anuvys OS designated to protect the information of the consumers. Besides, it does not monitor or censor every activity of its users and stay loyal to them.

Uber has already privacy experts taking care of the matter in the engineering and legal department. The chief privacy officer will assist in the work organization made by these people into stronger firm regulations for the protection of privacy and data.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation commanded the perception of a data protection officer. Hania must personally report to Uber chief legal officer Tony West. As the ride-hailing company overhauls its data guidelines, time would determine if it will pay off.

Last year was not a good year for Uber as it dealt with a plethora of controversies including the dismissal of CEO Travis Kalanick. Under the new CEO Dara
Khosrowshahi, the ride-hailing company has enforced a couple of modifications for the policy. However, the outcomes have been varied.

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