Internet Users Fight Censorship with Blockchain

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Internet Users

Will you just give up your freedom or fight and regain it using blockchain? The choice is yours.

Since Tim Berners-Lee introduced the internet, the whole world became engrossed and kept on discovering the underlying capabilities of the web. But, using the internet comes with many advantages and disadvantages. One of the downsides is the censorship of internet users by most websites and the government itself.

Internet users utilize blockchain against censorship

In China, the government is troubled with the resistance that internet users have shown regarding censorship using blockchain. A new regulation which started in February by the Cyberspace Administration of China compels internet users to present true identities including national ID card numbers or mobile devices to utilize blockchains. Authorities should be able to access information entered on the blockchain when needed.

On the other hand, blockchain service providers are called for to store up appropriate records regarding transactions and other associated records and communicate unlawful use to law enforcers. According to the law, these providers must hinder the duplication, publication, production, and distribution of contents. Blockchain services are likewise ordered to immediately eliminate “illegal information” to halt its dissemination.

Former Peking University student Yue Xin wrote a letter on April 23 elaborating the university’s efforts to conceal sexual misbehavior. It concerned Gao Yan, a student who committed suicide in 1998 after being sexually assaulted and harassed by a professor. However, Chinese social networking websites obstructed the letter but it was then posted on the Ethereum blockchain by an unidentified user.

Using blockchain for inquisitive story

In another circumstance, Chinese citizens utilized blockchain to continue an inquisitive story which scrutinizes inferior vaccines administered to Chinese babies. The vaccines manufactured by Shenzhen-based Changsheng Bio-Tech failed in curing whooping cough and tetanus. Allegedly, the pharmaceutical company also counterfeited data of nearly 113,000 dosages of human rabies vaccine.

The world wide web was invented for everyone to freely express thoughts and speeches of every user. But with the suppression of net neutrality, internet users have been gagged and devoid of online freedom.

Discover the power of Decenternet

Decenternet is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform solution that champions net neutrality. As it powers the world’s net-neutral Osiris web browser, internet users have a choice to voice out what they think and what they feel is right. There is no censorship while it protects the data and privacy of each user at the same time.

Internet users are not treated like criminals since Decenternet empowers and protects their free speech. Besides, they will have a better user experience because the Osiris web browser is 5 to 7 times faster than the traditional web browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

First nation to classify blockchain

China is the primary nation to classify blockchains. Most that ranked high are advanced in the country or possess authoritative Chinese connections. This provides the government without any difficulty in the access and authority of such technology. Chinese blockchain companies could not operate as well as succeed in the nation without supporting the government to acquire its censorship objectives.    

EOS has been the most favored blockchain of the Chinese government. It utilizes a model where users vote for representatives. The representatives are the only ones who can validate transactions and make resolutions concerning system updates. All EOS transactions including governance decisions are managed and confirmed by only 21 principal nodes called the supernodes.


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