World’s Largest Aerospace Company To Launch Pilotless Blockchain Vehicles Soon

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Blockchain Vehicles

Pilotless blockchain vehicles will soon be the next big thing on the road!

In a press released on July 17, Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company, announced its partnership with an artificial intelligence company to develop pilotless vehicles and products using the blockchain technology.

With the regulators growing more and more concerned about integrating drones into air traffic control, the aerospace company had turned to blockchain and artificial intelligence in hopes of a possible solution.

Last month, Boeing invested a $32 million funding round to SparkCognition. This Texas-based AI company will be working with Boeing in tracking unmanned air vehicles and allocate flight corridors.

A standardized programming interface that will support industrial inspection, package delivery, and other commercial applications will be provided to move forward the development.

Amir Husain, SparkCognition’s CEO, stated that the urban aerial mobility opportunity is leading the aerospace industry to walk towards the making of a massive market; the largest new market in our lifetimes with an estimated worth of $3 trillion.

On Tuesday’s Farnborough Airshow, Boeing declared the creation of Boeing NeXt. The new subsidiary will use the company’s R&D and is said to focus on autonomous flight and advanced propulsion systems.

The proposed system will create designated aerial lanes to track drones as they fly. It will also include the Boeing’s hypersonic passenger flight concept alongside its electrical vehicle take-off and landing for on-demand cargo transport as well as urban air travel in the future.

Accenture, a major technology consulting company, had backed blockchain for the aerospace industry last year. The company continued to support the blockchain technology and stated that the aerospace industry would greatly benefit from integrating blockchain into their systems. It also addresses a major issue of the sector regarding counterfeit parts.

Boeing’s CTO Greg Hyslop added that societal trends and technological advances are coming together to demand bold solutions and a different way to travel.

From a blockchain-supported internet framework like Decenternet, one of its kind, to pilotless vehicles— what do you think is coming next?

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