White House Press Secretary Releases New Announcement Regarding Net Neutrality

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FCC Repeal

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will keep her mouth shut if Trump decides to endorse a bill that will reverse the FCC’s decision regarding net neutrality.

“We’ll keep you posted when we have a specific policy announcement on that front,” responded Sanders following a query if Trump will manifest a bill to overturn the FCC repeal of net neutrality.

The debate becomes hotter, and advocates become more aggressive to pursue the restoration of the open internet that the FCC wants to repeal. This follows the announcement of the date of the 2015 Open Internet Order that will expire next month. The FCC repeal will officially take place after the Office of Management and Budget gives the federal agency the green light.

Senators are rushing to acquire the 51st vote to activate the CRA to turn down any federal agency decisions. Even if this barely-used measure passes the Senate Committee, it will still be a long hurdle.

Different advocates unite to confront the FCC repeal. Various websites responded to the call of Red Alert Neutrality campaign. As of writing, the Congress has received more than 1 million emails. It is worth noting that it also gets phone calls, text messages, petition signatures, and businesses supporting the CRA.

The Red Alert Neutrality campaign started on May 9, and while the vote for the CRA is not yet done, the Internet will stay “red.” This is to establish awareness and make certain that officials perceive their citizens.

The Decenternet platform not only hears but also provides what Internet users need. Even with the FCC repeal of net neutrality, the 2015 Open Internet Order still prevails in the platform. Consumers will not worry that they are being surveilled upon usage of the service.

The network is designed to protect and secure personal data and does not give it out without permission. Consumers will not experience blocking and throttling of internet traffic while accessing the web.

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