White House Orders New Ruling Affecting Net Neutrality

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Can net neutrality still be saved?

Several different efforts by different people and groups transpired the past few months to protect net neutrality rules. Officials joined forces and oppositions crossed the borderline to express their support. But it looks like there are some people who are not happy with what is going on. The ruling regarding the enactment of the Title II service is getting jeopardized.

Many states have forged their own net neutrality regulations. Others are following the trend to protect their people. The FCC cannot stop them from being preempted so they cannot endorse rules. All of these are happening due to the federal agency’s decision to kill the open internet.

The FCC voted to abolish net neutrality guidelines last December. In response, advocates retaliate and urge their officials (Democrats and Republicans) to do something to save it. Most of them heeded the pleas of their constituents, especially the Democrats. Some Republican officials are making their own moves as well to preserve net neutrality introducing recommendations.

It seems that the White House is getting alarmed with the development and would not allow the petition for CRA to reach the president’s desk. The Trump administration ordered the High Court through the Solicitor General to relinquish a decision from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2016. During that period, net neutrality under the Obama administration reclassified broadband as a telecom service liable under the Title II of the Communications Act governance.

“If this Court concludes that the 2018 Order did not render this case moot, or if it prefers not to resolve that issue, it should grant the petitions for writs of certiorari, vacate the judgment, and remand for further proceedings to allow the court of appeals to consider in the first instance the effect of the 2018 Order on this litigation,” the Trump administration informed the Supreme Court.

It is obvious that the White House wants to get rid of net neutrality once and for all. When Donald Trump became president, he appointed former Verizon Lawyer Ajit Pai as the FCC chairman. It is worth noting that when the agency decided to vanquish the rules, it was quickly repealed. Even the Supreme Court was not able to interject on an AT&T petition and others to examine the reclassification’s validity.

The DOJ and FCC joined White House’s effort to get rid of 2016 ruling and revoke it. In case the request has been approved by the SC, the former regulations that Tom Wheeler shepherded, will be emptied from the judicial record. This will commission new legal proceedings in concluding how the Communications Act must be utilized to categorize broadband in the coming years.

The net neutrality rules that were made during the Obama era prohibits the discrimination of contents that were mostly blocked, throttled, or given more priority if owned by the ISPs or its affiliates. When the FCC repealed the rules, all of these will be dismantled, and the protections that envelop consumers will no longer be valid.

However, using the Decenternet platform can help consumers to gain back their freedom. It provides users unlimited access to centralized and decentralized networks giving them the freedom to freely connect online around the world. Consumers would not have to worry that they are being censored or monitored because Anuvys OS is designed to protect one’s personal security. Likewise, personal information is not distributed without authorization.

Anuvys OS sports a full range of formidable Linux applications such as Steam and LibreOffice. It is not stuffed with recurrent compulsory obscure junkware reports and surveyance rules unlike traditional OS such as Windows, that reboot the computer and load junk at start-up.


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