Web Inventor Launches Contract Safeguarding Key Online Freedom

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The web has been broken and the inventor himself devised a way to restore it and reverse the damage that is hurting it for many years.  

World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee used to say that the web was created for everybody and not just for those who could afford it. But as years pass, there are turns of events that stripped internet users of their freedom online. Since the FCC junked the regulations that protected consumers from the unacceptable business practices of giant ISPs, the use of the internet has never been the same.

On Monday, the “Contract for the Web” laid out the guidelines to safeguard the Internet as a fundamental right for everyone. Berners-Lee stressed that business organizations together with governments and its citizens must do their part to bring the web back on its right track again.

“For a long time, 20 years, I thought all I had to do was keep it, just keep it free and open and people will do wonderful things. Then in fact, if you look and talk to people on the street now there’s been a big change. I think this has been a tipping point,” Berners-Lee said during the Web Summit tech conference held in Lisbon.

The web inventor added that if he would be asked a decade ago, he would have remarked that humanity will make a good job with his invention. If all the people would be connected together they will get along fine but then he was wrong.

The web was invented in 1989 to help people search and share useful information for good intention. But with the revolution in technology, the web became a medium for malicious actions such as a cyber attack including identity theft, hacking, and data breaches to name a few. Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Foundation published the “Contract for the Web“ to deal with hate speech, deception, and oppression that have been flourishing online.

One of the major upholders of his enthusiasm is that firms should take into consideration every consumer’s privacy and personal information. Cambridge Analytica is an example of a data breach incident which exposed millions of users’ personal data.

The contract’s commencing guidelines have been endorsed by more than 50 organizations which included the French government, Internet Sans Frontieres, Google, and Facebook. The contract’s full term will be approved in the next few months with an aim to finalize on May 2019.

The web inventor now perceives that his creation is not anymore the free and valuable platform he envisaged when the web was created 29 years ago. He’s very much concerned about the user’s chagrin regarding ads and privacy and fake news.

Berners-Lee’s “Contract for the Web” would be a great help to alleviate issues of data breaches, identity theft, and data security and privacy if not totally diminished. It is also anticipated that it would restore net neutrality that the FCC eradicated in 2017.

Just like the web inventor’s initiative, Decenternet wants to bring back the open internet. The platform will provide users boundless access to the centralized and decentralized web where they can freely communicate online as long as they please. There is no blocking, throttling, or employment of paid prioritization with no discrimination of internet traffic.

What benefits the users most is the high incentive provided by Decenternet just by using the Osiris-D browser. They are compensated through the Spyce mining activity.


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