Vital Information About Data Security That Every CEO Must Know

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Information About Data Security

Even a person with the highest position in a company is not safe from a malicious cyber attack.

No one is exempted from a data breach or hacking of personal information. From the smallest consumers to the most important person in the business sector would fall, a victim, if no applicable measures are taken.  Data security should be given importance to prevent occurrences of data leakage.

Data security is a defensive digital privacy precaution administered to avoid unjustified entry to computers, websites, and databases. It likewise protects information from fraud. It is an important IT factor for institutions regardless of type and size.

Data security is also called computer security or information security (IS). Its technology comprises data masking, data erasure, and backups. Encryption is its fundamental measure where software/hardware, hard drives, and digital data are ciphered which make it unreadable to shady users and hackers.

Generally, authentication is one of the most used means of practicing data security. With it, users need to provide data like code, biometric data, password, or any form of information to be granted an access to a certain system.

As stated above, anyone can fall victim to a cyber attack. Delphix CEO Jedidiah Yueh shares his perception about data privacy and how CEOs like him and other companies can benefit from it.

He said that companies before used to be products and service companies. But with the advance on the internet, these companies realized they have to be a software company. He thinks that organizations began to realize as well that they are data companies. Examples are Facebook and Google that use the information to stimulate their revenues.

The attention on both data security and regulation is covering up the true provocation that they overlook on the significant use of data as a belligerent defense in accumulating market share. Companies do not have the means to actually see and handle all of the most essential data within their business. In that event, profiling and data confinement is conclusive.

There are a lot of means that a company can do that. Confidential information can be dissimulated in the right kind of circumstances. Data access can be governed and restricted to the right people. Yueh thinks that companies that are highly exposed to data security do not notice the consequences of not using their information to help set their business in motion.

It is worth noting that data security is also very imperative for healthcare documentation. US health advocates and medical specialists are working on the subject of enforcing electronic medical record (EMR) privacy by establishing consciousness regarding patient rights in relation to the data release of hospitals,  physicians, laboratories, and other

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