[VIDEO] Another US State Senate Bill Proposes Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality

Another US state panel is recommending a measure as a reaction to the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality rules.

On Monday, the Massachusetts Senate panel revealed its intention to preserve net neutrality. The Senate law will be fostered via state administration agreements and defend consumer confidentiality. This should be facilitated by preventing ISPs from gathering, utilizing, or distributing personal information without permission.

Likewise, it would go after routines like blocking or controlling the speed of some content. In addition, ISPs engaged in paid prioritization will be scrutinized.

To preserve net neutrality, the projected law needs providers the clarity of their network management procedures. This is in correlation with the establishment of a  Massachusetts Internet Service Provider Registry.

The requirement of the Senate law will commence on Jan. 1, 2019. That is if both branches of the Legislatures pass it and endorsed by Gov. Charlie Baker.  The Senate law demands ISPs to establish the same declarations to the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and
Cable (DTC).

The Special Senate Committee on Net Neutrality and Consumer Protection will order the DTC to elaborate systems what net neutrality really means.  The Senate law should also create guidelines to enable the agency to classify all ISPs making business in the country depending on their net neutral procedures.

Net neutrality has been the internet’s regulating verity. It secures our right to freely interconnect online. Besides, it is an internet that supports and safeguard free speech.

Unlike other sites and platforms, the dnet is designed for personal immunity and safety of an individual. Also, it does not declare anything to the masses with consent. Users have indefinite access to the decentralized web not to mention the traditional ones.

It utilizes Anuvys OS as its default operating system and does not treat users as mobsters. The connection will not slow down over time because no defragmentation is required.

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