[VIDEO] Study Features Overwhelming Demand for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry Jobs

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Despite the volatility in the virtual coin industry, the demand for talents including in the blockchain technology is staggeringly soaring.

It is a fact that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is shaky but it is surprising that the call for a multitude of positions is ascending. According to the recruiting site, Glassdoor’s latest study published on Oct. 18, the demand for crypto and blockchain-related job openings notably skyrocketed this year in the US.

“While the applications of blockchain technology are diverse, most of the recent interest has focused on cryptocurrencies… As more employers become interested and invest in the technology, the professionalization of the space has accelerated as well,” the Glassdoor report emphasized.

During the assessment, Glassdoor reviewed a huge volume of US online job postings on their site with keywords associated with blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency. To make it more factual, the site also incorporated more familiar blockchain-related words, while at the same time disregard jobs from third-party recruiting companies. Glassdoor used the “Know Your Worth” tool to determine salaries.

The “Know Your Worth” feature unfolded that the average base wage in the blockchain occupation is $84,884 a year. Compared to the US average salary of $52,461 a year, a blockchain role salary is 61.8% higher which is equivalent to $32,423 a year. As a whole, compensation starts from $36,046 to $223,667 a year. The place and nature of the available jobs contribute to the range in salaries. But of course, high-skilled jobs such as software engineers have huge salaries.

Based on the study, since August of this year, typical blockchain-related job opportunities in the US reached to 1,775. Last year, 446 similar jobs were posted detailing a 300% increase year-over-year.

San Francisco (21%) and New York City (24$) are among the 15 cities with the highest distribution of job offerings. They are followed by San Jose (6%), Chicago (5%), and Seattle (4%). All together with the leading 15 cities, they comprise 79% of blockchain-related job postings in the US. The outstanding 21% are scattered throughout the rest of the country.

Technical and engineering have been the most sought-after with the software engineer that tops the list of positions with 19%. More distinctively, engineering, science, and technology positions suggest 55% of overall job opportunities.

Following the software engineer’s position are Analyst Relations Managers (second) and Product Managers (third) which are non-technical positions. Also evident is a considerable number of vacant positions for marketing and community managers.

The data only indicates that the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is evolving.  The Glassdoor analysis suggests that the three primary companies that offer blockchain and cryptocurrency job opportunities are ConsenSys (214 vacancies), IBM (214 vacancies), and Coinbase (63 vacancies). Other job providers in the field include Circle, JPMorgan, KPMG, Kraken, and Oracle.

Although blockchain and cryptocurrency are burgeoning industries, the job opportunities and salary figures direct to a pleasant future. The Glassdoor report noted that small and large firms have exhibited willingness to capitalize for many years in blockchain by stretching hiring for the past year. It looks like these companies believe in the staying power of blockchain and cryptocurrency, that’s why the blockchain job market sounds geared up to persist its quick progress in the coming years.

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