[VIDEO] Crypto Kid Expert Launches Own Pocketful of Quarters ICO

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Crypto Kid Expert

This crypto kid expert proves that age doesn’t matter in the crypto world.

Most of the renowned entrepreneurs are adults. It is fascinating to know that there are some people at a young age is already an established businessman. Pocketful of Quarters is one proof.

George Weiksner, an 11-year-old Connecticut boy and is the CEO of the Pocketful of Quarters platform. This crypto kid expert initially imagined the concept while going home and didn’t expect that it will become a reality.

Pocketful of Quarters is a program where gamers can trade cryptocurrency. The digital currency can both function as asset and access to unravel content in the games. It is similar to arcade games but still, there is a difference.

Within the Pocketful of Quarters platform, “quarters” are returned to players whenever its current supply doubles. These quarters are ERC-20 Ethereum coins.  Users acquire 25% more quarters once the inventory becomes twice the supply. This means that more players who also invest promote greater rebound for every user.

Weiksner just launched his own ICO for the Pocketful of Quarters. This Initial Coin Offering is a way to raise funds that delves into the gamer capital. This is done through the sale of tokens, or digital coins, in return for a certain cryptocurrency.

The platform associates with various gaming providers. This, in turn, provides the ICO-issued tokens to be utilized throughout several platforms. This gives the gamers the access to diverse gaming channels using one cryptocurrency.

Just like the Pocketful of Quarters, dnet is a platform that uses decentralization.  It is an out of the ordinary P2P enduring hyperspeed neutral decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution. Dnet is free from political affairs and coercion.

Users of the dnet platform earn through Spyce mining activity. Spyce is its inflating currency. It can be interchanged with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

Spyce can be used to purchase apps, services, goods, and can process micropayments. Dnet uses Anuvys OS as its native operating system. It does not require system resources to surveil its users. The platform is created for the user’s security and protection.


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