VCash Is Finally Here!

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Yes, VCash is finally here and it promises online buyers more conveniene compared to other cryptocurrencies!

Vcash, a cryptocurrency which has enough potential for steady growth, is fast emerging as a self-funded virtual currency of choice for many.  The developers of the cryptocurrency recently told in a press conference that the currency is showing signs of healthy growth, and has unprecedentedly grown in terms of value and development over the past few months. Vcash developers recently announced that they are in the process of developing it as the most complete cryptocurrency of all time.

“It is arguably the most complete cryptocurrency at this moment and we are now in the process of making improvements to it. There are much popular virtual coins or cryptocurrency that have numerous shortcomings and limitations. We are perfectly aware of these pragmatic aspects and challenges of using cryptocurrency and we want to ensure highest convenience for Vcash users”, said a senior executive.

Vcash comes with a special ZeroTime feature, which allows the users to complete transactions without any sort of confirmation, thereby making it the safest cryptocurrency in terms of speed of transaction. Commenting on this particular feature, the senior executive told the press that Vcash users need not have recourse to centralized masternodes.

“We are also developing a special ZeroLedger feature, which is the first of its kind in the history of cryptocurrency. It would allow users to download the much important XVC blockchain within seconds. We think this will add more convenience for our users. We would also like to add here that new users need to just get past one-step confirmation on Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange website”, he added.

Vcash, according to the executive, protects user privacy with a built-in blender and also provides high scalability with its dynamic block size. “These are two issues now being widely discussed in worldwide cryptocurrency communities and we think we have already found a feasible solution”, the executive maintained. The currency has very complicated development process and the developers test the cryptocurrency on actual applications after every little application. “It can be used on Zeroslot and many other online gambling applications that only accept cryptocurrency like Vcash”, he said during a press conference.

He also maintained that existing and new users as well as investors can join the steadily growing user community  on Slack for staying in loop.

About Vcash
Vcash is a cryptocurrency which is gradually shaping up as an alternative to real currency.


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