Utah Legislators Make An Official Move For Net Neutrality

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Move For Net Neutrality

Utah is finally doing a move for net neutrality, officially joined forces with net neutrality advocates.

Several US states have introduced their own net neutrality measures. Some have been passed and enacted while others are still in process or denied. Utah has been the last state so far to think about creating its own preservation of a neutral internet.  Democrat Utah House Minority Leader Brian King (Salt Lake City) proclaimed on Thursday that he had initiated a bill file. It’s objective is to build some new, state-level regulations. Republican Rep. Bruce Cutler (Murray) is likewise thinking about a possible legislature towards net neutrality.

“We’re not looking to dictate what ISPs do, but when it comes to state contracts, we don’t want a thumb on the scale. We want (state web content) to be accessible to everyone who needs it, in a way that does not put us at a disadvantage with other websites,” King said.

His recommendation would be restricted to necessitating any ISP that operates in Utah, or one of its sectors, comply to the fundamental principles of net neutrality. These comprise the prohibition of ISPs from blocking, different costing, or content and internet traffic interference.

Based on the National Conference of State Legislatures accumulated information, some 65 legislations have been introduced by other 29 states in response to the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. Various efforts have been demonstrated including a California motion that will be broader compared to the principles that the federal agency had eliminated.

Both New Jersey and New York are seeking how to ascend through statutory recommendations, local authority over power poles and cabling corridors to oblige net neutrality compliance for any ISPs that require access to the public framework for establishing their networks.

ISP Xmission CEO and founder Pete Ashdown is glad to know that Utah Legislature acknowledges the country’s demand for internet rule-making and concludes that King is doing the right thing. Even Free Press communications director Timothy Karr commended Utah for dealing with net neutrality concerns.

Cutler, on the other hand, is still seeking for course, if any, he will clasp regarding his net neutrality would-be measure. He is concerned about the negative impact of net neutrality repeal to the customers. The representative has been subscribed to Comcast for many years and is satisfied with their service. However, he wants to avoid the fear of many consumers as to what ISPs can do with the authorization provided to them by the FCC. Needless to say that it is very much possible that they will block, throttle, or impose higher fees for a faster connection.

He is not yet decided to introduce any legislation but is already poking around what ISPs are doing. XMission promised to observe net neutrality while Comcast agrees on the prohibition of paid prioritization aside from the circumstance of specialized services.

To date, there are more than 125 city mayors who signed the Cities Open Internet Pledge. They will not deal with ISPs that breach net neutrality. No wonder that Utah will sign as well or has already signed.

Constituents expect that their local officials will defend and protect them if no one dares to care at all. This consideration of Utah to restore net neutrality is the first step to spread awareness among residents about the importance of having an open internet that equally treats lawful content.

The Decenternet platform enables and secures free speech. It provides consumers the liberty to freely interconnect online with boundless access to multifarious websites without the worry of contents being discriminated or blocked.

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