US Supreme Court Eschews Petition Opposing Open Internet Order

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A petition to challenge the Obama-era net neutrality rule has been turned down by the US Supreme Court. 

On Monday, the US Supreme Court’s decision to reject to hear a petition against the open internet elated the advocates. These net neutrality rules serve to protect consumers from internet service provider’s blocking and throttling practices. It also safeguards contents from discrimination. However, these principles have been eliminated by the Trump FCC spearheaded by its chairman, Ajit Pai.

“The FCC and industry had argued that because the Trump FCC has repealed the 2015 rules, the 2016 decision was moot, and the Supreme Court should wipe it from the books. Now that the Supreme Court has refused to do so, parties challenging the 2017 net neutrality repeal order can continue to rely on that 2016 decision, which provides strong support for their argument that the 2017 repeal is contrary to law,” Public Knowledge President and Co-founder Gigi Sohn said in an email.

The only Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel perceived the court’s decision as “interesting” while Democrat Sen. Ed Markey (MA) said that the decision signified a crucial victory for the net neutrality proponents.

Three conservative justices – Samuel Alito, Neil M. Gorsuch, and Clarence Thomas – would have taken up the case but due to lack of major justices, the court’s decision prevailed. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. together with Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh excused themselves. The latter justice did not involve himself since the petition came from his previous court.

The court’s ruling will assign in effect an accord from a Washington federal appeals court justifying the integrity of the regulations. It indicates that the decision can be depended upon for exemplary in the next decades to come.

Since the current FCC repealed the Obama-era net neutrality, the internet, countries and their people have become restless. Attorney generals of 22 states have filed a lawsuit against the federal agency. Not only that, large tech companies joined forces with the advocates to pursue an open internet for everyone. Several states forged their own net neutrality rules and now the Justice Department began to pick on California (for now) because of its “gold standard” SB 822 which Gov. Jerry Brown signed into a law in late September. But the implementation will take a while because of the lawsuit filed by the Justice Department to block it.

Net neutrality regulations have given freedom to consumers in terms of internet use. But the current FCC’s drastic action to nix it left a large space in the internet ecosystem. Pai’s favorite motto “close the digital divide” is only getting wider. Only a few are benefited while a larger portion of the population is suffering especially those who belong in the low-income group.

People need not suffer because they still have a choice and they could acquire it at the Decenternet platform. It is an alternative peer-to-peer (P2P) stable, hyperspeed, and non-partisan decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution which is liberated by tyranny and political affairs.


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