US President Okays Net Neutrality Restored But There’s A Catch

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Does it mean he will sign the petition for a Congressional Review Act once it reaches his desk?

It sounds ironic, but it’s true that US President Donald Trump wants net neutrality to return.  US attorney general Jeff Sessions confirmed on Wednesday (Sept. 5) the proposals of summoning a convention with state attorneys regarding the issues that involve giant tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook. The internet firms are allegedly harming competition and explicitly muzzling the free interrelation of ideas on their respective platforms. The forthcoming assemblage is slated on September 25, Tuesday.

Net neutrality regulations do not administer point-blank to Facebook and Twitter due to the fact that the two companies are not common carriers, unlike internet service providers that deliver internet traffic to web users.

Those social media platforms have contributed a lot to help him grab the seat for the new US president. However, for the past two years, Trump, together with leading Republicans, have continuously bombarded organizations that can refute their political activities even with no unlawful or barbaric proofs.

The Trump government could disparately show particular charges although it’s not the reason. According to Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute senior staff attorney Alex Abdo, the scheme is to silence and undermine external authorities or avenues that could establish political predicaments for the current US president.

Abdo said, “There has been no allegation that the social media companies have violated the law in handling the speech on their platforms, and thus no apparent reason for the DOJ to become involved. The DOJ’s intervention here appears to be an attack on free speech, not a defense of it.”

During the last week’s hearing,  Republican representatives had the chance to blurt out their sentiments. The Grand Old Party (GOP) officials seem to stand behind providing all speech with equal treatment, despite wrongfully or obnoxiously exhibited. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, spelled out their algorithms filter for derisive behavior and not tenets. The said networks pressed that they were unbiased about the content on their platforms while shifting for the urgency to monitor their convocation and implement codes of conduct.

However, the House committee members are not satisfied stating that there should have been no discussion if there was not a general arrangement that the tech companies have discriminated against them. This is according to Republican Representative Joe Barton (TX).

The US president now seems to be at ease with an unfettered and open internet, but there’s a catch. Social media companies should fairly deal with the real and fake news.

Executives of Silicon Valley are hesitant to take it lightly which is to be the people to seek for that perspective. They enjoy billions of dollars as earnings generated from the vast dispersals of news and information but refuse to be the authorities of integrity.

At the moment, two bills are waiting for California Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature. The first bill will make the use of bots unlawful as it deceives consumers to purchase something or vote in a particular way.

Once net neutrality has been restored, there is no questioning that a majority of the population are sure to be happy with the good news and surely a bad one for internet service providers.

Even if the US president hasn’t signed up the petition for a CRA or haven’t reached his desk yet, consumers can still experience a free and open internet. The Decenternet platform provides unrestrained access to the decentralized and centralized network. It empowers and protects free speech by providing users the freedom to freely communicate online without any worries of discrimination, throttling, and blocking of contents.


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