US Mayors Unite To Defend And Empower Net Neutrality

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US Mayors

Twelve US mayors have expressed their ardent support for net neutrality.


On Monday, they endorsed an agreement to preserve net neutrality in their towns and cities. The agreement was termed, “Cities Open Internet Pledge.” Three US Mayors namely. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, and Austin Mayor Steve Adler suggested the pledge during the South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas.

Other city and county mayors include:

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Putnam Mayor Barney Seney

Kansas City Mayor Sly James

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg

San Francisco Mayor  Mark Farrell

Madison Mayor  Paul Soglin

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey

Santa Cruz County Mayor Zach Friend

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

Under the commitment, the involved mayors promise that their cities and towns will not seek service or internet connection from broadband servers that block, throttle or engage in the paid prioritization of contents on websites. These sites are used by the city or townspeople to administer service and information to their localities. This is also to make certain an open internet connection identified with any free or supported internet service offered to the residents. Additionally, ISPs will not block, throttle, or employ paid prioritization when free public Wi-Fi to their locals are offered.

Mayors de Blasio, Adler, and Wheeler all admitted that their approach might involve a filing of cases from the federal government. However, the mayors stayed steadfast to the concept and open to solutions such as internet networks supported by municipals to preserve net neutrality.

Without net neutrality, ISPs will take over of the contents and websites that we want to open. They will decide if they will slow down or speed up the connection depending if the customers can shed a few dollars. If net neutrality rules will prevail, our rights will be protected and we’ll have an open internet where we can communicate freely online. We will also have an internet that enables and protect free speech.,

Hopefully, the mayors’ efforts will be acknowledged by the higher authorities. Wealthy people and big businessmen can pay extra for a faster and more accessible internet. But what about the poor and those who live in remote or rural areas with a slow connection?

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