US Fiber Optic Broadband Provider Accelerates Speeds, Prices

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Minneapolis will be run by a speedier fiber optic internet with a price increase.

Starting January 1, 2019, the fiber optic internet network will be much faster according to US Internet.  The prices of the plans are, of course, going to increase as well. Optical fiber when compared to DSL, cable, or wireless systems is more than a hundred times faster.

The fiber optic broadband firm now deals with a large part of the downtown and south Minneapolis. The fiber optic internet has been proven to be fast making it popular. It is more valuable compared to the cable-internet bundle provided by the likes of CenturyLink and Comcast.

Subscribers were notified on Tuesday, and on that same day, a few will be certainly migrated to the faster internet speeds. Customers who signed up for the company’s 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps will now get 300 Mbps. It would be for both download and upload speeds. Those who are presently subscribed to top-level 1 Gps speed would remain at the exact speed.  Starting next year, the rates will change. See below:

Customers who are currently subscribed to 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps plans will be routinely transferred to the $50 per month plan. But they also have the option to upgrade to 500 Mbps for an additional $10 per month.

US Internet’s offer is much cheaper and reasonable compared to Comcast Xfinity which offers  60 Mbps internet for $29.99/month for the first month. But then, the price will increase to $59.95 to $66.95 preceding the first year.

Net neutrality is an undying issue and must be considered when choosing an internet provider. The US Internet claimed that their network is established to deal with advanced internet usage and application so they could remain to bolster net neutrality. They say that the company:

  • has no data caps
  • does not block or even sort out content
  • does not encourage paid priotization
  • does not throttle internet traffic
  • does not sell customer information, and
  • bulwark reasonable network procedures that are not dominant or biased

Same thing with the Decenternet platform that does not discriminate web traffic or content. Instead, it empowers and protects free speech by providing users with unconstrained access to the centralized and decentralized network. Users in this way could freely communicate online.

Some of Decenternet’s core assets include Dnet web hosting, Spyce (blockchain native), Liberty Search Engine, and the Osiris Net-Neutral Web Browser which all establish an absolutely free web environment. It directly distributes revenues to the participating groups without the manipulation of a middle person.

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