Top 5 Disruptive Technology Projects of 2018

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All kinds of technologies are emerging from different kinds of industries like mobile internet, advance genomics, and autonomous vehicles. Each one has a potential to shape and change the world that we live in. These breakthroughs will alter not only the present but also the future. But there are only a few that has the potential to truly disrupt the status quo, changing the lives of everyone in the world. Here are 5 of the most disruptive technologies of 2018, so far.

  1.     Decenternet’s Anuvys Blockchain

Anuvys is a pioneer of blockchain native OS. It provides the ultimate protection and privacy that non-blockchain OS are not capable of offering. Together with Decenternet and DoT (Decenternet of Things), it aims to replace the current monopolistic internet infrastructure that limits the freedom and rights of everyone on the internet.  

The team behind the project believes that everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized. Bringing Decenternet and the decentralized finance ideas, alongside Anuvys to the world, will bring a golden age to our civilization.

  1.     NASA’s Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a replica of service, process or product. The idea of a digital twin is developed by NASA to aid the repair and maintenance of spacecraft that are traveling outside the range of physical monitoring. When applied to business modernization, the technology can provide more than visibility; it can evolve how the business functions.

Predictions of the future of digital twins are widespread. It has implications across a wide variety of industries. This technology will bring digital transformation.

  1.     Microsoft’s AI-first Approach

There are several advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), but a more profound one was presented by Microsoft. Integrating an AI-first approach across all industries will change a lot of things. In the new era of Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud, everyone wants to make sure their data are secure and protected. With the AI-first approach, there will be a perception and language capability as well as autonomy.

Currently, the tech giant has over $800 billion valuations after releasing its quarterly result. Microsoft’s new innovation can augment and empower the digital transformation efforts.

  1.     IBM’s Watson Assistant

Virtual assistants are receiving a wide uptake of home-based. While Google and Amazon are taking the prime position, IBM has something similar yet different to offer. IBM introduced Watson Assistant with a few new capabilities; customer tagging and the ability to delete customer logs based on labels. It offers callable and engaging experiences across all business. This business solution can personalize the experience and unlock insights making each interaction better than the last.

IBM made it possible for any business to build Alexa-like voice interface for their own products. Several partnerships were already secured for the Watson Assistant, and the number is still growing.

  1.     Apple’s ARKit 2

ARKit 2 is a platform that allows developers to integrate shared experiences. It makes the AR experience more engaging. Allowing multiple users to collaborate on projects or play games. There is also an option to add a spectator mode giving other people the best view for the AR gameplay. Another notable feature of this platform is persistent tracking. Once you placed a 3d object into an AR world, it will stay there and other users will be able to see and interact with it. ARKit 2 is a digital enhancement to the real world. It lets one interact with another person both in AR and real life.

Apple is not slowing down when it comes to AR development. ARKit 2 is setting the AR course of Apple for the next several years. It is also lead to another rumored AR innovation of Apple.

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