Top 4 Major Features of Blockchain

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Blockchain technology is often connected with cryptocurrencies most especially with Bitcoins. More than a collection of records, there is more to it than meets the eye. Tech companies cannot move forward without a blockchain technology. This technology is not just for Bitcoins but for a wide range of major industries that can be transformed in the coming years.


What is Blockchain?


Let us put it this way to make it simple. A quantity of transactional records is embodied by a “block” and the “chain” factor connects them all simultaneously with a hash capacity.  Once the records are made, it is verified by a group of computers and coupled up with the preceding record in the chain. This process creates a chain of blocks or blockchain.  The history of blockchain can be traced back in a 1976 paper on “New Directions in Cryptography” where it explained the concept of a united distributed ledger.  

The 4 Major Features of Blockchain


The blockchain is definitely an innovative invention creating the foundation of a new kind of internet with the help of its key features.


  1.    Decentralized System


A decentralized system allows users to accumulate assets in a network that can be transferred and received anywhere in the world through the Internet. These assets could be a token, contract, and other important documents. With a decentralized technology, the user has a precise authority using a private key associated with the asset.


This is also the kind of system that Decenternet uses where it also allows users to experience a speedier, more protected, and more personalized decentralized internet together with your accustomed websites. Anubis is its native blockchain Operating System and is completely free of charge.


  1.     Distributed Ledger


A blockchain serves as a public ledger that presents the members’ information and accomplished digital transactions. The blocks that have recorded dealings completely are then counted to form a blockchain.


  1.    Promotes Safer and Secure Ecosystem


Blockchain has the ability to analyze and revise itself from time to time which stimulates its self- reviewing process.


  1.    Mining


“Mining” involves “miner” that solves a complex mathematical computation. Miners compete with each other because of the reward they can get after deciphering the puzzle. Whoever solved it first, gets the prize.  


Even if bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies all use blockchain technology, they still differ in utilizing it.


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