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Do you want to know the leading cryptocurrencies in 2017?

2017 was one of the best years in the cryptocurrency industry. It was the year where Bitcoin achieved amazing milestones which opened a lots of doors not just to the big cryptocurrencies but as well as to the small scale cryptocurrencies. It created a huge buzz which gained massive level of interest from wealthy investors to mere investors.

We are going to talk about the new top 20 Cryptocurrency in the world now.
Cryptocurrency have come to stay and many people who are not so well informed think that the only one there is is Bitcoin but that’s not true. In reality, there are hundreds of Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies that we call altcoins with about 866 of them listed on Coinmarketcap and many more out there that we do not know about!

How do we rate Cryptos?

In this thread, we will see a list of the top ones and we organize them in terms of the amount of money that has been invested in them because it shows just how much interest people have in such a coin!
For coins with large marketcaps, they will be ranked higher than the others.

So, these are the Most Valued coins out there – first 20

1 Bitcoin BTC $68,106,066,387 

this is the king. Bitcoin paved way for the others to start coming online and since then, they have flocked the space solving tons of problems and bringing a lot of money with them to the cryptocurrency world! A section here on Jackobian is dedicated to this crypto: Bitcoin Investments | Discussions

Strengths of Bitcoin

the first

2 Ethereum ETH $27,209,979,519

This is meant to be a super computer that works on the internet and is completely decentralized. It’s a very powerful technology which anyone can harness by using Ether. you can learn about it here: What Is Ethereum | Ether? Short Answer With Picture!

Strengths of Ethereum

World computer
Token hosting & smart contracts

Bitcoin Cash BCH $8,752,197,649

Emerged as a fork of bitcoin. a major one actually and since then a lot of people have grown fond of the coin.
Strengths of Bitcoin Cash
supposed better Bitcoin!
larger blocks

4 Ripple XRP $8,187,713,933

You can learn about the Ripple coin here: All About Ripple(xrp): Purpose & Statistics So Far..
Strengths of RIPPLE
purpose – financial industry which makes it a very promising prospect.

5 Litecoin LTC $3,404,436,483

Also a good contender of Bitcoin. The Litecoin started shooting just recently and since thenit has reached about $90.
some people think that Litecoin is better than Bitcoin and you can learn more about that here: 3 Reasons Why Litecoin Is Better Than Bitcoin
Strengths of Litecoin

6 Dash DASH $2,386,254,511

this is one of the first masternodes coins to go boom! that was early this year. since then it has held on to much of its value and it’s doing pretty well for itself doing better than Ethereum now!
you can learn about DASH here: Review – What Is Dash?

Strengths of DASH
fast transactions

7 NEM XEM $2,290,887,000 

What is XEM??
At first sight, New Economy Movement looks like an ordinary cryptocurrency, but the reality is it has quite a few unique features distinguishing it from the competition. For example, XEM uses namespaces resembling the internet’s domain system which allows one person to register domains on the NEM blockchain and attach assets to them. Those assets are called Mosaics, which are customizeable by amount in either a fixed or a mutable quantity. Each mosaic gets a name that is under a unique domain in the namespace system in the format of subdomain.domain:mosaic.
Learn more about it here: PrezzY – Investing In Nem (xem) Cryptocurrency – Good Or Bad Idea?
or here: Just In – All About X E M

Features of NEM 
Node Reputation
Spam Protection
2-Tiered Design

8 Monero XMR $1,680,749,422 

What is so Special about Monero?
Monero automatically has privacy features applied to their transactions, Monero has a huge advantage over other cryptocurrencies whose privacy features are only optional. You never have to request and then verify whether other people have enabled a privacy mechanism when sending you funds, because privacy is always automatically applied to all transactions.

Features of XMR

9 IOTA MIOTA $1,374,827,946 

It’s the Internet of Things!
What is IOTA?
IOTA is a revolutionary new transactional settlement and data transfer layer for the Internet of Things. It’s based on a new distributed ledger, the Tangle, which overcomes the inefficiencies of current Blockchain designs and introduces a new way of reaching consensus in a decentralized peer-to-peer system. For the first time ever, through IOTA people can transfer money without any fees. This means that even infinitesimally small nanopayments can be made through IOTA.
Learn more about IOTA here: Review – Iota – Internet Of Things
Features of IOTA
No Transaction fees

10 Ethereum Classic ETC $1,370,816,857

It’s a fork off the Ethereum coin!

11 NEO NEO $1,106,480,000

according to @zedzed
Is a new blockchain based digital identity system and
a new ecosystem for smart contracts
Learn about NEO here: Review – Neo,the New Standard For Digital Asset
Features of NEO
Smart contract management platform

12 BitConnect BCC $820,614,844

I personally consider Bitconnect as one of the very best INvestments in cryptocurrency!
Bitconnect is a lending platform where you basically lend your Bitconnect tokens to some people who trade with it and then return profits to you at the rate of about 1% daily!
Learn more about it here: Bitconnect Cryptocurrency – A Good Investment For Jackobians?

Features of Bitconnect
ending crypto – makes money for you
Has great holding capacity as basically, the coins you invest are locked away iin Bitconnect.

13 Lisk LSK $736,344,075 

What is LISK?
LISK is a cryptocurrency and decentralized application platform. As a cryptocurrency much like Bitcoin and other Altcoins. It provides a decentralized payment system and digital money network.
The network itself operates using a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus model, that is secured by 101 democratically elected delegates.
Learn more about LIST here: Altcoin Review 2017: Is Lisk (lsk) A Good Investment?

14 Stratis STRAT $550,767,700 

15 Zcash ZEC $451,638,990 

16 Waves WAVES $415,610,000

Waves is an interesting crypto.
Waves is an open blockchain platform designed for ease of use and mass adoption
Learn how to make money with Waves here

Features of Waves Crypto
Highly accessible
Clean, familiar UX
Chrome app or html lite client
No blockchain download necessary
Fast, low-cost and scalable
One-minute blocks
Low (0.001 WAVES) transaction fees
Tx fees can be paid in tokens
Up to 1,000 txs/second
Fiat transfer
Fully compliant, licensed gateways into and out of the blockchain
EUR blockchain tokens, with USD and other currencies on the way

17 Hshare HSR $372,372,000 

Hshare is known as Hcash according to the official website here Hcash | The New Standard of Value. It is a decentralized and open source cross platform where exchange of value and data can be done easily between a block and blockless blockchain.Being open source means any body can update the software if it is voted in.

Learn more about Hsahre here: Review – Hshare – A Platform That Aids Exchange Of Value Between Block And Blockless Blockchain

18 Steem STEEM $302,365,904 

What Steem Really does
Collectively, user-generated content has created billions of dollars worth of value for the shareholders of social media companies, such as Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. Steem supports social media and online communities by returning much of its value to the people who provide contributions by rewarding them with virtual currency.
Read more:

Strengths of STEEM

19 Ark ARK $301,521,967

Ark plans to stimulate cryptocurrency mass adoption by offering multiple consumer tools like a card network, game tokens, anonymous transactions, multi-signature accounts, and others. Adding more features and tools along the way.

Read more:

20 Bytecoin $279,179,430 

What is it?
It literally is a crytocurrency with the intention of replacing the function of fiat currency. According to the website “Bytecoin is an open decentralized cryptocurrency”. there isn’t a second future or duel purpose for it. however it Simply is just a means of exchange. It is a proof of Work Algorithm however the supply of tokens is over 183 billion already in circulation.

Read more:
Actually, BYtecoin has been in the top 10 cryptos before as shared by @Chime

So that brings us to the end of the top 20 Cryptocurrencies featuring Bitcoin and the other 19 altcoins!

My Final Comments

There are tons of altcoins there. Most of them are not worth much and they may never really see real mainstream use. However, some of them have strong teams backing them and others have solid communities.
Investing in cryptocurrency is a good choice but requires much research. please use the links shared in this thread to learn more about the coins you want to invest in then go for them if they meet your demands of a good crypto for investing!

Click here to see the Altcoins am investing in right now.
You can also check out more altcoins here and learn about them

Now that we have seen the best performing altcoins this year, do you think they will still maintain their positions by next year? 
Which coins do you consider rather weak and will be knocked off?

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