The New Killer Web Browser Is Already Here

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There are a lot of web browsers out there that internet users can use, but there still remains a big question.  Do they provide what their users really need or just suppress them?

Consumers who become used to a traditional web browser can now have a choice. Many internet users are not aware that they are being censored. It could see, hear, and know all the things about their users as most of these browsers are engineered for mass surveillance. At the same time, they have controlled access to abolish monopolized centralized web.

Moreover, its risky security is hackable and not backward compatible. The system resources are stolen for nuisances that are 0bscured.  More frequent than not, it necessitates hardware upgrades once a new Operating System emerges.

At the Decenternet platform, the users’ data security and privacy are protected. It eliminates the manipulation of corrupt intermediaries wothout the need to ask for consent from any central organization. It is a peer-to-peer (P2P) enduring decentralized internet infrastructure platform solution that is neutral, liberated by politics and  desolation.

Osiris is the world’s primary Net-Neutral browser developed to restore the freedom into the users’ hands. It is a part of the Decenternet Initiative and is constructed to constantly deliver the fulfillment of a planetary grade information network together with a general decentralized financial infrastructure that requires no consent and free from fraudulence and injustice.

The Decenternet’s essential philosophy is the physical materialization of exuberance and accomplishment by the use of a planetary grade technological ascension decorum without any application of aggression or politics.

Any users will be glad to know the remarkable features of the early community release beta test of Osiris UBI Browser 0.10.92 because of the following reasons:

➤ Osiris UBI Browser is always free of charge.

➤ It is 3 to 5 times faster compared to traditional browsers such as Windows.

➤ It safeguards confidential private information against coerced mining that impedes profit and data extortion.

➤ Osiris UBI Browser eradicates the autocratic revenue streams that deliver no value to the user.

➤ It intercepts invasive ads.

➤ Osiris UBI Browser averts the dominance of valuable information.

It is worth noting that although Osiris UBI Browser 0.10.92 is currently on a beta test, it offers the following features with its future update.

➤ Users get paid for just using the web browser via the open source Liberty Ads Network.

➤ Users will have the opportunity to access Decenternet (Decentralized Web) sites and Applications using this neutral web browser.

➤ Users will no longer need the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) because of Osiris UBI Browser’s steadfast borderless browsing.

➤ Borderless payment to users is made convenient with the UBI Mercury Dwallet Technology integrated with DEX.

➤ Users can have immovable borderless text messaging via the Hermes Messenger Integration.

Any internet users – from a simple student to large corporations – who need a real change with their web browsing experience should try the Osiris UBI Browser and bring back the freedom into their own hands. It saves money and data while protecting the user’s private information. The web browser is easy to obtain because it is synchronized on multiple devices. Users will have no difficulty in using the Osiris UBI Browser because of its familiar user interface. Best of all, it is always free and much faster than a traditional web browser.


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