The First Blockchain OS And Most Universal Grade Scalable Solution

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Blockchain can counter data breach and protect consumer information.

As world economy advances to a new level, a developed digital infrastructure is crucial to buoy the velocity and extent in the exchange of information. It is necessary that the data structure is scalable and adaptable to keep up with the continuous evolution in the digital epoch. This is where blockchain comes in.

Diversity of business can’t get over the blockchain technology.  Based on a survey conducted by Gartner, 66% of the participants believe that blockchain is a business interference and 5% were enthusiastic to invest more than $10 million on the said technology.

It is true that blockchain technology has a lot of uses and ramifications. However, the primary and dominant employment frequently seen is concluded in cryptocurrency. There have been hindrances established by crypto mining but not with the Anuvys Operating System.

Anuvys OS is the first blockchain operating system powered by the Decenternet platform. It replaces all current operating systems for mobile devices and desktops. The Decenternet blockchain can process of up to 10 million minimum transactions a second. This is why it is the world’s most grade scalable solution for the decentralization of the internet. With that volume of transactions that are processed every second, what more can you ask for?

Aside from cryptocurrency, the Anuvys OS is also designed for personal security as well as the protection of an individual user. In today’s digital era, data breach and hacking has been rampant. With the introduction of Anuvys OS, an absolute solution for all these kinds of concerns is provided.

The Anuvys OS is the central asset of the Decenternet framework which is angled to establish a non-invasive substitute solution to the existing internet environment. Its integral intention is to deliver a technological solution that will manifest the perception of exorbitance and endurance in the world using no aggression or politics.

The said blockchain operating system carries out the supreme level of security to the individual along with highly-incentivized compensation systems and absolute transparency to all data emanation as default countenance to the Decenternet platform.

The present status of data privacy is dismal, and consumers are not convinced that anyone is sufficiently doing their job to protect an individual’s personal data. The consistent cataclysm of data privacy setbacks from the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica controversy as well as the significant Equifax breach that happened last year. It goes on to challenge the credence in various businesses and governments that collect and store consumer data.

With the aftermath that still lingers, different governments, states,  and industry organizations around the world are starting to enforce data-specific guidelines on all companies and other organizations that handle or process consumer data from a certain region not considering the government or industry affiliation.

Several companies are jostling to employ cybersecurity tools to guard sensitive data.  However, these efforts will become worthless if there is poor data governance. That is why the European Union introduced a wider procedure to data privacy with the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. If data governance is successfully implemented, it will help enhance data security distributions and encourage businesses to have faith in the reliability of the information that they handle.





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