The Biggest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit Comes To Cyprus

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

The long-awaited blockchain and cryptocurrency summit is coming to Cyprus. 

From May 9 to 10, more than 30 blockchain experts around the world will congregate in Cyprus. This captivating Greek island will host the special event of iCoin Summit for two days. The exciting event will also accommodate the first ever world ICO battle. This competition includes 16 Initial Coin Offering companies that will vie for the grand prize of a quarter million ($250,000).

What is iCoin Summit?

The iCoin Summit is where blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts gather to provide insight of the trending industry. Everyone will have the chance to gain knowledge from the speakers of different ICOs/start-ups during the forum discussion.

The iCoin Summit is expected to be the largest social function where ICOs, advisors, blockchain experts, support providers, and advisors from different corners of the globe meet. The exciting quarter million bounty will be awarded to the best start-up for the ICO battle course. Some of the notable speakers include Yagub Rahimov (Blockchain and ICO advisor and Founder of 7marketz Group) and George Giannoulakis (CEO of Investor Corporate) to name a few.

Features of the ICO Competition

The battle of ICOs in the iCoin Summit will focus on diverse divisions which cover Tokenomics, Team, Roadmap, or Product. A winner will emerge from each category and will advance to the finals. Each finalist will be provided 5 minutes to present their ICOs. The total score includes 40% of the jury’s vote. The audience vote of 60% adds to the 100% of the total score.

Meet the Deserving Contestants

One of the contestants to make it to the iCoin Summit to pursue the Libertarian freedom is the Decenternet platform. Sean Kim, CEO and founder of Decenternet, is full of positivity to share to the world his insights about the mission and purpose of Decenternet.

He believes that the Decenternet network could provide the freedom the Internet users seek especially when it comes to net neutrality. Spyce is its appreciating cryptocurrency and can be exchanged with other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. Its blockchain technology adopts Anuvys OS as its operating system which is self-funded and self- sustaining.

Other vying ICOs include COINERU, VERNAM, grapevine, DAOX, CoinAnalyst, Gese, LOYAKK, Safein, APA, CoinJanitor, SprintX, CAREERCHAIN, FIVE COLORS COIN, HEPTAPOLIS, TICKETMANIA, and bex BEHAVIOUR EXCHANGE.

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