Termination Of Net Neutrality Opens More Opportunities For Telecom Companies

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Termination of Net Neutrality

Charter Spectrum along with other telecom companies could now breathe a sigh of relief.

Telecom companies and ISPs see the termination of net neutrality as an opportunity to broaden their business. As FCC Chairman Ajit Pai always reiterate, the 2015 Open Internet Order (Title II service) is a burden that restricts the capitalization and innovation. Now that it expired, the cable and broadband sector is now free to do whatever they want to gain more profit.

Charter declares, “Without the regulatory overhang of these rules, businesses like ours will have the certainty they need to make infrastructure investments over the long-term, helping more people get online and enabling even faster broadband.”

Furthermore, the company claims that their first priority is the dedication to their customers. They appeal to the Congress to push on a new legislature that restores an open internet and guarantees an administrative foundation created for the 21st century. In that way, they can continue to make improvements and capitalize on their networks and give more consumers access to a fast, dependable, and open internet.

Charter along with other providers insist on a new neutrality law but has nothing to do with loyalty to customers.  They are too worried that the termination of net neutrality will not endure in court. Also, the truth that several states in the nation are now thinking of imposing their own open internet rules.

These companies have the same goal as Pai and his agency. They want the termination of net neutrality. They want to formulate a rule that will preempt states from establishing their own net neutrality measures. And at the same time, block the court from restoring it.

However, factual data, earnings accounts, Security and Exchange Commissions filings and submitted ISPs CEO statements are counterfeited claims. ISPs repeat these claims multiple times and press that the termination of net neutrality and eradication of telecom mono/duopolies could anyhow be a great victory for American consumers.

With the termination of net neutrality, cable and broadband providers can now block, throttle, or enforce paid prioritization. The people all over the US just wish that they will keep their promise not to do otherwise.

According to American Cable Association President and CEO Matthew Polka, the rehabilitation of the light-touch regulatory procedure denotes the moving forward of smaller ISPs embodied by ACA to capitalize in their networks. They would no longer worry about government intrusion and enforcing new guidelines that would stabilize deliberately planned private market arrangements.

Other major wireless and cable providers gave their word not to block contents or in any way slow down internet traffic. They also promise not to favor any contents over the other. It is just noticeable that they did not mention ‘not to increase rates.’

The Decenternet network never blocks, throttles or discriminates any kinds of contents. In this way, Internet users can enjoy their liberty to have a free communication. That is because their free speech is enabled and protected.

Consumers are not charged high fees just to have further access to their sites.  In fact, they will have unlimited access to both centralized and decentralized web. The termination of net neutrality will not be felt in Decenternet.


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