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Mind Control is one of the world’s greatest ambition coming to life through the developmental study at The University of Florida in Gainesville as they initiated a drone race without joysticks and remote controls but through black tentacle-like sensors, wrapped around their head transmitting electrical signals to the drone. This sort of technology had been making remarkable advancements not solely in the field of technology and internet but also in medical science materializing prosthetic fingers and limbs.

On the other hand, Bitcoin continues in shaping modern day processes and technology by optimizing logistics and unnecessary, time-consuming and service impacting steps in delivering results. This discovery offers safe and non-regulated smart data transmission between peer to peer networks.

What Now?

Neurogress, another Swiss company focusing technological advancements in neural interfaces have enormous plans in launching their campaign of directing your environment using brain signals. However, after Satoshi Nakamoto unearthed the revolutionary discovery of the Blockchain technology, Neurogress got more ambitious as it plans to take his plans to a whole new level.

The company’s remarkable work in artificial intelligence is a big step towards the future. With their short-term goal to incorporate the blockchain technology to artificial intelligence based on mind-controlled interfaces, we indeed are at the gates of tomorrow. Dedicated to producing a program that could interpret brain commands without the presence of those black tentacles wrapped around your head through neuro interface. For example, a prosthetic arm figure can lift a cup of coffee and raise a toast with you just thinking of it.

As the Blockchain Technology gets in the picture, Neurogress will be initially implementing this discovery in a Smart Contract platform, a platform powered by Ethereum. The Swill company is also considering making its future project to be operated in the Smart Environment allowing its users to command the object with the aid of neurointerface neurologically, however, they are still yet to choose which platform can support and sustain its projected needs, be it IOTA EOS which is a new player or Ethereum, a pioneer cryptocurrency. The decision will be at hand once the project is made official.

Neurogress acquisition’ of the Blockchain Technology will be giving birth to new ventures. The blockchain, made famous by bitcoin is paving a new technique in earning cryptocurrencies. Mining with your mind- a new concept that was opened as Neurogress a company developing software for mind control.

This February 10, 2018, they will be launching an event to showcase TGE (Token Generation Event) where Neurogress will launch its first tokens, NRG to the public. These tokens will be the native currencies for the platform where users can purchase software in the Neurogress marketplace. The can also pay for invoices form developers in creating codes, train machines in learning algorithms for tokens.

The company is looking forward to implementing its ideas and plans not limited to drones and prosthetic. Neurogress is seeing a very large opportunity for robotics, gaming, transportation and even perhaps a giant crane controlled by the human brain.

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