Tech Giants Kickstarter, Shutterstock And Others Take The FCC To Court Regarding Net Neutrality

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The FCC Chair Ajit Pai and his agency should be ready to deal with the different accusations thrown at them by tech giants including Automattic, Foursquare, Etsy, Expa, Kickstarter, and Shutterstock. These companies will take the agency to court over net neutrality issues.

They have come aboard to support net neutrality and filed a legal case this week with the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit against the agency. The organization is known as “The Coalition for Internet Openness” with a lot of members.

The Internet Association which include Amazon, Facebook and Google have joined a current lawsuit filed against Pai back in January. That adds to the more than 20 lawsuits from the US state attorneys general excluding a number of Executive Orders from state governors delegating net neutrality.

With the agency’s repeal of net neutrality news in December 2015, it has given the ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T the liberation to throttle, bar, or speed up any site. Accelerating or decreasing the speed of connection rely on who will pay and who will not.

According to Kickstarter commercial counsel Candace Martin, the argument for net neutrality is the battle for civil freedom and a more spirited culture. She added that without it, the open and fair exchange of ideas is in jeopardy.

Aside from the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, suits were also filed in the 9th Circuit in California where the hearing will take place. California, New York, and Illinois are some of the states that challenged the agency’s decision to reverse net neutrality rules.

They accused FCC of making discretionary and erratic changes to current guidelines. They added that it misunderstood and neglected vital record facts on industry practices and impairment both to consumers and businesses. Pai stated that he is convinced that the regulation will be justified.

Meanwhile, the passage of Congressional Review Act (CRA) could somehow put net neutrality in place for the meantime. The thing is, it will be numb to make any move to safeguard the political party governing the White House from future trespassing or countermanding of the court.

We need Internet and without its guiding principle which is net neutrality, nothing and no one will preserve our independence to communicate freely online. Besides, it capacitates and protects free speech. This means that ISPs should provide us with an open network and does not block or even discriminate contents, apps, and websites that we would like to access.


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