Taiwanese Hospital Launches Blockchain Platform

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Taipei Medical University Hospital launched a blockchain-based platform for the advancement of the medical record keeping and data handling. Tapei Times reported that the hospital is streamlining the process to offer more efficient services and to make it easier for patients to access their medical records.


The platform is dubbed as the Healthcare Blockchain Platform. According to the statement made by the hospital, the platform is a one-stop referral and long-term care service that will support the government Hierarchical Medical System policy.


The project is meant to address the common pain points of the healthcare services including the physical referrals and the transfer of data between personal patient networks and medical facilities. With the use of smart contracts, clinics and hospitals can easily and securely request and authorize patient record sharing.


Head of the Department of Preventive and Community Medicine Chang Shy-shin, spoke to the news outlet saying that blockchain will provide a synchronized electronic health and medical records from different clinics and hospitals. It will alleviate the need for a time-consuming process of seeking referrals and inter-hospital transfers.


The Healthcare Blockchain Platform will come with a security feature of notification and consent before any transfer happens. In order to request the referral, an individual need to install and log in into the password-protected mobile application. After accessing the platform, people can view all their medical records from clinical and health exam information, lab results, and high-resolution medical images.


Over a hundred community-based clinics focused on offering community healthcare joined together in investing for the project. Hospital superintendent Chen Ray-jade stated that the blockchain technology does not only combine all the electronic record from various clinics and hospitals, it also minimizes the risk of security breaches. This will benefit not only the patient but also the doctors who will have a better understanding of the records and the patients’ general health.


Taipei is following the steps of other healthcare industries in the world. The blockchain is helping a lot of healthcare companies in managing medical data.

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