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For gamers who have been incessantly complaining of the skyrocketing GPU prices caused by increasing demand by crypto miners, the answer is finally here. A motherboard manufacturer just announced that it would create for all-new GPUs specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining, a move that might ease its demand and make them affordable once more for gamers.

The explosive rise of cryptocurrencies has put the worldwide financial structure in turmoil. Control-obsessed central banks from all over the world soon found out to their demise that, by design, no government is actually in control of these modern forms of payment options. Soon enough, these all-powerful financial powerhouses have tried various methods to put pressure on this new totally unregulated market so that they may exert some semblance of control over the segment via regulations.

However, it was not only the financial industry that was affected by the unexpected rise of cryptocurrencies in the global scene. No one could have predicted that crypto’s increasing acceptance could also have a totally unforeseen impact on the gaming industry as well. This time, however, it is not the big names in the gaming circles that are complaining but the gamers themselves.

Gamers have been complaining that cryptocurrency is making it very expensive for them to upgrade their hardware. In particular, gamers have pointed out that mining these digital coins, which also uses the same graphics cards (GPU) being used in putting up a gaming system, is the main cause for the sky-high prices of GPUs these days.

Thankfully, one GPU manufacturer took note of the situation and is now coming up with a solution for the problem. ASRock recently unveiled its plans of putting into the market its new line up of mining GPUs.

According to ASRock, it will soon release four crypto mining-targeted GPUs to answer the increasing demand. The graphics cards will be based on the Radeon RX 570 card. However, the specs of these mining-targeted cards have not been revealed at the moment.

A caution though; ASRock is yet to announce these new cards to the public. What is known, however, is that according to a Coindesk report, an unnamed company employee has confirmed that the ASRock is indeed planning to release this type of graphics cards.

But it will not be too surprising if ASRock will eventually roll out mining-specific GPUs in the future. The company has long understood and acknowledged the market for such hardware and had, in fact, already released a mining-specific motherboard back in 2013.

The war for GPUs between gamers and crypto miners and reach such a degree that even some graphics card manufacturers had to step in to appease their loyal gaming clients. For instance, Nvidia released a statement last January specifically urging GPU retailers to sell only to gamers and not to crypto miners.

Meanwhile, a Forbes article has offered a more pragmatic solution to the problem. Since gamers do not really use their hardware 24/7, they might as well join their crypto mining counterparts and use their setup to mine digital coins when not in use.


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