Survey Shows Internet Users Have Terrible Online Security

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Online Security

How secure is your online privacy?

Internet users might have no conception that their personal information entered online are not that secured like what they believed. According to the survey conducted by Google and Harris Poll, Americans who are aged over 16 years old rated themselves with either A or B when it comes to online security and safety. Majority of them have inaccurately recognized what a safe website is. The survey was released a year following Google’s introduction of “.app” as a more protected substitute to “.com.”

The survey consists of 1,002 participants aged 16 to 24 and 1,001 adults aged 25 and up. All correspondents are US residents and most of them miscalculate their knowledge of both website safety and online security. Among the age range of 16 to 24, 73% claimed they can pinpoint the difference between a website that safeguards data and one that does not.

Https as the most secure

Only more than 20% have accurately identified that an “https” link as the most secure. Of the total age participants, 42% were not aware of the difference between an “http” and “https” web address. Even after knowing that “s” provides a more secure connection, only 29% of American adults over 16 years old will not check an “https” website where they provide their personal data.

Stay safe online by regarding the following security and safety tips every time you browse the web. This is most especially when you need to provide your personal data online to proceed or access certain content or websites.

Make sure to look for the lock icon and “https” in a web address. If there is, you are sure that the visited website is secured with encryption.

If you are establishing your own website, make certain to install an SSL certificate. This will make the connections to your site become encrypted.

Hover your mouse over the hyperlink and make sure that is what you anticipate. This is every time you access the message or contents while hitting the links in emails, online texts, or PDFs.

Read web addresses carefully and look out for misspellings or additional letters to avoid getting misguided. Cybercriminals are cunning and will do anything to make a web address look real. However, an alteration in a single small detail will direct you to their website rather than the real one.

Make sure that the web browser you are using protects your online privacy like the Osiris web browser.  It is powered by Decenternet’s gold-backed cryptocurrency called Spyce. It has steady borderless browsing, without the use of a VPN.

The anonymous browsing in Osiris wards off censorship that think of users as criminals. The best thing about this world’s first net neutral browser is paying users through the open source Liberty Ads Network via the Universal Basic Income (UBI). This killer web browser is devised to progressively generate the fulfillment of a universal grade information network. It includes a decentralized financial infrastructure which is permissionless, borderless, and liberated from corruption and fraudulence and violence.

It’s about time that we need to secure our online security and data privacy. It can be achieved with the help of Osiris web browser. You can visit the Decenternet platform online and know more about it or download it from here.


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