Survey Reveals Efficiency Of Locally-Operated ISPs

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Locally-Operated ISPs

Even a small internet service provider is a competent player in the broadband industry, only big players won’t admit.

Cable and broadband providers are everywhere with different plans and services. According to the Consumer Reports study of 176,000 Americans, although small they prefer the services provided by locally-operated ISPs. They even surpass big telecom companies in terms of efficiency.

It is a fact that most Americans are unhappy with their ISPs for many reasons. Edge providers like Comcast do not only degrade on a regular basis the need for competition, (especially with locally-operated ISPs) to stimulate prices but more often than not, deliver some of the unsatisfactory customer services in any industry in the US. Those are the times when they are not focused on killing net neutrality for good or campaigning for the elimination of other significant consumer protections.

However, in the multifarious parts of the US, consumers are now constantly relying on locally-operated ISPs services as an option to the procession of inconsistencies. Over 750 societies throughout the country have now established their own broadband networks or local cooperatives in pursuit for a better as well as inexpensive service. According to the conducted survey, consumers have positive feedback.

A total of 176,000 Consumer Reports readers have been asked concerning the services provided by their pay-TV and broadband providers. The survey discovered that the major share of Americans continues to become absolutely disappointed with most big and compelling operators.

These large ISPs including AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Verizon, and Optimum got the poorest rating placing them in the lowest ranking of customer service satisfaction in contrast to the locally-operated ISPs. This is based on overall satisfaction, value, and dependability that largely replicates correlating studies from the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

One of the locally-operated ISPs that stands out from the rest. Chattanooga’s EPB is a city-owned and utility operated broadband provider which was unsuccessfully sued by Comcast.

“EPB was the top internet service provider in our telecom ratings two times in the past three years. Consumer Reports members have given it high marks for not only reliability and speed, but also overall value—and that’s a rare distinction in an arena dominated by the major cable companies,” Consumer Reports electronics editor Christopher Raymond said.

Researchers stated that approximately all locally-operated ISPs offered estimation that was clear and fixed compared to private providers that usually charge low introductory marketing or so-called “teaser” costs that will distinctly rise in just a few months or a year.

With respect to TV service, Google Fiber took the crown for customer service, equipment ease of use, and technical support. Included are the favorable ratings for dependability and the collection of programs provided in its basic package.

In terms of exceptional customer service, reliability, transparency, latest technology, and cost, the Decenternet platform won’t be left behind. Aside from the  features as mentioned above, it treats all internet traffic equally without any discrimination. It means that there is no blocking and throttling of contents. Consumers can take advantage of the limitless access to the decentralized and centralized web without paying any extra dollars for a faster connection.

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