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Stephen Curry

If you are fond of the cute CryptoKitties, wait till you see a CurryKitty. You read it right! NBA distinguished icon, Stephen Curry signed a deal to release his own CryptoKitties.

Wait, what’s a CurryKitty?

A CurryKitty is the world’s first officially certified sports crypto collectible that was developed through the partnership struck with Moji – Curry’s emoji app development company which creates and distributes branded digital assets.

Moji is expected to release three exclusive CryptoKitties modeled to the Golden State Warrior point guard’s likeness.

Mack Flavelle, co-founder of CryptoKitties said, “Stephen is the perfect partner to try out this new kind of Kitty. He’s an incredible athlete, but also has deep interest in technology and innovation.”

It seems that NBA Superstar Stephen Curry is the first celebrity to seal a deal and receive the CryptoKitty recognition.

The first “CurryKitty” – named “Steph Fur Three” – went up for auction on Monday, and the final acquisition price could tantamount the six-figure sales seen in December at the pinnacle of the CryptoKitty craze.

With the growing number of athletes who dived into the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, expect that this will continue to attract more to come aboard the band-wagon.

Joining the league, Philippine boxing legend-turned-politician- Manny Pacquiao disclosed last month he would push ahead with the launch of his own digital currency, the PAC Coin.

One may ask to explain how someone would pay money for a CurryKitty?

For many years sports like basketball are defined by history-making moments. The connection between fans, athletes, and a moment in time are priceless.

The most valuable baseball card in history (the T206 Honus Wagner card) was one of the first baseball cards. Despite the card’s booms and busts, the slip of cardboard has maintained its value and place in history, selling in 2016 for US$ 3.12 million.

Same is true of the Curry Kitties.

The move is part of an exertion to broaden the collectibles app by the accumulation of branded tokens, which may extend beyond celebrities and involve other popular icons.

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