Starbucks Officially Accepts Bitcoin Payments Online

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You can now buy your everyday Starbucks coffee using your Bitcoin via iPayYou!

What is iPayYou?

iPayYou Bitcoin wallet helps you purchase popular gift cards online, pay anyone via e-mail, and trade using Bitcoin.  They claim to have the easiest Bitcoin wallet to use.

This is actually a good opportunity for Bitcoin users since Bitcoin is rising lately and continues to rise as I speak. This is a good sign for Bitcoin, reaching the demand of one of the famous brands today.

iPayYou, a Seattle-based bitcoin wallet, has announced the launch of Bitcoin Direct to Starbucks — providing users and coffee lovers a new and convenient way to pay with digital currency. With this new feature, iPayYou users can readily transfer bitcoin from their wallet to their Starbucks mobile app.

According to iPayYou founder and CEO Gene Kavner’s interview with CNN, he said that they are always on the lookout for methods wherein both consumers and merchants can benefit from owning bitcoin. Bitcoin Direct to Starbucks is just one of their recent innovations, paving the way for consumers to value bitcoin on an everyday basis.

How does Bitcoin Direct work? Users get to choose how much will be transferred, then proceeds with the correct amount of bitcoin to the user’s Starbucks account from their iPayYou account. Users can see the corresponding funds by then, enabling them to pay at any Starbucks store with bitcoin as soon as they connect to their Starbucks app.

iPayYou’s teaming up with Starbucks has been a piece of cake since over one million customers use the Starbucks Mobile Order and Pay program each month, given that there are over 25,000 Starbucks stores worldwide. Kavner said that Starbucks is the latest merchant that they have integrated with bitcoin purchases and eventually, make other merchants accept bitcoins directly as well. Not only that, they are also hoping to have more consumers investing, holding, and transacting with bitcoin gradually, Cryptocoins News reported.

The previous launch they had with iPayYou was its gift card integration. It allows bitcoin usage when purchasing gift cards from different retailers such as Best Buy and Starbucks.

As what companies have realized, in order to successfully expand bitcoin usage, they have to reach out to consumers in a user-friendly way — by means of connecting the digital currency to a famous franchise just like Starbucks. This can also attract more people to digital currency, enabling new consumers who haven’t tried it before to give it a shot. These are expected to contribute to the bitcoin industry’s expansion as well.


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