South Korean Cryptocurrency Market is Booming with Possibilities

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Bitcoin has been performing well and has reached an all-time-high while some of its counterparts gain a little loss. The world’s most renowned cryptocurrency exceeded the $11,000 during the past 24 hours. Bitcoin value elevated to $11,200 or almost 8% since Feb.17.


During this time, the trade for bitcoin including other cryptocurrencies continues to upsurge in the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. The country is a notable market in terms of alternative currencies, or the so-called “altcoins,” like Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, EOS, and Qtum.  Its cryptocurrency exchange market fulfills the global bitcoin trades of approximately 6% for altcoins, according to CCN.


South Korea continues to be one of the largest cryptocurrencies markets. Different cryptocurrency is on the rise to cater to the needs of the crypto-enthusiasts and provide better services and benefits.


Decenternet or Dnet or for short is considered as the most robust hyper-speed P2P decentralized internet infrastructure solution that can be developed by blockchain. Users have the only control of the system without any intervention from third-parties. Because of its ingenious browser technology, users have the advantage of a swifter, more immune, and more personalized decentralized internet. Users can even access the browser without any complication using the traditional websites they are already established with.  

Besides, Decenternet’s token is called Spyce can be exchanged with the majority of the main cryptocurrencies. It can be used to buy apps, goods, hosting services, or even handle micropayments without any issues.


The versatility of cryptocurrencies makes South Korea a place where most digital currencies are progressively traded. Although Bitcoin credits for 63.4% of cryptocurrency transaction valuation globally, it is noted that in the South Korean exchange it only accounts for 32.7% only.


Many factors contribute to the rise and fast growth of South Korea’s cryptocurrency exchange market. These include the high level of internet use by people ages 30 to 40, exuberant demand elated by enticing forecasts of blockchain technology advancement, the convergence of overseas investors who avoid regulation from home countries, and domestic investor’ theoretical endeavors embracing a “herd mentality.”


Korea Insurance Research Institute senior research Im Joon-hwan said that South Korean cryptocurrency market is essentially greater in extent compared to the national economic market or digital currency exchanges in other nations whilst Bitcoin percentage is the undermost in the world.


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