Simple Ways To Block Crypto Mining Scripts

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Block Crypto Mining Scripts

Do you want to know the simple ways on how to block crypto mining sripts?

Many see cryptocurrency trading as one of the ways to get rich in a relatively short period. It cannot be denied that investors who were able to enter the crypto market before last year’s rally are now laughing all the way to the bank.

Of course, there are two ways to get cryptocurrencies; one can either buy them from exchanges or mine the coins themselves. Even with the currently depressed prices of these digital coins, optimistic investors are not deterred from pursuing their dreams of making it big in the crypto market. Trading remains brisk, and ICOs still receive favorable support from the investing public.

Meanwhile, crypto miners remain just as enthusiastic as their investing counterparts. This can be seen in the strong demand for graphics cards which are used to boost the computing capacity and crypto output of their mining hardware. This unforeseen rise in demand for GPUs even caused their prices to skyrocket – a very unfortunate development for gamers.

Other net users might have been affected by these miners enthusiasm for crypto mining even if they are not interested in the digital coins or even gamers. In the pursuit of profits, some enterprising crypto miners have developed scripts that can run mine cryptocurrencies along with common net browsers. The sad part is that some computers may have been mining cryptocurrencies without the knowledge of unsuspecting PC owners, a process known as crypto jacking.

If you’re starting to suspect that your browser might be mining cryptocurrencies without your permission, there are common signs you should watch out for, according to Popular Mechanics. No matter how well-hidden they may be, mining scripts inevitably put a strain on your PC or laptop’s computing power. As a result, the script might cause your laptop’s fan to kick on or it may even noticeably slow down your PC’s performance.

If you notice these conditions in your PC, you can go to Window’s Task Manager (activated by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete) or your Mac’s Activity Monitor (accessed by pressing Command + Space then searching for “Activity Monitor”). If you notice that your browser is using a high percentage of CPU power, a crypto mining script could be at work. You can then test out yourself which particular website causes spikes in CPU power usage.

Of course, you probably won’t let a stranger or just about anybody use your PC or laptop. And that’s basically what crypto jackers are doing, using your PC’s computing power without your permission. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can do to block cryptocurrency mining in your browser, according to Fossbytes.

Use extensions that detect and block cryptocurrency mining. The simplest way to get rid of these unwanted mining is to install browser extensions designed to stop these activities such as the No Coin and minerBlock Chrome extensions. When mining activity is detected, the extension then prompts the user to either block the mining or whitelist the site.

Block mining domains in the host’s file. This is the more manual approach in blocking crypto mining or any site which you find particularly irritating. Just remember that you will no longer be able to connect to these domains.

By now, you might be wondering just how dangerous it is to keep those mining scripts running. According to SC Media, crypto jackers are not really interested to mess with your PC; they just want its processing power to speed up their mining for now.  However, “malware can morph into something that does actual harm such as crypto-ransomware or a jump host for lateral movement or collection of intelligence for targeted attacks,” explains Radware EMEA security expert Pascal Geenens. What he is saying is that it’s better safe than sorry.


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